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The billionaire’s girl 13

Chapter 13
(Nicholas’s p.o.v)
I really don’t know what to say but last-night was amazing. I’ve never enjoyed a woman the way I enjoyed Iyna…she just got me on the edge and I couldn’t st©p myself. I’m in love with that girl…she has stolen my heart.
And to t©p it all she was a v!rg!nI never knew? Haven’t she ever had a b©yfri£nd? Am shocked to find out she’s a vir-gin!
She’s so beautiful.
So why?
I woke up this morning and couldn’t find her anywhere. Where is she ? I checked the time and it was 10 on dot.
I sle-pt this long? But where is she? I went into the bathroom and washed my face, smiled at myself in the mirror as i recalled last night when she told me not to st©p and with the way she was [email protected] ing my name and clung to me ti-ghtly ma-king me lose all my willpower and drove her to the edge.
She was so sweet. Damn! The thought alone gave me a [email protected] on.
With my washing done, i went down stairs to look for her. Everywhere seem quiet .
“Iyna ” I called heading towards the kitchen, but no sound
“Babe” I called , well yeah she’s now my girl so it’s babe , but wait I haven’t asked her to be my girlfriend, damn I will have too do that immediately and If she doesn’t accept I will lock her up, I Chuckled at my thought no I can’t do that to her but I want that girl to be mine forever
“Iyna , babe ” no answer , I frowned, I don’t think anyone is in this house , did she leave or what? Anger suddenly flashed throu-gh me at the thought that she might have left me on be-d , did she regret what we did, I quic-kly went back to my room ,I called diva on my cellphone.
“Mr hensmith” he said .
“Where is Iyna ? I aksed .
“Sir hayes left early this morning” he replied.
What she left?, But why ? She couldn’t even wake me up she just left?
“Okay ” I said and hanged up.
I quic-kly called her number but she wasn’t picking, what’s going on I called like three times but she wasn’t picking.
Iyna’s p.o.v
I quic-kly rushed home this morning around 8 I couldn’t stay there anymore, am even ashamed of Myself.
I can’t believe I sle-pt with my boss, I just couldn’t st©p my self I really wanted it but now I feel like there’s no difference between i and my mother .
I shouldn’t had let him manipulate me, he did things to me , things that I Haven’t felt before, I just gave in for him to have his way with me.
What will happen now ? Am sure he sees me as a pr©st!tût£now , he might even call me a cheap slut , what have i done slee-ping with my boss.
I cried on my be-d, I didn’t know how long but I cried, am such a big fool, his gotten me into his be-d like every other woman, am no different from a pr©st!tût£now.
His not even going to look at my face anymore, God but I love him , I realized that I’ve falling for him ,I really do, but he doesn’t I guess, am just one of his girls and now he won’t even want to see me around.
I cried untill I fell asleep.
I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, I checked the screen it was him, I quic-kly sat up on the be-d and looked at it , it’s him .
He called again and I just stare at it, my heart is racing and my hands are shaking badly , what else does he want from me , hasn’t he gotten what he wanted alre-ady.
It rang again for the fifth time and I took a de-ep breath and answered it.
“Umm….hello Mr .. hensmith” I said with a shaking voice.
“Oh really so it’s no more Nicholas but Mr hensmith? He asked angrily.
Why is he angry .
“Am…am sorry “I whispered.
“What were you thinking leaving me all alone on the be-d and suddenly calling me mr hensmith? Where the fv¢k are you ?”He asked angrily.
“Umm….I …I thought…well….I thought it will be …best I go, since you wouldn’t…want to see me anymore” I said closing my eyes and opening it , I wiped sweat from my forehead. Gosh the Room is suddenly h0t.
“Are you kidding me Iyna….what the fv¢k do you mean by that ….?he yelled.
“plea-se Mr hensmith don’t yell at me , I don’t know why …….
“fv¢k !” He cursed and hanged up.
I stare at my phone in shock, and I didn’t know I was alre-ady crying, I knew it , he doesn’t want to have anything with me anymore, what has happened has happened, he Hanged up on me.
I dropped my phone and went to clean up myself in the bathroom.
I [email protected]£ out and got a light go-wn and put it on, I went into the kitchen, Tobia has left home again after I met her in the Morning, she said something like shes going for an interview,i stared at the pot Infront of me, lost in my world , how I have my vir-ginity still ringing in my head , a tear slide down , but it isn’t the fact I lost it , is the fact that I’ve falling for him , but he doesn’t want me anymore, I grip the counter right as I wipe my tears , I suddenly feel like am going to get sick.
