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My chicken b©yfri£ndEpisode 11 & 12

Short story
Episode 11
Lawrence’s pov
The dream or should i say vision scared i and Lina to death…
but more than she am confused… “find the real chicken” that’s absurd
Am i suppose to bring a real chicken to undo the spell or what….
Gosh!!! this is too much… is this more than a delphic…
I watch as Lina packed up her things with dru-bbing written all over her face
I’ve never let her down even as i chicken i won’t

I watched and my heart melted as i saw her and her crazy friends… cry and hvg each other
her mom has been calling for ages… asking her to come back home
and that reminds me… why have’nt my mom called…
the fact that Lina’s mom and my mom are now friends…
something is wrong somewhere.
“I miss you guys” Lina said sharing one last hvg with them
“we’ll miss you too but you still wan carry this chicken with you go Abuja…” Betty asked in awe
Before nko? make i leave my chicken you? ? abeg free me
“you dey go leave us and u still get sharp mouth” Lovet said teasing her
thats what made me fall for Lina her crazy sharp mouth… and her soft heart…
not being able to face the consequence her sharp mouth got her into.
“lets go chicken” she said lifting me up and i frowned at the fact that she actually called me a chicken
hmm Lawrence what are u if not a chicken
i would have loved to bid my friend farewel but i know thats impossible right now.
“ah…. my Daughter… my world my graduate…” Lina’s mom hailed her as
we arrived home in peace praise to God.
recently i learnt to trust in God becausr my help cometh from him
“Mama… am not the only graduate in this world na…. you will finish all the sweet words ooh” Lina said as Mama took us into the house.
“Ah… my daughter you bought a chicken for us,i’ll prepare it tonight” Mama said as i freaked out
“Lina.. abeg i take God beg you dis chicken na my friend… if anything happen to am i go run leave dis hux” Lina said as i [email protected]£ calm.
“hmm dis my pikin self” Mama said
“but why Lawrence come back before you na…
and since wey he come back nob©dy un-derstand am… ” Mama blutted out
whats she talking about am right here… who is this second Lawrence
“Mama… Lawrence neva come back he still dey school” Lina said unconcern
“mtcheew u know say arguement na ur second name… i no get ur time
children of nowadays” Mama said as Lina walked tiredly to her room
why is’nt she concern, that should ring a bell…
Lina.. i called out,
“yes..” she answered i could feel her tone was different
Lina you should be concerned about what your mom told you
i think….
“ah Lawrence abeg,am tired… plea-se let me rest” she yelled at me without apologizing for the
first time i [email protected]£ a chicken.
Lina what i meant is that we should at least check it out
i think thats why my mom has’nt called me.
“Lawrence… Lawrence… plea-se must eveything be about you?” Lina yelled
” You’re pissing me off…
it’s my mom not yours i know when she’s blabbing
and not so plea-se get the hell outta here” she yelled
as i felt a sharp pain in my heart… i guess she’s tired am just a burden…
who would’nt be tired of me??
“just get the hell outta here” those words constantly pla-yed in my head
as i walked out of the house…
I have and woukd always bless God for blessing my with a gift like Lina
i would’nt blame her… but without her i can’t fight anymore she’s my strength…
I continued walking and did’nt realize that i had reached my own home
my house was just a stone throw from Lina’s house
My heart mealted as i sighted my mom…. her beautiful face shown as the rays from the sun reflected on her face
but i noticed something… in the midst of that beautiful face there was sadness, pain worries written all over her
and it hurts that am unable to help…
i felt a lump on my throat as what i saw in front of me… got me terrified
What!!! i muttered in unbelieve obviously deliberately on what was in front of me…
I could’nt process the fact that i was standing in front of Me…
what else would i call it…
seeing someone i guess who looks exactly like me in my house woth my mom
everything about him looked like me, his nose, his mouth, his everything.. but except his…
Episode 12
Lawrence’s pov
everthing was same with him except his…
his… character…
he acted really weird… doing things a normal person would’nt do,
yea… thats the reason for the look in mom’s face
he seldomly turns scratching his leg with the pavement outside my house like a chicken
chicken… yes like a chicken…
” find your exchange mate, reverse the spell..
.. find the real chicken ” those words rang constantly in my head
could this be… what am thinking??
is he the real chicken…?
Gosh!!! i have to inform Lina, i made to run when her words sounded in my head
“get the hell outta here” those were her words… those words that broke me
but i must still fight… struggle to survive… if not for Lina then for my mom.
the thoughts of what next to do kept floating in my head.
Lina’s pov
Lawrence… Law… i called out searching un-der my be-d…
it then dawn on me…
“just get the hell outta here”
ooh my!!! i did’nt mean those words Law… i said searching the whole house as mom was taking a nap.
i was just stressed out thats all… i did’nt mean to vent out my frustration on him…
where can i find him, where could he have possibly gone to?
I continued walking on the streets in search of my Law…
where could he have gone too?
I let the tears i’ve been gathering flowed down my cheejs as different thoughts crossed
my mind…
what if he was hitted by a truck?
what if he was hitted by a car or… or…
Gosh!! where’s my Law…
i walked around the streets of Abuja…
looking for any chicken that looks like my Law… in tears…
i continued walking in tears not minding the awkard stares i got from pas-ser by
“fine girl why u dey cry na..” a young man asked pissing me off
na the problem i get with 9ja… dem no dey always mind their business
we-tin i go tell this one na….
guys what do you think about this chapter?
Drop your lovely comments.
few more episode to go!!
Love you all!♥

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