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My chicken b©yfri£ndfinale

short story
♠ MY
semi- finale
chapter 15
Lina’s pov
Immediately after the Long beared man said he was hungry in pidgin
suprising us… though it did’nt suit him well like a throu-gh 9ja man
And within a twi-nkle of an eye a whirlwind blew us swinging us
just like before but this time around it was’nt as fearful
as before.
boom!!! we landed safely unlike before when i hitted my bu-tts really [email protected] on that [email protected] floor
I held Lawrence ti-ght afraid of where we were…
“oo boi ooh… like [email protected] [email protected] don enter china.
..” Lawrence said giggly while the human chicken just kept following us about without speaking a word like a robot…
Lawrence… na wa for you ooh… you no even ask how we take ¢v-m here u just dey happi…
i know say if you be human na… you for don take hundreds of pictures… na..
“na ur problem be dat… u too dey talk.. you wey dey query me why i no ask how we take ¢v-m here, na u go take pictures pas-s ” Lawrence said and he was 100% correct…
“don’t bother taking pics… it won’t work” the chinese Akamu ch!pped in less concerned.
“come ooh but how we take reach china na… and why dem dey look us like that” Law asked
i was suprise the Chinese Akamu could also hear Lawrence
“well if you must know throu-gh teleporting… wait here
” he answered entering into an old house
which looked abandoned.
Abeg Law… why we go wait here… make we enter inside go greet e follow chinese folks
“Oku… as you sabi speak chinese na… you no see how dem dey look us as if we dey sell $h!t
abeg avoid all this people” Lawrence said
But why e go allow us stay for outside na…
and why the house dey lyk dis even the house for your village better pas-s this one
“why you no use your village?” Law fired back
abeg free me… but e say he dey hungry, this place resemble resturant for your eyes??
Abeg i go enter go church we-tin dey sup…
“ooh Lina abeg drop me for outside… i take God beg u” Lawrence said but i paid less attention
as i marched towards the ugly building leaving dat Zombie behind…
i had’t take up to 5steps when someone flew from inside landing on the floor
and i yelled frightened…
before i could process what happened…
three more white beared men landed the same way crying holding diffeent [email protected] of their bodu
where they had hitted…
“I told you to stay outside… what where you trying to do” the Chinese Akamu queried
but i could’nt ulter a word…
Did… you fight all this people? i asked as i stuttered
ignoring the “what da” look i got from Law
“point of correction i did’nt fight them i beat them,
” he said leaving us speechless
“common lets go in now” he added as he dragged us inside the ugly building.
“Now.. i brou-ght you all herr just because we nee-ded the scarlet sceptre which your Amebo friend here…”
“b©yfri£nd” i corrected not even scared of the chinese Akamu
“b©yfri£nd… placed on himself…
well… i was s£nt to help you out, to return to your human form
because all what happened was a mistake and you were innocent just that your curiousity got the better [email protected] of you
it all started with the prince of Hong Kung… the middle kingdom of Arta…
inside the de-epest forest… where we all live and still live
the young prince was taking lessons on teleporting…
he was done with teleporting himself and nee-ded to learn how to teleport objects
he mistakenly teleported the mysterious libry of Arta to the wrong location
which was your school..
and then you know what happened next…” he ended his long explanation which finally got me thinking
was i even listening to him?? whatever…
“and those guys.. and thid human Baakku” Lawrence asked
“well the wish you tool was to get exchange with a chicken and it was granted…
and those ugly guys i just beat they had the scarlet sceptre which would be used to undo the spell
so i had to beat them to retrive it… and not to worry none of those people outside saw you… and you’re really lucky
the Baaaku accordinv to you agreed to let your b©dy go…” The chinese akamu said
“sooo if he refuses to let go of my b©dy nko?” Lawrence asked
“then you’re stuck as a chicken forever” The chinese Akamu replied
na wa oo we-tin Lina no go see…
“common there’s no time before the full moon if i don’t reverse the curse you’d remain a chickrn for life ” the chinese Akam said scaring me
And you still dy waste time… abeg reverse am na…
“alright…” he said taking the sceptre in his right hand
“thr blue de-ep sea and the garden of Fruitful Arta… undo the spell…” he said rolling the sceptre at Lawrence’s as i immediately dropped him on the floor
he then pointed the sceptre towards Law and the human chicken while a golden shiny dust coveref everyone
i could [email protected] see a thing…
suddenly i [email protected] his voice the king of my heart’s voice
but this time around it was’nt from the chicken
but from his own b©dy…
immediately the dust dissapeared and i ran into my Law’s arm… as tears of joy [email protected]£ strolling down.
Chapter 15
Lina’s pov
“i now pronounce you husband and wife…” the pastor announced as a round of appluade followed immediately
as i stared lovingly into my Law..
he looked too handsome to me…
i never believe we would end up this way…
i was still lost in thought
and did’nt even know when the pastor announced… “you may k!ssyour bride”
i was brou-ght back to reality by Lawrence k!ss… as he bashed hisl-ips with mine… and did’nt want to let go
“e don do… go do the remaining one for house” the pastor tea-sed us as we seprated
while the whole church erupt with laughter…
Lawrence’s pov
My goodness… it’s been five years since the chicken incidence happened
and since then God has really been faithful to me
after a year after the chicken stuff
i and Lina got a job in a very lucrative company
I as a manager and Lina as a chief Accountant
I finally decided to tie the knot… with my Lilly…
i’ll keep on thanking God for s£nding Lina into my life…
i noticed she was lost in thoughts… and did’nt know when the pastor announced i can k!ssmy bride
i took the oppurtunity of crashing into her thought with a lovely k!ss…
and was interrupted by the pastor…
I can’t believe Lina is all mine…. i saw her blush as i ended the k!ss
my goodness i never believed Lina could still blush… though she look so cute blu-shing
“Law… close your eyes na… i wan change” Lina said suprising me
Haha… see this girl ooh…
we-tin you wan hide wey i no go see…
i said and she smiled…
“abeg ¢v-m helep me commot this go-wn” Lina said as i laughed and started to work
” ah… Law.. na so e hungry you?? you know how much i use buy dis go-wn” Lina queried
As i pushed her to the be-d and tore her wedding go-wn
Babe calm down na just go-wn.. no be because of this thing
i turn chicken today i go devour you
I said as i pounced on her….Now you’re all mine… i said
as i started with a k!ss, she [email protected] ed softly as i deapened the k!ss
and i chuckled…
I must enjoy my money after all na we-tin make me turn chicken.
Abi?? if na you, we-tin you go do?

Hurray!!! we’re finally throu-gh with My Chicken b©yfri£nd.
Hope you enjoyed it??
drop youe favourite character and why you love them.
Abeg hail me small… i don fulfill my promise of posting without skipping a day.
make i no lie i skipped one day…
anyways… its gonna take a long time before you’ll see me…
plea-se don’t be stingy with your likes and comment..
Don’t ever forget that…..


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