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My sweetheart Episode 3

💝My Sweet Heart💝
#Episode 3
… Valerie’s POV (continues …
The next day was thursday, I woke up with the help of my alarm.
I reached for my phone which was beneath a pillow.
No text message from Iyke. After I s£nt him one last night?
Well I waved that off as I dialled his line. It rang for few seconds before his warm exciting voice [email protected]£ in.
“Hello sugar, Goodmorning.” He said, and his voice gave me chills.
“Goodmorning baby, Wanted to get you up from be-d.” I said with a giggle.
“Awwn…Just like you always do. You give me the reasons to keep loving you. You are so so sweet, I love you.” He said, causing me to smile.
“I love you more honey. Do you mind if we go out tonight?” I said.
I really wanna spend time with him.
“Oh my! Sure Sugar.. I love you.” He said.
“I love you more dearie. Now lemme go prepare for work. Saving lives isn’t so easy you know.” I laughed.
He followed. I love the way he laugh.
I just love everything about him.
“You sure good at it babe. Bye Sugar.” He said, followed by a quite long sound of k!ssfrom him.
I giggled as I felt bu-tterflies in my head.
“Muahh” I did same too.
Then I threw my phone on the be-d, smiling wi-dely..
Getting out of my be-d, I got into the en-suite, pu-ll-ed off my clothes and pu-ll-ed a white towel from the towel rail and tied it finely on my head.
I moved over to the Sink.
There’s a four corner semi-length mirror facing it.
My reflection appeared immediately I faced it.
I got my toothbrush and a toothpaste tub from the beaker and after applying a little of toothpaste to my toothbrush, I proceeded to wash my nice set of teeth. And, watching myself on the semi-length mirror as I brushed my teeth at the sink, I couldn’t help not smiling at how beautiful I know I am..
Endowed richly in the right places.
Im not [email protected] about it but I’ve got a really good b©dy.
I dropped the toothbrush after being done and splashed water on my face, then brushed my we-t eyebrows with my thumb [email protected] I smiled again, remembering how much I love Iyke, and how beautiful our kids would be.
‘Like he’s handsome and im beautiful.. We’do make the sweetest kids.
Being unclad with just a towel tied my head, I placed my hands on my endowed h!ps as I appreciated how S-xy and curvy I am.
I sighed, remembering Iyke still cheated severally on me even with all the as-set I possess.
I really love him and can’t bear loosing him.
I bit my bo-ttoml!pas I moved away from the mirror and opening the bathroom cabinet, I took out a new shower-cap, pink in colour and flowery designed.
I got into the shower cubicle and pu-ll-ed out the white towel on my head and hanged it on the towel-rack at the right, I wore the shower-cap and turned on the shower lightly as cold water poured down my b©dy and gave me instant chills..
“Whoaaa” I let out because I love cold water alot.
I let the water pour alittle while before I got my soap and sponge to bathe.
I wra-pped myself in the white towel as I [email protected]£ out into my extra-large room.
I wanted to listen to six o’clock news but knowing Im kinda running late to work, I declined and dropped the remote back on the glas-s table inches away from my be-d.
I walked to my dressing table at the far left, just beside the window.
I took my b©dy lotion from my dressing table as I ru-bbe-d my b©dy with it gently and smoothly.
After that, I walked to my wardrobe, pu-ll-ed out a cream-colured slim-sleeve dress, followed by white undies and layed them on my be-d.
I pu-ll-ed on just the undies as I walked back to the dressing table to do some quic-k t©uçh on my face and hair.
“Goodmorning sma– Sister Goodmorning.” Benita greeted in her usual forgetting way as I climbe-d down the stairs all dressed up. I matched the dress with blue stiletto heels with blue handbag as well.
“Goodmorning Benita. Where’s mom?” I asked cos she was supposed to be out by now, preparing to go to her boutique.
“Madam dey outside.” Benita said, pointing at the sitting-room exist door which actually leads to the outside.
“Outside?” I asked. That’s unusual.
“Yes. She never even prepare for work.” Benita said.
I stared at her for awhile.
She was dressing more better.
She actually was in a blue pyjamas than a wra-pper and a worn-out singlet which she ‘loves wearing’ like she told me.
She also wore a hair-net.
“Food dey for table. I cook toasted bre-ad and egg stew.” She said.
I chuckled.
“Benita, it’s not cooking toasted bre-ad but ma-king toasted bre-ad and egg sauce. By the way, who taught you how to make toasted bre-ad?”
She laughed.
I actually like her smile. She look really pretty and has this nice shape.
“Sister… Ahh, Aunty Janet, our Food Recipe teacher teach us.” She said and I smiled.
“You know I ha-rd ly eat breakfast. I missed my fruit-mix today cos im quite late. Take care of the house and don’t be late for school. You’re not dressed alre-ady.” I said as I walked out throu-gh the exist door.
I saw mom outside, talking on the phone.
She wasn’t dressed yet and im wondering why.
She was leaning on one of her cars with her phone over her ear.
She was on her blue nightgo-wn.
I look exactly like her, but had to take my dad’s skin colour which is ‘Tan’
My mom is fair in complexion.
