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Morenikeji Episode 17

Episode 17
It took me two days before I was able to resume back to work.
I lied that I wasn’t feeling well.
The whole thing that happened was like a bad night mare.
Everyday I wake up I still wonder if is real or a prank.
Could it be a test, a prank or some expensive joke?
the more I try to make excuses for the whole ordeal the more reality sets in.
Bayo was gone, not only gone he went with all my money
My sweat and toil, all my [email protected] earned money went along with him.
Who do I even blame now?
God, for not revea-ling it to me.
Me, for refusing to see all the signs but continued wallowing in self pity. age was against me, time too and I spent all my resources in the relationsh!palre-ady. Leaving wasn’t even an option for me because of everything I put into the relationsh!p.
Should I blame Bayo, for deceiving me? leading me on when he was a married man.
Phili-p, for contributing to all of this. He has a hand in everything that happened. He never reciprocate my love or warned me off Bayo.
He tries to warn me quiet alright but he didn’t put seriousness to it.
I hate him.
I hate everyone, I even hate myself right now.
I feel like a failure, a big time cursed human.
Why do bad things keep happening to me?
When I was living my life the way I plea-se in the past, I don’t care about anyb©dy’s opinion. I was very fine back then.
I changed men as I plea-se and was very selective too.
A man that is not good looking, both physically and pocket wise can’t smell close to me.
I was unruly and wayward but all of this is just to make ends meet. To belong among the Abuja big chics.
Abuja big girls was a big name to reckon with. that was why I engaged in different paparazzi.
But after meeting Phil!pboth my mindsets and behaviour began to change for good.
I clocked thirty and decided to drop all of this big girl nons-en-se thingy and get serious with my life.
God being so kind, I got a job, paid my dues and took a u-turn to become dependent.
A total different route.
I was happy and fulfilled, I dropped pride or whatever that will be a hindrance to my self acclaimed changed being.
I was very serious with my work and never joke with it.
My love for Phil!pwas neither cold nor h0tter than usual.
I still tried to be noticed but he had his clas-s, league and calibre of ladies he mingles with.
I wasn’t in line, definitely not a staff in his house.
I decided to forget Phil!pby getting to know Kunle, but Kunle is a proud wom-anizer, he will push me back to my old lifestyle that I have alre-ady trashed.
That’s not the kind of man I want, I didn’t even want to have anything to do with him and his money.
I left and Bayo was another option.
He was funny, and quiet entertaining.
He didn’t seem like he can hurt a fly. He makes me feel special and Pampers me like a baby.
He was not just from my tribe he was my kinda man with everything he portrayed.
I didn’t believe he can do any wrong which was why I shun Phil!pfor trying to talk me out of my relationsh!pwith Bayo.
Which was why I refused to see the clear handwriting on the wall.
Or how Avala’s story was related to mine.
Mr Kanu must have been led by God to give me that empty Promises by Amah’s Heart.
It was as if he saw it coming and also tries to warn me.
God must have warned me throu-gh the book but I didn’t see how my life tale was related to Ava in any way.
It was after the whole incident that it started pla-ying out in my head.
All along, the warning was clear but I was the one that refused to adhere to it.
I feel so stupid. Bayo took my money. Over three hundred thousand that could have been very useful to me.
The money Dammi gave me also went down with it.
How can I be this foolish. I’m a smart, Loving intelligent lady.
How did I fall victim to Bayo without applying the caution bu-tton
How! How! Just how?
Tears clouded my eyes as I began cutting the carrots with so much vexation.
We will be having fried rice with garnished turkey for dinner.
Stella said I will make the fried rice while Ijeoma will make the garnished turkey.
I have cut and washed every thing that will be used
It remains only the cutting of carrots.
I just can’t think straight or un-derstand why Bayo will dupe me like this.
Since I was the only one in the kitchen, I began talking outlould to myself as I pause from cutting the carrots.
