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The adventure of Bimpe Episode 15 & 16

Alhaja was not crazy when she was s£nt to the mental institute to await trial, but after a little while, about a week in there, she was beginning to lose her mind. Every day she sat on the window sill in her room and looked downstairs. Her room overlooked the garden, and when she saw how freely the shru-bs and flowers opened their veins to the breeze and the sun, she wished for her freedom again. She told herself, she was going to end up deranged and rot away like a flower kept in a dark cu-pboard. Every day, she died a little more; she refused talking to anyone, even her son. A specialist was called to review her case and have sessions with Alhaja, but all to no avail. Alhaja was dying a special kind of death, and she would not last in that mental home.
Brian had a talk with his father, the latter told him the only way he could access his trust fund was if he got married to Bimpe.
Chief Bamigboye: “She is a made woman,not the gold digging bit-ches, she is intelligent, marrying her will be profitable, it would make our business empire stronger. You have to marry her.”
Brian started by s£nding gifts to Bimpe’s office, like boxes of black chocolate, he knew most women loved chocolate, on other days he would s£nd hvge bouquet of yellow roses, even dresses and lingerie. Bimpe received all his gifts with open arms. Finally, he invited her for a pri-vate dinner. He rented out the whole of Spice Bowl, a restaurant in Lekki, he even invited a guitar band to serenade them. As soon as they sat down, the waiter brou-ght two glas-s of coldstone cream. Bimpe had a weakness for ice cream and Brian knew this, so she dug into the ice cream immediately it was put in front of her. Brian took few spoons of his, while looking at her intently. No matter how slow he was eating his, Bimpe was gulping hers and the glas-s was almost empty, and yet nothing was amiss. Then he choked on metal, he spat it out on the table. Bimpe was going to ask him what the matter was, when her eyes fell on the object he had spit out. A shiny piece of diamond ring [email protected] the table; it was stained with ice cream. It dawned on Bimpe what Brian had tried to do, but somehow it had fallen [email protected] She bur-st into laughter.
Brian: “Don’t laugh, people are daft, how couldn’t they notice the glas-s which held the ring” he said, obviously upset.
Bimpe: “Stupid man, now you want to be ro-mantic and propose in a stylish way. Did you forget how you threw me out of your life? You even concocted a story just so you could be free of me. Now you have seen what I have become and want to marry me? Life has got a great s-en-se of humor” she said in her heart, as she looked at Brian intently. He cleaned up the ring and went on his kneels holding the beautiful diamond ring in his hands.
Brian: “Marry me”
Question: Will Bimpe say yes?
Bimpe acted surprised; she hung her mouth open, and held her mouth open.
Brian: “I know I wronged you in the past, but I was scared, the shock of the news, forgive me and be my wife”
Bimpe: “Yea! I will marry you. This has always been my sincere wish. I never st©pped loving you” she said and stretched out her hand. Brian congratulated himself inwardly, despite what he did to her, she was still falling prey to him, and he told himself that as soon as they got married, he would take control of the companies and relegate Bimpe to the background. Besides, his father would be happy he has achieved this feat and he would leave the family business and as-sets to him. He told himself, that he would merge both as-sets into a formidable conglomerate. Bimpe wanted marriage with him, but she shouldn’t expect him to be in the marriage, she would end up a cold, deserted woman. He would travel the world with different women, and live his life to the fullest. Yes he was a smooth operator, he congratulated himself. He was so lost in his thoughts, that he did not realize that Bimpe’s hand was still hanging and he was yet to sl!pring on her f!nger.
Bimpe: “Tomorrow, someb©dy will come and tell me money is not important, see how this one wants to f0rç£ himself on me because I have money. It won’t work” she thought as she watched the different emotions that pla-yed on Brian’s face. She cleared her throat loudly to bring him out of his thoughts.
Bimpe: “Earth to Brian. What are you thinking about so intently?”
Brian: “Oh nothing, I am thinking how foolish I was, and did not realize I had gold, I threw away gold to pick pebbles” he replied and went ahead to sl!pthe ring on her f!nger. Bimpe twirled her f!ngersthis way and that way. She realized that the diamond did not refract the light as a true diamond should.
Bimpe: “This man is cheap oh, so that is all I am worth to this useless man, a cheap diamond” she thought within as she stared at the ring.
Bimpe and Brian announced their engagement to the rest of the Bamigboyes family at a dinner they had in honor of Bimpe.
Brian: “Meet the latest couple, Brian and Bimpe” he said, while Bimple wiggled her hand for all to see. They had invited guest like relatives, and everyone was amazed that Brian was engaged to a beautiful and successful business woman.
Bimpe: “I have an announcement to make” she said
Oyinda: “Not before I make mine. Listen up Brian, Bimpe is not right for you, ask her where she kept your pregnancy, the child, where is the child”
Brian: “So that is how Oyinda want to stupidly put sand in my well prepared garri? Iro oh” he thought as everyone fell silent and looked at Bimpe.
Brian: “What are you talking about Oyinda, aburo mi are you alright?”
Oyinda: “Brian, you don’t remember, or you are trying to be dubious”
Brian: “I agree that Bimpe and I [email protected]£d, but we were never inti-mate, she always insisted I married her before we have S-x. She was traditional like that. It was the reason we broke up, I was foolish, I let go of gold because it was still unrefined” he replied, to Oyinda’s amazement.
Oyinda: “Ha Brian” she said surprised.
Chief Bamigboye: “Eh eh Oyinda, instead of trying to sabotage your brother’s marriage, you should try getting that Raga Murphy b©yfri£ndof yours, to put a ring on that f!nger”
Brian: “She probably has my best interest at heart, dad”
Chief Bamigboye: “Bimpe my daughter, I will like to come see your parents so that we can fix the [email protected]£”
Bimpe turned sober and soon began to sob silently. Everyone looked at her, amazed.
Chief Bamigboye: “My dear, did I offend you in anyway?”
Bimpe: “No, you did not. You only reminded me of the thing that we-ts my pillow at night” she sniffed. Oyinda looked at her and wondered what other game Bimpe was up to.
Chief Bamigboye: “Kilonsele Adebimpe?” he called her fondly.
Bimpe: “My parents and my siblings died in a plane crash, they were on their way to meet me in England” she began to bawl loudly. Chief Bamigboye walked up to her and [email protected] her, she leaned into him, and the latter [email protected]£ disoriented.
Chief Bamigboye: “Don’t cry again my dear; you have a new family now. I promise you, you will never be alone anymore” he said still holding on to her, and Bimpe held his hand strongly, like a life line. Brian stood up and extricated her from his father; he pu-ll-ed her into his [email protected]
Brian: “Don’t worry; soon we shall have our very own family. I know my daughters would be as beautiful as you are” he tea-sed and Bimpe felt sad. She wondered how it would have been, if they were really marrying for love, if he had not betrayed her in the past. She thought of the children she would have had, and then she remembered the one that was aborted.
Bimpe: “No matter how cold my heart gets, I still think of love, I still long to be loved. I do not un-derstand this” she thought as she was in Brian’s [email protected]

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