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S-xy high school girls Episode 14 & 15

Episode 14
The Unexpected Question
[RECAP: Dzifa was given a minimal punishment.The Mentees finished their internsh!p(Menteesh!p) and returned to the university to complete their education. Some of them were posted back to the village. Dzifa [email protected]£ more S-xually involved with Kwame who was actually Crystalene’s b©yfri£nd. Crystalene caught Dzifa red handed in Kwame’s room and a fight resulted leaving each of them wounded.
[Millson’s Point of view ]
One day, I went to clas-s to teach . The t©pic of the lesson was “Qualities of a good leader.” As a rule , I always prepare thor0ûghly before going to clas-s. That day was not an exception. So the lesson began. …”Clas-s, I’m very happy to meet you today to discuss this interesting t©pic with you . We all know that for progress to be made in any society, the quality of the leaders is paramount. The question is ,”How will you define a good leader?
Suddenly , Dzifa who was late for clas-s that day entered the clas-sroom and greeted me, “Good afternoon my love .” I responded to her greeting quite unconsciously, “Good Afternoon , Dzifa.
The mention of the word “my love ”
by Dzifa drew sharp disapproval from a section of the female student b©dy. Some used gestures to register their disapproval. Others also coughed jokingly. Then one courageous student asked me a question that nearly threw me to the wall.
Jennifer raised her hand and asked , ” Sir ,is it appropriate for a male teacher to woo or [email protected]£ a female student?” She looked serious though her clas-smates erupted into hysterical laughter.
I saw myself pinned to the wall, cornered from every angle.
Mustering courage I answered, “Jennifer, I must first of all commend you for asking such an intelligent question. The answer to your question is, “No” it is inappropriate for a teacher to [email protected]£ his or her student. If you look at the code of professional conduct for teachers, Section 3 clause 27, subclause 1 and 2, a teacher [email protected]!nga student was categorised un-der MISCONDUCT .
I glanced at Dzifa’s face. She looked disappointed. I continued, ” Nevertheless, there are certain situations where a teacher could be ro-mantically involved with a student without it been seen as a violation to ethical rules.
The first instance , is where the teacher got married to the girl before she become a student. In that case, You can’t charge the teacher for commiting an offence or a misconduct because they were legally married by law before his wife as-sumed the status of a student. Even in this situation, it is advisable for the teacher to put his wife (student) in another school.
The second situation is when the student complete the school and is no longer un-der the authority of the school. In that case, the teacher could propose and even get married to his ex -student, though I won’t personally recommend that.
“Take note,The Profesional code only applies when the ro-mantic relationsh!pstarted on the school campus at the time the teacher is performing his or her official duties in the institution as a teacher. This law however is not only limited to the institution of work but any other institution of Education categorised as ” Primary or secondary” whether the teacher teaches there or not.
I glanced at their faces. Some of them looked uncomfortable.”
I continued,”Inasmuch as we want to put this issue un-der the remit of the law, we must also be cognisant of the fact that matters of the heart cannot be limited by mere human laws. There are situations where love would t©uçh two people who are not suppose to be in love with each other. In this case ,the law cannot be a limiter of their feelings but their own ability to manage the situation.
When I finished the explanation , there was pin drop silence, followed by a round of applause. Dzifa was impressed by my ingenious and practical explanation but I could see she looked very sad. Bruises were found all over her b©dy. I knew if I dare want to find out why her b©dy was full of bruises,she would take advantage of the situation. Wisely,I kept quiet.
Episode 15
The New Female Teacher
[RECAP: Millson was teaching when Dzifa entered the clas-sroom. She called Millson ” dear” and that resulted in Jennifer asking if it was appropriate for a teacher to [email protected]£ a student. Millson gave an answer that Impressed the most of the students. He decided not to inquire of Dzifa’s bruises]
[ Millson’s Narration]
A new female teacher [email protected]£ to the school. Her name was Bansah Lovelace.
Miss Bansah was a very lovely lady.
Her smile was so infectious that she’d light up everyone around her with it. I don’t know the extent to which I could describe her beauty.
“Oh,my God,her beauty was so alluring. She made me believe without scepticism in the possibility of perfection. A lot of things made her beautiful but her eyes were unimaginably attrac-tive. Those broad and expressive eyes sitting at©p the amazing vessel of a b©dy made me feel charmed , as if they were gleaming down the greatness of mountain Everest.
