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S-xy high School girls Episode 1

He’s your teacher. He’s so nice to you.Soon you have a crush on him and you look forward to having a feel of him. In addition to being nice to you ;he looked so young and handsome. Instantaneously,your heart yearn for him. Afterall,You are a teenager with raging hor-mones and a high S-x drive.
Then you meet him on the way carrying loads on his head. You offer to help him. He smiles and say ,”thank you.”
As a female student,You know his house is out of bounds to you but you accompany him to the house anyway.
Then you reach his house. He wants to take the load from you so that you will return but you said he should not worry.
He opens the door and enters the room.Without waiting for an invitation,You follow him inside. You put the load down. He says,
” thank you,see you in school tomorrow.”
You look a bit disappointed. Then you feign tiredness and sat down in his couch saying,Sir,I’m tired. I want to rest for five minutes. Can I?
He looks at you suspiciously but agreed to your request.
He turned on his TV and went to his be-droom to undress.
As the clock keep ticks,you realise your time will soon be up.
Then you have another idea. You called him and ask to use his washroom. He comes out with his singlet and trou-sers and directed you to his washroom after which he leaves.
You go to the washroom,re-move your clothes and wra-pped his towel round your [email protected]!st. Then without knocking,You enter his be-droom when he was in his bo-xer shorts. You allow the towel to fell off your gorgeous b©dy to reveal your alluring figure from your b0ss0mto your feet. He gapes and gaze at you in bewilderment.
At that point ,You know you have cornered him.
You smile……What will soon happen is obvious to you.You landed in his be-d.
After a few quic-kies with him, your mission is accomplished but you know you can never see him the same again , he is now more than just your teacher, he’s your loverboy.
The Internsh!p
Summary of Episode 1
Millson decided to become a teacher. He went to the university and soon was posted to a remote village to do his internsh!pwith his friends.
{Dzifa’s Point of view }
“Aww,my God ,this new teacher is simply h0t and handsome. I nee-d to get closer to him. Maybe he will even propose to me. I can’t take him off my mind. It’s like I’m going crazy—-”
“……The word government can be explained from three perspec
tives,”my s-en-sual thoughts were interrupted by the teacher’s lesson.
“The first one is Government as an institution of the state ,secondly Government as an academic field of studies and lastly Government as a process or function. I will take each of them one by one and explain to you what they mean. Before we delved into the explanation I will like to tell you the etymology of the word:Government ”
The word “Government ” originates from—-”
My mind drifted back to my s-en-sual thoughts. I look at his musculature. Everything is on point. Nice biceps, amazing triceps. Superb Physique.
Goosh, this teacher is a rare specie of a man, one of the very few Ghanaians who look more like….a non-Ghanaian. My God, this teacher is so S-xy. Look at his eyes. I felt n-ked before him. It’s as if he’s looking at me ,beyond my school uniform. “Wow.” How I wish it were true. I can’t just imagine him ma-king love to me. I hope he’s good in be-d. Yes. This teacher is my dream man. Surely, he was the cause of my sleepless nights over the years. The man I always see in my dream… Aww. Dzifa, you don die naa”
[Millson’s Narration ]
My name is Lamptey Millson. I attended Presbyterian Boys’ s£nior High School . When I completed my high school, I decided to go to the teachers’ training college because I found teaching very exciting and interesting. Of course, my choice of profession was heavily condermed by my parents who wanted me to become a doctor. To them the word teaching is an anathemaℹ in their ears.
I stood firm and politely told them I would rather stay at home than going to the school of medicine.
I didn’t really blame my parents for opposing my choice of profession
In Ghana teachers are not respected. The profession is seen as a poor man’s job. Besides it’s not attrac-tive to the youth who want big money. Why waste time earning a meagre salary in a profession often denigrated by others, even the students themselves.ℹ
To put the nail on the coffin,?
most teachers behave in a manner that do not command respect; like [email protected]!ngand slee-ping with young un-derage girls. I intended to change the narrative , at least from my side.
There was a quote that I love so much and it had become my guiding principle. It states , “Everything you do in this world, do it with a difference.”
I saw a lot of s-en-se in this quote, if I do things just like the ordinary person , what would make me unique?”
My father eventually changed his mind and agreed that I could choose any profession I wanted.
He suggested that if I want to teach , it should be at the secondary school level and not at the basic level so instead of s£nding me to Accra college of Education, he s£nt me to the University of Education , Winneba. This University specialises in training and churning out professional graduate teachers of high calibre and good moral training.
I went to that University to offer Political Science Education. I was highly enthusiastic at my academic work and the affairs of the school. It therefore [email protected]£ as no surprise when I was elected the president of the University. Soon it’s time for my internsh!pprogramme.
In level 400 , We were posted to the surrounding villages to do our internsh!pun-der more experienced teachers so that we could acquire pedagogical skills in our noble profession. While some of my friends were posted to more urban communities, My friends and I were posted to the typical remote village called Tutukpene.
Tutukpene is a small village in the NKwanta District of Oti Region in Ghana. Before I embark on the Journey, my father called me and gave me a simple but powerful advice. He said, “My son, before you travel, I will like to share with you a few words of advise that could make you different from your colleagues. One , as a teacher , be a lifelong learner. You can’t teach what you don’t know.
Two, be morally discipline and avoid [email protected]!ngthose adolescent girls. They can lead you into big problems and a lot of male teachers have fallen prey to this sad but avoidable phenomenon.”
Three, trust no one. Not all those who smiles with you are your friends.”
“Four, work [email protected] but expect no thanks or compliment and lastly , live a modest life. Don’t pretend to have money when you have not.”
I said “thank you father” and left.
Our journey to Tutukpene was a long tiring one. The road was dusty and bu-mpy. It forked throu-gh thick canvas of forest , interspersed with streams .Finally we reached a sp©t on the road where the bus couldn’t go further. The driver explained to us why he couldn’t go further . I realised we had to continue the rest of the journey on feet. I couldn’t believe my eyes we still have just level of undeveloped places in my country. Anytime I watched Nigerian movies and I saw some typical villages in the movie, I asked myself, how can this villages still exist in this 21st century rose especially in a famous country like Nigeria, noted for famous pla-yers like Jay jay Okocha and authors like Chinua Achebe was a Nigerian novelist, poet and professor. Oh, lest I forget Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Akinwande Oluwole Babatunde Soyinka, known as Wole Soyinka, who was a Nigerian pla-ywright, poet and essayist. He was even awarded the 1986 Nobel Prize in Literature. I don’t want to mention the super-stars in the movie industry.
Well, I was faced with the same reality now in my mother and fatherland, Ghana.
Walking throu-gh the beastly looking forest on foot seemed like a herculean task but we soon realised the reality when the bus sped off, leaving us in a quagmireℹ of confusion.
My nine friends and I started walking throu-gh the thick forest. My bags hanged loosely around my shoulder, others put theirs on their backs and yet others carry theirs on their heads. After four hours of tiring journey, we reached the small village , Tutukpene.
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