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The bad boys nerdy Episode 4 & 5

🎀 The bad boy’s nerdy girl 🎀
💙 Episode 4💙
Stacey’s POV
I walked towards Jake, k!ss!nghim, whoa, such a good k!ss£r, I never got to know that he is so good at k!ssing, yet, I was still very worried about my score, I might fail miserably, and it’s really bad
I have a reputation and Ella Mia has been keeping it ,that mother fv¢king Asher is the only reason why she didn’t help me out this time
“what are you thinking about? “Jake asked and I sighed
“Nothing, you are just to good at it ” I said and closed my eyes as I felt hisl-ips on my n£¢k
I st©pped him and wore my clothes, he stood up watching me, gobsma-cked unable to believe I left him halfway
“What? ” I asked putting on my heels, styling my hair
“Nothing ” He said and I walked out, thinking about my score, what the heck would happen to me, I went towards the dance hall, where we are all learning dance, of course I am perfect so I am their leader
I used my dance move perfectly ,earning a wow from everyone in the hall, I walked home, tiredly, [email protected] on the be-d, I sle-pt for a while and I was woken by a noise
It was my mom, dressed like a who-re, I sighed as I watched her ti-ptoed into her room, I fell on the be-d, wiping the tears that threatened to fall off
I looked at the time, remembering the fact that I have to meet Asher by eight
Asher’s POV
I stood in my personal studio, singing the new love debut albu-m that I am about to realise
I’m sure this song is gonna be a hit song, interesting and popular as usual, getting out my studio, I was reminded of Mia’s teary face, that nerdy dummy, tch
I chuckled sitting on my be-d, I am so sure I’m gonna pas-s thanks to her, I wonder how she found Arts clas-s interesting, Mr Lincoln is a very boring man, yet she was the only one who kept asking questions in clas-s
We also have a chemistry test tomorrow, That awkwardly strict chemistry teacher, Mr Marcus ,I really hope he doesn’t do anything stupid and lastly Stacey, that rude bit-ch
I la-id on my be-d, slee-ping comfortably with my girlfriend
Ella Mia’s POV
I knelt beside my be-d, saying my night prayers, knowing what I did at school was dangerous, I sle-pt on the be-d, closing my eyes, dozing off
I woke up as my alarm beeped, today is Tuesday, no uniforms, just the casual house wears ,I took out a long blue flora [email protected] that st©pped right below my knees and black plain sandals
I took my bath and wore my clothes and shoes, packed my hair in two piggy tails and wore my thick eye glas-ses
Mum had alre-ady prepared breakfast, I sat down greeting her, before blessing the food
I took a lot bites before I was finally full, the driver was alre-ady prepared for everything, he drove me off to school
Thankfully, Mr musician wasn’t here, Asher, but I wasn’t too comfortable with who was in the clas-s, it was Jake
That awful Jake
I sat down feeling extremely uncomfortable with his pres£nce, he was smoking what only God knows
I was alre-ady affected by it, I’m an asthmatic patient ,I covered my nose, trying not to get very affected
He stood up greeting me, I looked away and answered his greetings reluctantly
He smiled dragging me up, I struggle, trying to break free from him, he smiled, inhaling the cigarettes, puffing it directly on my face, I coughed, struggling to breathe
“let me go! ” I cried out,screaming,he raised my go-wn, burning my th!gh with the cigarette,i screamed, still struggling to get freed
Asher’s POV
I heard someone’s high pitched scream in the clas-sroom, I really hope it is not Mia, that dumbas-s, I got into the clas-s and what I saw go me really mad, I walked towards Jake, That ill mannered freaking bastard, how dare he [email protected] f!nger on Ella Mia, I threw a punch on his jaw, holding him by his collar
“listen to me carefully, you will regret this ” I spat out and pushed him, walking close to Mia, who was [email protected] for air
“Mia, what’s wrong with you ” I asked tapping her cheek, watching her eyes rolled to the back of her skull, she pas-sed out in my arms
I sh0t Jake a death glare ,before lifting Mia up in my arm
“That awful bastard “I mumbled carrying an unconscious Mia in my arm
Episode 5
Asher’s POV
I waited at the entrance of the school clinic, it has been over an hour and I still don’t know what is going on, I checked the time and it was almost eight, That Stacey bit-ch must have been looking for me, and Ella Mia is yet to wake up, dammit, I heard a cli-ck on the door lock and it was the school nurse
“how is she now ” I asked worriedly
“She is fine now, she went throu-gh a panic attack after she found out that she couldn’t breath and we have treated the burnt on her th!gh ” she said and walked out
I took a de-ep breath and exhaled slowly in relief, that was so scary ,I walked into the clinic , moving towards her, she was still so calm ,blinking her eyes, wiping off her tears
“Are you okay ?” I asked, holding her hands
“of course not, I was so frightened and he burnt my skin with cigarette, it is still hurting ” she muttered softly, still wiping her tears
“Okay, let’s me take a look at it ” I said and trailed my hands on her th!gh
Goddamn, I didn’t see a kick coming, it landed directly on my groin, I fell on the floor, trying to un-derstand everything that had just happened to me, she knelt on the floor beside me, raising my head up, I closed my eyes, still gro-an ing in pain
“Goddamn, if you knew you didn’t want me to t©uçh you th!gh, you could have told me ” I grumbled as I stood up , trying to walk perfectly well
“is it still hurting? ” she asked innocently, looking at me
“of course, it is, but I would get better if you could t©uçh it ” I uttered and win-ked, she gave a confused look
“t©uçh what? ” she asked with a surprised gaze
“t©uçh here ” I said and guided her hands near my genital, she screamed and her face turned red, tomato red down to her scalp
what ???” I thought, did she just got excited with this little words of mine
” st©p it… That’s very bad… I did… no. t.. expect it…from… you ” she stuttered, properly fixing her eye glas-ses properly before walking out of me
What a BIG weirdo, I walked out of the clinic and followed her to the clas-sroom, The math teacher was here this time, sharing our test script
“Asher Byron!” he called
“are you sure you didn’t cheat? ” he asked
“Why?, aren’t you happy with the improvement I made” I asked and he smiled
“Of course not, That wasn’t what I meant ” he said and I smiled
I took my script and I was dumbfounded, I pas-sed like I really did pas-s my test ,I smiled at Mia and she smiled back
Stacey’s POV
I [email protected]£d my Sk-irt, ti-ghtly as the math teacher called my name
“Stacey Lynn ” he called and I [email protected] silently, covering my mouth with my unsteady mouth
I took my test sheet and I was dumbfounded, I had an A, how is that possible, I took a look at Ella Mia and she had this warm smile on her face, I exhaled heavily and walked towards my sit
Such a sad dummy, she had a chance to get back at me and she blew it up, dumb nerd, I took a de-ep breath knowing I have been freed from embarras-sment, I watched her walk towards the teacher limping, did she perhaps hurt herself
Ella Mia’s POV
I smiled as took my test sheet, it is always an A, I felt really uncomfortable walking, my th!gh was still having that burning s-en-sation
I looked at Asher and smiled, I bu-mped into Jake and I had shivers, he had a visible sm-irk on his face as he watched me shook with tremors
I walked towards Asher and he smiled at me, I recalled what he did at the school clinic and I smiled
My cheek was starting to heat up from my thoughts, his face jo-lted me off my thoughts and I sighed

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