Miss Bansah Lovelace made me believe in the possibility of flawless pulchritude.
Her eyes sparkled in the Golden sun. Everyone would love to admire her. She would look beautiful in any dress. She was a beautiful mystery of a lady. The more I saw her, the more I find other amazing dimensions of her.She lived every moment fully. Her ultimate mantra was to live, love and and laugh unconditionally.
Her life wasn’t a fairy tale, but to me she sure was a princess.
She had a slender [email protected]!st, whistling down from her bust, as smoothly as the water cascading from a waterfall.
The bends of her h!ps was so voluptuous that you feel as if it has been carefully carved out by the creator who sculpted it out carefully like how a potter sculpts a vessel from raw clay. The fullness of her bosom, reminiscent of the idea of perfection. Her long slender arms were not different.
Her glistening chocolate skin,
infused with a hint of cream,
balanced her perfect figure and epitomized her ethnic origin – Fante. There was no denying the fact that her physique was more than enough to give headache to any of the pasers by,as it surely cause my heart to skip a bit.
Don’t get me wrong, I have seen quite a few good looking women but it is rare that her eyes got intrigued enough so that it was tough for me to look away.
Tough for a mortal to not feel something ,something greater than an instant infatuation .Something akin to respect and absolute wonder at the work of genes.Her genes were so good. How can someone literally look so beautiful. I kept questioning myself. I asked myself,how can someone defy all odds and actually look so stunningly magnificent. She may have come from a fairy tale because in reality, that rare beauty didn’t exist.
Prior to Miss Bansah’s Coming to the school,a lot of the girls believed I was [email protected] They simply couldn’t believe a young active man of 22 years could resist beautiful adolescent school girls. Miss Bansah’s arrival broke that myth.
She was closely seen together with me. At first nob©dy took notice her as-sociation with me because they didn’t believe I have the potential to show love to anyone. With time ,the students were becoming increasingly aware that Miss Bansah’s involvement with me was more than ordinary. One Student in [email protected] was very worried.
{Dzifa’s Point of view}
My colleagues kept gossiping Mr. Lamptey was [email protected]!ngMiss Bansah.
At first I don’t want to believe it. Then out of Curiosity,I decided to do my own investigation.
For three weeks I kept watching Miss Bansah and Mr. Lamptey Millson. After a meticulous observation,I realised they were in a clandestine relationsh!p.
Suddenly hatred crept into my heart for Mr. lamptey and Miss Bansah.
My anger burnt within me like an inferno.
I asked myself, “did Lamptey Millson rejected me truly because I am a student or because he didn’t see me attrac-tive enough. What exactly is miss Bansah having that I’m not having?”
I decided to write a short letter to her as a warning.
Taking a pen and a paper I wrote:
Dear miss Bansah Lovelace,
I will like to use this medium to warn you that you are thre-ading on dangerous grounds by [email protected]!ngMr. Lamptey Millson. He had alre-ady captured my heart and I’m not re-ady to leave him for you. I will advise you to kindly back off from this relationsh!pif you value your life. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. If you choose to Ignore this
warning, I can as-sure you, the consequences will be great.
Yours Faithful
I silently sli-pped and placed the letter on miss Bansah’s Table.
When I returned home, I tuned in to a radio station. They were talking about why love hurt so much.
Why does love hurt ?
One of the biggest reasons is because of the uncertainty of it all.
Love is wonderful and when we are falling in it we feel so wonderful and secure. And happy. And we get accustomed, in a way, to that security and comfort and we don’t want it to go away.
Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in love. We know that from experience. And our hearts are so scared that this relationsh!pwill turn out like others and will cause us pain. Again.
So, it’s not knowing the future of our relationsh!p– how it will turn out – that causes us physical pain. The anxiety can cause stomach pain, heart ache that feels real, head fog and other physical symptoms. Symptoms that cause us literal and figurative pain.
Try to manage your worries about the future. No one knows what will happen and worrying about it will only take away from the happiness that you are feeling right now….
I acknowledged all that was said was true. “It’s not knowing the future of our relationsh!p– how it will turn out – that causes us physical pain.”
That Evening , I sle-pt a worried and sad girl.

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