Just then there was a knock on the door , I wonder who it is , I gently went and opened it and my heartbeat st©pped.
There he stood looking at me angrily, my heart began to race, what is he doing here? Has he come to call me a prostitute?
“Umm…why are you ..Here ? I whispered.
He gave me a killer look and I looked away immediately not wanting to look at his gorgeous eyes that keeps drawing Me to him.
“Move ” he said and I gently did he walked in.
I closed the door and faced him he was looking at me like his about to punch me .God am so scared, am sure his here to tell me never to show my face to him again, thinking about that I just feel like crying.
“Now explain to me why you left me like that ” he said .
I looked at him .
“Umm…..I….I…I thought it was best …I leave” I replied.
“What made you think I only wanted to have S-x with you and dish you like that ? He asked his eyes on me .
“Well…isn’t that what you do with other women, it’s normal for me to think that way ” I said wiping my tears that didn’t go unnoticed to him, God i hate it that am crying.
He ru-bbe-d his temple and the Back of his n£¢k ,as he stare at me for a while as of re-ading me, he gently moved to stand right Infront of me ma-king us to almost t©uçh , then he gently took my hand and I looked up into his eyes,i couldn’t re-ad what was written there .
“Iyna” he whispered.
“Your different, yes I know I’ve been with different women but you are special….I don’t sleep with women in my mansion believe me , h0tel is were I take them too…your the only woman that I’ve let to come into my mansion [email protected] from my family which includes my sister’s …Iyna I know and I un-derstand why you kept your self distance from Me all of a sudden….you feel I just wanted S-x but what we had wasn’t just S-x , Iyna I made love to you, that was what we did it wasn’t just fv¢king like the word is , your much more than that ..Iyna maybe I haven’t told you this or showed it … but you have stolen my heart ….I love you “he whispered.
I stare at him shocked, oh my gosh did he just say he loves me , tell me it’s a dream.someb©dy [email protected] me .
“Y_you ….l_love ..m_me? I asked the vulnerability In my voice giving me away .
“Iyna from the very first day I met you, you should know that ever since I met you , I don’t sleep around anymore, I know we didn’t plan for what happened last-night but non of us could control our de-sire , we wanted each other and that’s why it happened…..”
“Am not the one to believe In love since I ended relationsh!pwith Dorris but when you [email protected]£ along I wanted you so badly Iyna ,….I really have genuine feelings for you , and am gonna prove it if that’s what you want ” he said .
So Dorris was his ex, hmmm no wonder , maybe I will ask Him that later , but can I actually do this , he looks so sincere.
“But your my boss” I whispered.
“Does it matter? He asked .
I pu-ll-ed my hand from his and turned my back on him, I closed my eyes ti-ghtly, God I don’t want to make a mistake, am so scared.
“Nicholas, we can’t do this,…your my boss and it won’t be nice for us to do this, what will the media say if they found out, I really don’t want this ” I Said somewhere in my heart I really wanted it but I just don’t know why am retreating.
I felt him t©uçh my arms and turned me to face him.
“Are you saying no to me because of the press?…Iyna am the one who should be concerned about that ,… forget anything anyone want to say ….I love you ….or don’t you at least like me enough to be in a Relationsh!pwith me ? He asked .
“Iyna I know I’ve been such a j£rk to you ever since I met you but this were the walls I could hide myself from my true feelings, but I enjoyed being with you any thoughts of punishment varnished, at that point is you i wanted , and I want you so badly , I love you , I’ve falling for you ” he said searching my eyes as he t©uçhed my cheek , his hand s£nt a worm feeling into my b©dy .
I closed my eyes and opened it and stare into his eyes, his pleading for me to accept
“I…do…I really do…infact I admit it , I’ve falling inlove with you too….and that’s what am afraid off, ” I said.
He pu-ll-ed me to him.
“Why would you be afraid, my family loves you alre-ady, they were so happy thinking your my girlfriend, so what are you afraid off? He asked.
“What if …we don’t work out …what if Something happens and you tell me to go, I really don’t wanna get hurt Nicholas…..” I whispered.
And a tear sl!pdown from my eyes , oh god am alre-ady crying, he wiped my tears .
“Shh… nothing of such will happen Iyna … believe me, I would never do that I will never hurt you , am a sincere person when it comes to relationsh!p, I could never hurt you I promise… plea-se just accept it ” he pleaded.
Some how i believe him, he sounds sincere ,we both stood looking into each other’s eyes as he waited for me to answer him.

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