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The bad boys nerdy Episode 6 & 7

🎀 The bad boy’s nerdy girl 🎀
Episode 6
Asher’s POV
“Innocent nerdy dumb nerd ” I thought and sighed, I am so tired but my math score has motivated me, I watched her and she was still all red and cute, is she still thinking about it
I was just joking earlier, if little things can get to her, what else won’t get to her, the chemistry teacher was alre-ady in clas-s and it was starting to get really boring, I sat down beside Ella Mia and dropped my hands on her shoulder, she shuddered and pushed my hands off, glaring at me so fv¢king innocent
“are you faking this? ” I mentally asked myself and sat beside someone else, it was a clas-sy Lily Robert, she said, letting me ru-b her th!gh, she is such a high clas-sy bit-ch
I smiled before I knew it, my hands was tra-pped in her [email protected], thankfully we were the only one at the back sit, I smiled at the hair free mound she had down there, working my f!ngersup and down, though I wasn’t comfortable with everything everything
I wanted to comfortably enjoy her, I took an excuse and walked out of the clas-s with her, we got to the basketball changing room and it was quite empty, I sat her up on a bench k!ss!ngher de-ep and rou-gh, still working my f!ngersup and down, her hands was stuck in my hair as f!ngered her
She wasn’t even as ti-ght as I had imagined, she [email protected]£ and [email protected] ed ecstasy in plea-sure ,It was her turn to plea-sure me now, what a sad bit-ch!!, I la-id on the bench and watch her straddled me ,[email protected] ing in plea-sure, she is really giving me joy
After a while we were done and I was back to being cold, I didn’t talk to her, I walked away and walked towards the clas-sroom after taking fresh air
“where are you coming from ” Mr Marcus, the chemistry teacher asked and I sighed
“Lily, do you mind explaining what we went to do ” I asked and watched the shocked expression on her face
“my manager called us for a song debut and it was quite important, so that’s what I went to do ” I lied and walked back to Mia
She had this glare on her face, fixing her glas-ses
“Where were you ” she asked
“what are you, my mum? ” I asked and I took her eye glas-s off
“st©p it, I can’t see without my eyeglas-s ” she muttered, snatching it from me
“okay, why were you asking me that questions? ” I asked sarcastically
” Mr Marcus paired us as project teams for the chemistry project ” she uttered and I smiled
“why are you smiling ” she asked
” I smiled because I don’t take practicals serious ” I uttered and she cleared her throat
“Well, you will have to take it serious this time, I don’t joke with my grade ” she said and sighed
Episode 7
Ella Mia’s POV
I looked at Asher , thinking about the chemical we have to use , he sm-irked as I listed the list of what we wanted to use, I watched him ,huffed and puffed, I looked away, still writing a list of what we have to use
“Get this chemicals ” I said, giving him the list, he sighed and ruffled his hair
“Asher, be happy about it, you don’t have to get moody ” I said and he feigned a smile
“where would we be preparing for it? ” he asked
My house ” I answered and smiled
You can’t f0rç£ me to [email protected] in the projects and ask me to come to your house everyday after school, it is highly impossible ” he uttered dramatically
I sighed and su-cked in my breath, punching his che-st
“ouch! ” he yelped and I sighed
“it wasn’t even painful ” I uttered and watched him
“Okay, I would be fine, If I get a pay back” I asked and my hands went up towards my che-st, shielding my brea-st
He laughed and I rolled my eyes
“sorry, All the preparations of the chemistry project will be made at my house ” he demanded
“Okay, if I should I should agree to that, will that guarantee an A in chemistry ” I asked
Asher’s POV
I had a skeptical look face, this nerd is so obsessed about having A’s, I sighed as I agree to her demands
At least studying [email protected] won’t kill me, I should really give it a try, I don’t even have to go to her house ,she is the one in charge of the projects
“I really have to go, I have a meeting with my manager ” I said and she furrowed her eyebrows
“I thought you told the chemistry teacher that you were with your manager ” she asked sarcastically, standing akimbo, I laughed, taking of her glas-ses
“I really can’t see without using my eyeglas-ses ” she said, and I handed the glas-s back to her
“Well, I was with Lily, and you seriously don’t want to know what we were doing ” I uttered and a sm-irk tugged at the corner of myl-ips
She shook her head and walked away
I frowned as I watched her walk away
“This chemistry project of a thing is getting me all worked up ” I muttered with my eyes closed
I opened my eyes slowly and I met Jake standing in front of me ,I scoffed and walked away
“are you doing all of this to get un-der her Sk-irt ” He asked sarcastically
“Why the hell would I do something as cheap is that ” I asked sarcastically
“Tch, she is the [email protected] to get on your list, isn’t she? ” he asked and I rolled my eyes
“I bet you can’t get her on your be-d ” He asked and I threw a punch directly on her face
“Okay, if that is not the case, do you perhaps love her? ” he asked ” Asher, you and I know that you don’t keep girls for too long, so my predictions might be right” he asked again smiling
“I don’t love her ” I yelled angrily, pu-lling him by the collar
“you don’t love her, yet you are so fv¢king obsessive about her ” he said and I punched him
“st©p it Jake ” I yelled
“I want her ” he uttered calmly and I felt a ban-g on my head
“you, godforsaken s¢v-mbag, you should not even think about her, you don’t deserve her ” I rasped
“she is not even yours ” he answered back and I scoffed
“she is not mine, but you still don’t fv¢king have any right over her, I won’t fv¢king allow it, got it? ” I yelled and walked out on him

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