[email protected] from the skin colour, everything about me is from my mom. Her figure, her beauty.
Her pointed nose, her small eyes and long face.
Though my mom has a sweet gap teeth but I don’t. So I took dimples which she don’t have.
I stood in her front with my car key in my left hand as I held my bag in the other.
Mom smiled at me as she said ‘bye’ to the whosoever it was on the phone and dropped the call.
“Honey, you should get going, you running late for work.” Mom said, displa-ying her cute smile.
I didn’t wanna ask who was on the phone, though I was abit curious to know.
“Why ain’t you dressed up for work mom?” I asked.
She smiled more.
“Ofcos I will. I woke up late. My alarm had to spoil today.” She said and laughed.
I laughed too.
“Alright mom. Take care of yourself. Bye ” I said as I pe-cked her on the cheek.
“Take care as well honey.” Mom said as I rushed to my car, got in and drove out after Sheddy had to spend two minutes in opening the gate.
At work, I met with Eva who was alre-ady at work before me..
I was glad she didn’t ask about Iyke.
I didn’t wanna to tell her about Iyke and I going for a dinner tonight but I ended up telling her at lunch.
We sat on a table at the hospital cafeteria, having fried rice and a glas-s of jui-ce when I finally told her.
“Vale, it’s written all over you. I knew you were going somewhere again today and with no one else but him.” She said.
“Come on. He’s my b©yfri£ndEva. And it’s just a normal dinner. Don’t act like we’re running away.” I said, laughing.
“Good for you. I just don’t want you coming to my place, crying like a baby because that ‘b©yfri£nd’ again or else I’ll pu-ll of that pointed nose of yours..” She said with a pla-yful frown and all I could reply her was a ‘smile’. Maybe cos I believe Iyke is never gonna make me cry again or maybe cos of her pla-yful threat.
“Come on st©p thinking about Iyke and eat babe.” She said.
I smiled wi-dely.
“Was I thinking about him huh?” I snapped.
She rolled her eyes,“What else would you be thinking and smiling like that. Abeg.” She said.
I laughed ha-rder.
It was 6:30pm when I closed for duty. I hurriedly s£nt a message to Iyke as I scampered for my things.
I pu-ll-ed off my lab coat, Put off my computer. Dressed myself more good.
After being satisfied with myself look, I picked my bag and walked out of the office.
I saw Eva at the hallway, her hands in her coat pockets.
She st©pped in my front with a sm-irky smile.
Her ways.
“No S-x tonight. Will you?” She said.
“Idiot.” I said, chuckling.
“Have fun. I know he’s such a good joker.” She said, wi-nking.
I poked her on the nose before walking pas-s her with a “Goodbye Babe.”
I know she turned and watched me leave though I didn’t look back to check.
I got home, and still, no call or message from Iyke yet. So I called him.
He picked up after few rings.
“Hello babe, im so sorry I’ve not checked on you since then. I was so busy at work. Mehn!” He said.
“It’s fine baby. I just got home now.” I said.
“Oh babe, I’ll be there soon. Trust me.” He said.
“Im waitinggg.” I said with a giggle.
“I love youu.” He said.
I smiled, “I love you more.” I said and the call dropped.
I got out of the car, and slammed the door gently.
I walked into the house and met Benita coming downstairs.
She was dressing better again. Good thing. But the scarf on her head.
Shw saw me and ran to me with wi-de smiles.
“Sister welcome.” She said, grinning.
“Thank you. How was school today?” I asked as I scanned round the sitting room.
“E fine.” She said.
“Hmm..You and Pidgin.” I said with a smile as I began climbing the stairs.
“What of mom?” I asked. I know she isn’t back yet tho. She always come home by eight or nine.
“She never come back.” Benita answered.
I got into my room and dropped my bag.
After taking a quic-k shower, I searched throu-gh my wardrobe and after awhile,I finally settled for a black ti-ght go-wn that ba-rely covers my th!gh, two pairs of silver sandals and a small silver purse.
I pu-ll-ed into them and fixed my hair nicely with a little makeup.
I naturally hate much ma-king ups.
Just then, My phone began ringing.
I knew it was Iyke, and yes it was him.
I picked it up, and he said he’s alre-ady at the gate.
“Whoah. Im coming alre-ady.” I said as I [email protected]£d my purse, ma-king sure there’s money inside. I rushed out.
I [email protected]£ downstairs and met Benita watching African Magic.
“Benita, don’t get up from there till you hear mom’s car. Im going out.” I said.
“Okay Sister.” I heard her say as I walked out.
I met him outside, leaning on his car bonnet.
He smiled at me…
“Whoa, babe you look super S-xy. I really nee-d to hvg you right now. Can I?.” He said, smiling.
“Yeah, come on.” I said and he immediately hvgged me, followed by a k!sson myl-ips.
It felt wonderful.
“So where we going to babe.” He asked in a whisper, staring into my eyes.
“Any where. I just wanna spend some moment with you.” I whispered back.
He smiled and then k!$$£d me again.
“Alright babe. Come let’s go.” He said.

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