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Soul mate Episode 3

Written By:Abike💋
💄 Episode 3💄
Chris was at the clubhouse with his two best friends Max and Jamal, Both Drew and Deon stood at a side monitoring Chris. “Guys what do you think I can do to Sharon, I mean I don’t want to see her again,She is really getting on my nerves and I told her that am done with her,but still she is not re-ady to listen to me,
what am I going to do” Max asked “Honestly Max you fv¢ked up, You are the one at fault, I told you not to carry that girl along with Love, I told you not to use the word Love for her, but you don’t listen, all because you want to fv¢k her you lied to her that you love her, and she believed you, I told you to let her know from the beginning that you only want to fv¢k her,
and now look what’s happening” Jamal said, Chris drank his wine from the cu-p slowly, He made a sm-irk and dropped the cu-p on the table, he rested his back on the chair and said “Max you are very funny, Just because of Sharon you are bothered this way, How much are these ladies we are talking about, They are so fv¢king cheap that you can afford them at any price,
why are you bothering yourself this way, Don’t you know that this ladies are not smart, they are not smart, When they see money and d!¢k, honestly they will do anything for you, Fine she wants more of your d!¢k and you are not re-ady to give her again, Dude just pay her off mehn! Ask her for her price,I
am definitely sure that she will speak out,I am sure this girl is waiting for you to talk about the money,Just try it out,am sure she will leave you after she sees the money” Chris said proudly “Hmmmm! Chris! Chris my man, i know you don’t disappoint me, you don’t fail me,
anytime I see you I always feel proud, always on t©p, elevated, inspiring, honestly you are the real deal” Max said while they all busted into laughter “Ok Chris, how are we going to dodge your guards, most especially Drew and Deon” Jamal asked while Chris made a sm-irk and said “Don’t worry we are leaving here anytime from now”
Chris said while his two friends stare at Deon and Drew with other guards, Not too long four waitress brou-ght Deon, Drew and the other guards some wines, Deon and Drew rejected it for a minute but after awhile they collected it from the ladies and gulped it down at once while the ladies took the their cu-ps away,
Chris who sat where he was watching the whole scene with a devilish smile took his cu-p of wine,He poured himself some wine and drank from it, After a minute both Deon and Drew with the other guards felt dizzy, The other guards who can’t handle thier dizziness suddenly fell down beside the wall and sle-pt off immediately, Deon who suddenly looked at Chris and saw his sm-irk realized that it was his tra-p, before Deon could take a step, He fell down to the floor,
he tried to stand up but he was too weak to do that, suddenly he sle-pt off, Drew who managed himself to walk up to them said “W… What you are doing is risky” Drew said “Wait what did I do” Chris asked angrily. “I know you are responsible for all these, But do you think what you are doing is right, I can still manage to take you home, P….. plea-se Boss, let’s go home,
It’s too ri…” Suddenly Drew fell on the chair and sle-pt off while Chris and his friends ran out of the clubhouse happily, They rushed into one of his cars while Max drove the car, Chris sat beside the driver side while Jamal sat at the back, They turned on the music so loudly and drove out of the clubhouse,
Fifteen minutes after they left the clubhouse two black cars suddenly chased after them and st©pped their car, Eight hefty guys [email protected]£ out of the car with guns in their hands,They pointed the guns at them, before they knew what’s going on the guys took Chris away while Max and Jamal who were too scared gathered their courage and quic-kly drove the car away….
