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The bad boys nerdy girl Episode 1

The bad boy’s nerdy girl
High School team projects has different impact on students
Kendall’s empire high school is a popular high school in Las [email protected], there are a lot of celebrities, likes of Asher Byron, Stacey Lynn, Jake [email protected] , Stephanie hooks
Meets Asher Byron, A successful singer and A popular model, he is a typical example of a pla-yboy, he dumps girls after slee-ping with them, he isn’t the type that takes relationsh!ps serious, he is the bad boy type
Meets Stacey Lynn, she is the bas-s pla-yer and the leader of the power girls music band, she is tagged as bad and bit-chy, she is mean and rude , She is also a crazy fashionista and she is considered as every h0t boy’s bad bit-ch
Meet Jake [email protected], he is leader of Kendall’s empire boy’s basketball team, he is unpredictable and cold, he is a [email protected] and he is handsome
Stephanie hooks is the youngest heir to the owner of the Kendall’s empire high school
After being teamed up with Asher Byron, Ella Mia Lopez, An innocent and beautiful nerdy girl is being expo-sed to a different type of lifestyle
Who is Ella Mia Lopez, Ella Mia Lopez is a seventeen year old young nerd, whose due to her coded family lifestyle is raised in a decent way ,she is raised as an introvert ,she is weird and awkward, she is also an item to the school bullies
Being teamed up with Asher Byron, Ella Mia realised that the school project is not a team work but rather it is an individual work as Asher doesn’t show interest in the school project Ella Mia’s parent doesn’t support any grade except for ‘A’s ,she has to work [email protected] for A high grade
After a month of team projects Asher finds himself self falling for a weird nerdy girl , he changes her dress style and turns her into a fancy and attrac-tive Nerd
Episode 1
Ella Mia’s POV
What is the first thing I do everything morning?, of course, I pray to God for a new day, I pray to God for a new chances
After praying, I stood up and headed to the bathroom, scru-bbing my skin and rinsing soap off my b©dy, I love bathing, it literally calms me down
Okay, what do I do after that, I Check my time it was just thirty minutes past fivein the morning, I have to be up before anyone, I have to get re-ady before anyone, my attitude to books determines my attitude to life
I am a nerd, an “A” students to be precised, any grade [email protected] from A is considered trash by my family, so in order to make them happy, I have to have an “A ” all throu-gh
Okay, how about my dress s-en-se, it is totally awkward, I am raised in as Godly woman so I don’t wear makeup nor do I use makeup, I just have to be ME, when I say me
You wanna know what I mean by ME?, well, I don’t wear skinny jeans, neither do I wear short Sk-irt, okay ,when I wear a short Sk-irt, I have to wear a leggings un-derneath it
My color s-en-se is awful and that is why I don’t wear makeup on my face, I use thick glas-ses and I have [email protected] on my teeth
I am fully prepared for school, at 6am, I walked towards packing my school bag
“good morning mom ” I greeted and she smiled
“Morning sweetheart ,how was your night? ” She asked and I smiled
“mum, it was good ” I said and smiled
” I have to go mum, bye ” I said waving at her
,”don’t you think it is still very early to go to school Mia ” she asked and I sighed
“no mum ” I said taking my lunch box
“bye sweetie ” mum said, pe-cking me
“Okay bye mummy ” I said and waited for my driver to drive me to school
Yeah, We are very rich, but I am definitely not one of those spoilt rich [email protected] ,we got to school and I walked directly into the clas-sroom, sitting quietly, re-ading my books
Asher’s POV
I walked into the clas-sroom, humming my new lyrics, I met a girl, how could anyone focus on their books so seriously, she doesn’t even know that I entered the clas-s
Gosh, there should be a little attention, I am Asher Byron for God’s sake, she should stand up and flir-t with me, shouldn’t that be the case?, I cleared my throat and she stared into my face
“good morning ” she said and her gaze went back to her book ,like seriously, this girl is a plain Jane , no make up, thick glas-s, long pinafore, long straight hair, [email protected] teeth
“she is definitely a nerd ” I thought and sat down
“🎶 Yourl-ips are shaking… shaking.. shaking… cos you lying 🎶”
“🎶 you are my baby… baby…. baby..don’t deny it 🎶”
“🎶 I’m amazing… mazing….mazing…. and you know it 🎶” I sang aloud ,enjoying my music
“Sir,.. Uh…..Mr…. Musician…. you are disturbing me, I am re-ading ” she muttered softly as I rolled my eyes
Like seriously, she doesn’t know my name, like what the heck is happening, how come she doesn’t know my name
“Hey, girly, I am Asher Byron, the Musician ” I uttered with pride
“l’m sorry Asher ,but I don’t wanna know if you are a musician, clas-sroom is for studies so you wanna sing, I really think you should go to the studio ” she proclaimed, calmly
“you are so boring, what is your name, four eyes? ” I asked, ruffling my hair in annoyance
“Ella Mia Lopez ” she answered and I sighed
“oh, you are the nerd, everyone is talking about ” I asked sarcastically and she smiled
She is smiling
Like ,I thought, she would get angry and frown but she smiled
What a weirdo
“Mia, get out of the clas-s, I will be singing here ” I said with a sm-irk plastered on my face
“okay, I guess I have to leave the clas-s ” she uttered walking out
Damn, seriously
Did she just walk out of the clas-s
I expected her to get very mad at him
I stared at her, gobsma-cked , I have never been this surprised
There is a lot of things I have to know about this girl
She is one big weirdo

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