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The scent Episode 5 & 6

*🌺🥀THE SCENT 🥀🌺*
I was in the living room when one of my maid [email protected]£ to inform me that someone is at the gate asking to see me.
“Ma’am someone at the gate is asking to see you” Velma, one of my maid said.
” Someone? And he/she didn’t give a name?” I asked her confusingly because I wasn’t expecting any visitor today so I wonder who it could be.
“Mrs Smith and one pretty lady ma’am”
“Oh!..let them in. She’s my friend!..let them in quic-kly!” I told her happily and she squatted away to usher them in.
” ANNA!” I exclaimed immediately as I saw her.
“RACHEL!” she called smiling while giving me a friendly hvg.
“Oh my! It’s been a while. So how are you doing?” I asked rushing my words.
“I’m good Rachel!… trust me,…I’m very good!” She replied with a beautiful smile radiating her face.
I look behind her and saw a very pretty lady standing there.
“Who is this beautiful princess?”
“Oh…this is Lucy my only daughter!” She replied and I let out a ” woow”sound.
“Hi ma’am…I’m Lucy” she introduced in that soothing voice of hers.
“How are you Lucy? And has anyone ever made mention of how pretty you are to you?” I complimented beaming at her.
” Thank you ma” she replied shyly.
“Oh come… Come on..have your seat!”
I offered gesturing to the two sitter couch.
I called one of the maid to serve us the most expensive drink on the drink bar when Anna rejected the offer of eating.
“I have been so busy all this days….I mean, so busy that I couldn’t call my son and ask about how your [email protected]£ went” I directed at Lucy.
” So tell me my dear. How was it?”
“Hope you like my boy?” I added.
“Oh yes ma!…I like everything about him. His personality, his physical appearance and every other thing about him. He is made up of stuff of champions and I believe he took that after you” she said with a guffaw.
” Oh my! I trust my son!” I told her heartily.
” I should have known you are the best for my son instead of wasting my time and his, setting him up with those that ain’t worth him but only after his wealth”
” So Anna!…what do you say to this? I think they are best for each other, so do you agree?” I asked again.
” Very well Rachel!” She replied and I bet I saw her feel uncomfortable but shrug it off.
“Okay then that’s good!…I would set up a dinner and would invite Dwayne and of course you both” I explained.
” I hope you guys would come. Will you?” I asked unsure.
“Yes ma’am. We will” Lucy replied quic-kly and I smiled at her gesture.
The rest of the hours was spent laughing, and talking about random stuff.
Since the purse incidence happened, have been so quiet around Lia. Am very sure she’s annoyed at me. I’m ashamed of myself and that’s why I have been giving her the silent treatment.
Just the good morning, take, where are you off to? And welcome. No other conversation between us.
“Good morning Lia” I greeted when I saw her outside.
“Morning” she replied simply.
I look at her and knew she was about to go look for something to eat.
“Give me that” I collected the black polythene bag she was holding.
” You just stay here…let me go this time around” I said in a calm voice.
She didn’t say anything neither did she argue.
“I will be back… won’t stay long” I added.
” Okay then.”
” Pheeeeew… pheeeeew” I whistled coming back to my normal self. It’s been long I did that last.
“Pheeeeew” I turned and waved at Lia and she smiled at me.
I guess her anger has dissolved.
I got to the first restaurant garbage can but unfortunately i couldn’t find anything eatable in there. I made for the next but still couldn’t find anything. It seems the all the trash can has been cleared off.
“Am I that late?” I asked myself.
I proceeded to the next and the next and the next but still same result.
“Aisssssh” I gro-an ed.
Have been walking and searching for the past hours and am damn tired. Have also been begging along the way but no one is even willing to give me anything.
I looked ahead of me and sp©tted a garbage can in front of a very big company and I breathe a sigh of relief.
“Won’t the security chase me away?” I can’t help but ask myself.
“I will give it a try” I said hastening my steps.
I moved close to the three hefty man standing guard at the company gate.
Why isn’t the garbage can outside? I mean outside would be very easy and I won’t have to pas-s throu-gh this deadly looking men out here.
“Good morning sir” I greeted politely.
“Just get out of here” one said.
“I don’t even have a dime to give anyone” said another.
“Am not asking for money sir,just allow me to go search the trash can whether I would see something eatable” I explained.
” Inside?… beggars ain’t allow in here” the one who has been quiet voiced out.
Oh! Today is showing signs of being a bad day I guess.
I was about to plead with them again when a car drifted and made it’s way inside but st©p abruptly.
It’s a tinted glas-s car so I couldn’t see whosoever in there.
“It must be one of the employee’s”I thought.
I left home early today also but didn’t go straight to the office. Instead, I drove to the vicinity where I saw the two beggars. haven’t st©p thinking about those two panhandler.
I really want to help them!. helping someone in this lifetime would be such a great thing and who knows whether I will be a very poor person in my next life.
I got there and didn’t bother to come down because am beginning to lose the hope of seeing them again. I don’t even know their names I should have ask from someone here.
But if I go around, asking for the whereabouts of a beggar people would think am insane right? Or better still they would think am a ritualist.
waiting for 30 minutes,and I saw none of them,I make off for office and throu-ghout the drive I never st©p thinking about them especially the lady with the scent. I have to make enquiry about that and if I can’t find her, nothing can be done.
Few minutes later, I arrived at the company. I was about to drive in when I remembered something. I was so engrossed when I left home that have forgotten about the file my secretary gave for me to as-s£nt yesterday.
Now I have to go back home.
I made for the reverse and twisted my n£¢k to check whether no car is at my back and slowly I saw him!.
I saw the beggar guy in front of my company!. Someone I have been searching for the past four to five days!.