In the Next eight hours the news of Mr Robert’s son was all over the news and internet,The kidnappers requested for a sum of hundred million naira from Chris’s father or else they will kill Chris, People began to wonder if Chris’s father will be able to pay for the ransom or not, Everyone began to check online if there is any latest news about Chris,He was the talk of the town, Everyone most especially those who choose him as their role model began to worried if he will get out alive…
Adunola and her friends at work,Two ladies [email protected]£ in to buy some things, After they were done,They both moved to the counter to pay for all what they bought, Suddenly one of the lady started talking about Chris, While Adunola and her friends listened to the customers as they kept on talking about him “Honestly hundred million naira is just too much,how is that even possible” The first lady said
“Is it not Mr Robert,am sure he will get the money,even though the money is too much but still he have to save his only son” The other lady replied “But Sis my question is that where were the guards when Chris sneaked out of the clubhouse”
Bukola asked “Honestly that is what baffles me,maybe the guards are even aware about it” Bewaji said, Adunola who was writing on a book suddenly st©pped and said “We can’t be sure if the guards are aware about it,This Chris that we are talking about is a [email protected],Who knows maybe he sneaked out of the clubhouse by tricking the guards, or maybe he is the one planning all these just to give his father headache or something, Honestly unlike you people,
I am not move by what is happening to him right now, because one it is impossible for the kidnappers to harm him,Of course no one is going to harm him,And they will never kill him,am sure they only added the killing stuff just to threaten his father to s£nd the money quic-kly,But believe me am sure that this [email protected] we are talking about is perfectly ok where he is right now” Adunola said…
At Chris’s house,his father looked so worried while his grandmother was alre-ady in tears, Suddenly his father’s sister Helen walked in with Her high heels and jumpsuit matching up with her handbag,Her wavon which was resting on her shoulder added to her beauty,
She sat beside her Mother, She held her so closely to herself just to st©p her from crying,Four policemen were also with them, Including Drew, Deon and Dave and some few guards, Suddenly a call [email protected]£ into Mr Robert’s phone while one of the policemen asked him to pick up the call and put it to loudspeaker,
after doing exactly what the policeman said a voice said “Mr Robert,You are delaying us, we don’t nee-d your son, and he is not important to us, we have been tracking your son a long time ago, And it seems the heaven is on our side this time, Your son must not use more than 42 hours with us, After that if the money dos£n’t get to that location we s£nt to you, we promise to s£nd you your son’s dead b©dy,You may think we are Joking,And you are free to try us,But if I am you I will do the right thing”
The voice ended the call immediately while everyone went silent but Chris’s grandmother couldn’t st©p crying “Deon how could you do this to me,Drew what were you guys thinking,How could you let Chris tricked you and ran away from the clubhouse,Now look what’s going on,This is what am afraid about,If anything should happens to my son,I promise to kill both of you” Chris’s father said angrily while his sister Helen stood up and sat next to him,she held his shoulder and said “You don’t nee-d to do that brother,
No one is above mistake,Let’s accept the fact that this is meant to happen, Nothing is going to happen to Chris, let’s keep on praying for him,If you are acting like this,Try to think about our mum,we both know how much she loves Chris,let’s try to console her and look for a better way to get Chris out of there” Helen said….
In a room, Chris’s mouth, hands and legs were tied to the chair he sat on, suddenly two guys walked in the room, one of them loosed his mouth While the other guy said ”Your father is having twelve hours left,If he refuse to s£nd us that money,
we are going to s£nd him your Dead b©dy” Chris made a sm-irk and said “Are you sure you can kill me” Chris asked with a devilish smile on him “Yo…. You said what” The other guy asked “You know you can’t do that,Of course you can’t kill me,Do you think after you kill me,both you and your generations are going to have a peace of mind,
Of course you can’t, because my Dad is going to fight for my death,and I am sure you won’t want him to do that,Of course no one is re-ady to see the other side of the almighty Mr Robert,Ok tell me how much did you asked from my Dad,Is it in thousand, Million or billion,Or is it in pounds or dollars,How much did you asked my Dad” Chris asked smilling “I can see that you have got some nerves to speak back at us,you should be praying for your life right now,
If I am you I will go on my knees and start praying to God to help me f0rç£ my Dad to transfer the money,and if you want to know the amount we requested for, it is hundred million naira” One of the guy replied, Suddenly Chris bur-sted into laughter and said “You asked my Dad a sum of hundred million naira,Wait why are you guys so cheap this way,I was expecting you to ask for billions of naira but am so disappointed that you guys are low clas-s kidnappers” One of the guys got mad at Chris,
He moved closer to Chris to hit him in his face but he was st©pped by the other guy “No No No! Don’t hit him,We don’t have business with him,we only have business with his father,We have to follow what his father told us if we want this money,He said we must not t©uçh his son,We only nee-d this money, Hitting him is not going to bring in the money,Just chill guy”
The other guy said “Why are you st©pping him from hitting me” Chris said with a sm-irk on his face “I don’t know why you are st©pping him,Why can’t you just let him kill me” Chris’s said “This guy is Crazy” One of the guy said “What were you thinking before,Do you think you kidnapped an ordinary person,I am not just anyb©dy,I am sick,I am crazy just like you said,I am not a normal person because you guys kidnapped me here just to make my family worried most especially my grandma,
Am sure that right now she is not in a good condition all because you stupid motherfv¢kers wanted a hundred million naira” Chris’s face suddenly turned into an aggressive way,He paused for awhile, staring at the floor, Suddenly he raised his brows at them and said “I will advise you to just kill me once and for all, because if I should step out of this place alive,I promise to fish you guys out,most especially you two,I promise to fish you out and kill both of you,I swear on my mother’s grave”….
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