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The housemaid disaster Episode 25 & 26

Angela ran inside to see her. She wanted to see for herself before believing. She wanted to see her and tell her ” Baby wake up Angel is here” if she ignores her, that would tell her that it was really happening in reality not a dream.
But when she shook her, calling her all the sweet names she new and she just [email protected], speechless, cold shivers ran throu-gh her. Ebere was stiff. She felt she was shaking a log of wood, not her own Ebere. It then dawned on her that she was gone. Gone for life.
Angela threw herself to the ground, crying out her eyes. She couldn’t believe Ebere was gone. Gone to the land of no return. Forever.
David, who followed her every move [email protected]£ and consoled her, seeing it purely on her that she was truly hurt by the demise of her friend.
“No amount of crying can bring her back now. Don’t throw yourself to the ground again plea-se. Have you forgotten that you are pregnant?” David easily pu-ll-ed her up from the ground.
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Few minutes later, the ambulance [email protected]£ and Ebere’s corpse was taken to the mortuary. Angela watched with great fear in David’s arms how Ebere’s corpse was taken down from the ambulance.
She looked into the large room and saw uncountable number of dead people lying there. Soon, her friend would join them.
She saw the little note written at the entrace which re-ad
Angela shook her head but it was the real fact.
“shine bright like a diamond”
“shine bright like a diamond”
Angela was still brooding in the be-droom when her phone rang. She ignored it. Since David was now at home, waiting for call up from his company due to the suspension he got for missing work for days without asking for permission, he offered to do the cooking and made her promise him should would not cry again. He never expected such a sad incident to happen today of all days. Today that his wife discovered she was pregnant. He expected she would be full of happiness and smiles but things had turned the opposite way.
He had asked Angela the ess£nce of crying for someone whom attem-pted killing her but the question kind of got her angry. Poor David had to apologise.
The phone did not st©p ringing. Angela wiped her tears and reached for it. It was her father.
“Good afternoon Dad” She spoke into the phone, trying really [email protected] to make her voice sound normal.
“Good afternoon my Angel. This one you are sounding like this, what happened? Have you been crying?” Mr.uwa asked.
“Dad. Ebere is dead” She announced coldly.
“what? What happened to her. I thought her marriage is coming up in few days time?”Mr.uwa asked not believing her ears.
Angela couldn’t say anything else. ma-king him come up with the reason why he called.
“plea-se i nee-d you to come over immediately. I think there is something you nee-d to know.Its a good news” He said.
“Alright Dad” Angela responded before the line went dead.
Angela entered the room with David, who insisted he must go with her. Her parents were sitted in the parlour with Adaora and Sonia to her surprise. She stared at her, that pas-sion she had to kill her was no longer there but the hatred still lingered.
Her mood wors£ned. If she knew the reason her father called her had something to do with Sonia and her mother she could have figured out a reason not to come.
Sonia shifted closely to her mother, seeing Angela and David. She carefully avoided their eyes, still wondering why Angela’s parents had brou-ght her to their house.
Could they have brou-ght her to apologise to Angela and her husband so they can accept her back????. She was re-ady to apologise and confess to them if that be the case but she was never re-ady to continue working with them anymore. There was no way she can stand their faces everyday, knowing what she had done earlier.
Could they have brou-ght her to apologise to Angela and her husband so they can accept her back????. She was re-ady to apologise and confess to them if that be the case but she was never re-ady to continue working with them anymore. There was no way she can stand their faces everyday, knowing what she had done earlier.
“Mom,Dad, what’s going on?” Angela asked after greeting them.
“Come my daughter,” Her father called her to sit by his side,” My son, let her sit with me here” He jokinly referred to David who smiled.
After a short silence, ma-king Angela look at everyb©dy in confusion, Adaora began.
First with apologies on what she did to her half sister Ngozi, out of envy, after their father died.
Angela’s eyes opened wi-de in disbelief.She was related to her mother?
Sonia too, stole glances at her mother in confusion.
Adaora finally said it all while Mr.uwa brou-ght out the DNA result, handing it to Angela, thinking she would be so happy knowing that she has a sister.
Sonia shifted from her mother, standing some distance away from her.
She stared at Adaora, who bowed her head low supporting it with her hands. She was shedding tears.
Her eyes darted to Angela who was also looking at her and their eyes locked.
Several thoughts and questions running throu-gh their mind.
David too [email protected]£ weak all of a sudden.This shouldn’t be happening.
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“Dad tell me its not true,” Angela stared at her father and held her mom, “mom?”
They had thought she would be happy to hear that she has a sister. The sister she always wished she had. Her mother wondered what Angela was thinking as she started shedding tears, tears of which knew were not of joy. This is something she waited so long for. To hear someday that she has a sister. Why does it feel so wrong? Why the tears?
“Sonia plea-se forgive me. These are your parents, Angela is your sister. I regret everything i have done” Adaora pleaded in tears coming to Sonia who was taking her steps backwards, to avoid her t©uçh.
This revelation left her with mixed feelings. So she had been slee-ping with her sister’s husband.
She remembered all the years she spent with Adaora in ignorance and how the woman had pla-yed down all her efforts. She had been right all these years thinking that Adaora might not be her biological mother due to the way she was treated by her.
“You have the right to be angry with me. plea-se Sonia, find it in your heart to forgive me” Adaora pleaded.
“Don’t t©uçh me” Sonia fought as Adaora [email protected]£ holding her.
“Is there something we nee-d to know?” Mr.uwa asked, glancing at Angela, Sonia and David who looked disturbe-d.
For the first time, Sonia stared de-eply at her said parents. The looks on their faces showed they were re-ady to accept her as their daughter. That must have been the reason why they saved her from facing the law for the crime she committed. But the look on Angela’s face was different.
Sonia shook her head, muttering some words to herself. She must end it all. She cannot live with the shame. Her fate had always pla-yed against her. It seemed life truly swore never to be fair to her.
“No no. I am going to kill myself” Sonia said loudly, running out of the house.
Everyone took after her immediately but she was determined to end it all. To rest from all the troubles she has been throu-gh.
She saw the cars speeding to and fro at the main road and started running towards that direction.
“Don’t do it Sonia”
“I forgive you Sonia. You are my sister plea-se stooooooooooooooop”
Sonia paid deaf ears to them. Her mind was made up.
With a proper calculation, she ran into the main road and stood still with her eyes closed. The screeching sound of [email protected] from a black toyota was heard after knocking Sonia, s£nding her to the ground.
“Sonia noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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