I quic-kly got down. forgetting about the file I wanted to go back and pick.
“Good morning sir!” I heard the security men greetings but didn’t bother to reply them.
” You?” I directed surprisingly at the guy and he also look surprised to see me.
“You!?” I asked him again to be sure am not hallucinating.
“Oh Christ!” I exclaimed.
“Don’t you remember me?” I asked when he was just staring at me not saying anything.
“I…I…I…do…sir” he stuttered.
“Come!..come!..come!” I said leading him to my car.
I opened the front seat and gesture for him to go in. He reluctantly got in, and I hastily closed the door. Thank God he didn’t protest.
I know the security were surprised because a look at them said it all. They were dumbfounded and we’re probably confused.
Ignoring them, I made for the drivers seat and got in.
“Are you okay? Are you hungry? What about the other lady?;what are you doing here?” I asked him in one breathe.
” Ye… Yes… I mean… No… No… Yes… Sir”he stuttered.
” I’m asking him too much of a question! ” I scolded myself inwardly.
I got him by surprise so stuttering is inevitable. Without wasting much time, I quic-kly drove out of the company heading back home.
I ain’t gonna lose this guy!
I can’t believe I saw the man who offered us money the other day again. I was dumbfounded and same were the hefty security men when the man asked me to enter into his car.
And now, I don’t know where he’s heading. All I know is that he won’t hurt me because he seems like a nice man.
He was asking me millions of questions that got me stuttering in reply during the drive. Almost all the questions were about Lia.
“She would be worried by now because I told her I won’t stay long right?
This is my first time in a car.
I stare at the man and I saw a hvge grin on his face.
“Why is he this happy?” I keep wondering.
After a long drive, he pu-ll-ed up in front of a very big and magnificent mansion. Even all the house in the vicinity speaks money. He must be a very rich man I concluded.
I don’t know how but the mansion gate opened and when he drove in, it closed by itself. He got down from the car and rushed to open mine.
“Come!” He said holding my hand.
This would also be the first time someone like him is holding me. The door flew opened after he pressed something on it.
“Woooooow” I exclaimed staring at the decorations, painting,and all the things my eyes saw inside. I was left in awe. I keep thinking maybe am in the heaven paradise.
I was lost staring at the wonderful and mouthwatering view that I didn’t heard him calling me not until I felt someone pinch me.
“I’m sorry sir…..I’m so sorry sir” I pleaded coming back to my s-en-ses.
” It’s okay!. I was asking what you would like to eat”
“Pizza? Spaghetti Bolognese? Steak?” He started mentioning names of food have never heard of in my entire life.
“Sir…if not bre-ad or junks…I don’t un-derstand any other thing” I told him sincerely.
” Oh okay! Don’t worry I will order pizza for you right now!”
” Come on!….have your sit” he added and I quic-kly sat on the floor.
It feels so good sitting on the neat tilled floor.
“No!…you shouldn’t sit on the floor”
“Sit on that” the man said gesturing to the long white be-d.
” But that’s your be-d sir and I don’t want to stain it with my dirty clothes” I replied slowly.
” be-d?” He asked smiling.
Why is he smiling? Isn’t that a be-d?
“That’s a couch…and it’s meant for sitting”
Couch? So he want me to sit on that?
” But sir…”he didn’t allow me to finish my statement before helping me and my bu-tt landed on the soft comfy couch as he called.
“I really have a lot of questions to ask you but it can wait until you are done eating” sir suddenly said with a serious tone.
A lot of questions?
[email protected] from the ones he asked earlier?
“O…okay sir”
“I’m Dwayne so
quit calling me sir”
What! He want me to call him by his name? Someone I just met? A very rich man for that matter!
“Come to think of it…what’s your name?”
“Alex…I’m Alex sir” I answered.
” And the lady?”
” Lia!”
“Yes sir… Amelia”
“Oh! Amelia….that’s such a nice name” he commented smiling.
Such a nice name?
What about mine?
“Lia would be worried and hungry by now” I thought.
You won’t believe how happy I am to encounter this guy I now know to be Alex and the lady Amelia.
“Such a nice name” I told him and not long after I said that, I saw him felt uneasy.
“Is there a problem?” I asked worriedly.
“Amelia sir”
“What about her?”
“She would be worried by now. When I left home,I told her I won’t stay long” he explained and I re-lease the breathe I never knew I was holding.
I was still thinking of what to say to that when the doorbell rang.
“That’s the pizza man. Lemme quic-kly go get that”I told Alex standing up.
I [email protected]£ back after paying the delivery man.
Now that I think about it. Won’t it be better if I give all this to Alex with some cash?
Amelia would be worried about where her friend disappeared to. So letting him go for now will be the best thing to do.
I got to where he was sitting and handed him the pizza box.
“Take…let me drop you off quic-kly because I don’t want Amelia thinking maybe someone has kidnapped you” I said with a chuckle.
” Wait…” I brou-ght out my phone and re-moved my sim card before putting the extra one that no one knows inside it.
“Take this… I will write my number for you to call me anytime you are in nee-d of anything whatsoever”I explained giving him the iPhone I bought of recent.
I saw the surprise look on his face but one thing he isn’t getting here is that this is just the beginning of what I’m gonna do for them.
“Wait…give me a minute” I said again going into my room.
I [email protected]£ out afterward and gave him all the cash I found in there.
“That would sustain you for some time so you won’t have to wander y or beg” I told him feeling fulfilled.
” I’m short of words sir!…I don’t even know what to say or how to thank you” he started saying but I cut him off.
” This is nothing…no nee-d for you thanking me Alex” I told him sincerely.
If only you know this is just a ti-p of an ice-berg.

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