“A whole me was scammed by a Yoru-ba demon. Aaaah! Bayo my God will judge you. What do I tell everyone now after broadcasting that I was getting married. I even wore a ring to make it all seem official…aaah Bayo!. Wha…
“Oke abala na onya” (the rat has entered tra-p)
Someb©dy spoke behind me. I quic-kly wiped tears from my eyes before turning.
lo and behold Ijeoma grinning from ear to ear as if she just won a jackpot.
She said something in Igbo of which I don’t un-derstand.
I don’t know how long she has been in the kitchen and listening to me.
She started singing in Igbo as she went about her as-signed business.
She probably didn’t hear anything I said which will be great.
I can’t stand the shame that will come thereafter if people finds out what happened.
She started defrosting the turkey that she re-moved from the de-ep freezer.
she did not st©p singing.
I went back to cutting the carrots and paid her no heed.
“Ndi heartbreaker una Weldon, una do well. Chim gozie unu oo(heartbreakers well done, my God will bless you all)
She was singing it as song and dancing along.
Could it be she heard something from me?
“…ha merre ya wayo…agbogo nsi na o ma ihe, mana omaghi ihe obula…(they have deceived her o. A young lady that said she knows something but she knows nothing)
She continued to sing in her local dialect but I didn’t un-derstand anything.
I ignored.
She [email protected]£ to stand beside me as she continued singing.
She placed her tray and other items beside mine. She looked at me and laughed.
I turned to her and said
“Ijeoma, why are you putting hands in my mouth to check if I have teeth? Is this the only table in this kitchen? Take your stuffs and move to the table that you were before. Or is there something you want to tell me then say it like you usually do and leave me alone. I’m not in the mood for your nons-en-se…
“Why are you cutting carrot like a child? Look at carrot everywhere in this kitchen… you don’t know how to do anything. Even to keep one small relationsh!plike that you still fail. Was it the carrots that break your heart…? Carry your ugly self and frustrations to your fellow onye ofe mmanu. Leave those innocent carrots alone oo.
Obviously she overheard me earlier.
“You with your tone, song and dialect sounds stupid. Get out of my sight.
I said angrily, she retorted back.
“Listen to this Igbo adage “agwa bu mma” your attitude is your beauty. Your beauty shouldn’t be centered on physically b©dy. You don’t have attitude or even know how to keep a man. You have failed as a woman. You bought a ring and engage yourself? Haa! Shame on you Keji… Shame..shame o. Wait till everyone hears that your over hyped wedding crashed into pieces without any trace and the worst [email protected] is that your fellow tribal man, your so called husband to be deceived you so easily because you are gullible, very easy to manipulate and he even took your money and disappear along with him. I wish I know how much was involved so that I will know how to package the gossip. Biko nnem, (plea-se my lady) how much did you give to this your criminal of a husband?
I turned to her angrily and put a middle f!nger to her face before returning to what I was doing.
“Wait oo. The middle f!nger that you showed me does that mean 1million? Oh, he collected one whole million from you with the pretense that he will marry you? Haaa! Keji you are too desperate… Why na? Why are you desperate like this eeh. You are a desparado…nawa oo. I thought you have [email protected] in that your coconut head? I thought with the way you run your mouth and behave that you will be smart…but the real fact is that you are a real mugu. Foolish girl… you don’t have s-en-se. No Igbo girl will do this kind thing. Chukwu aju (God forbid) the guy just press your mumu bu-tton small you fell facedown…haaa! You are an embarras-sment to woman-hood. You are a big disgrace to…
Before she could complete her s£ntence I gave her a heavy [email protected] right on her wi-de mouth.
She was shocked but without wasting time she retaliated and [email protected] me back.
She took the tray of carrots and poured on me.
I was trying to control my temper I could have used the knife that was on the table and stab her.
The idea [email protected]£ heavily but I was struggling not to consider.
I took a ceramic de-ep plate, something i la-id my hands on and break it on her head.
She screamed in anguish and [email protected]£d the knife lying carelessly on the table
I started moving back but she was coming at me with f0rç£.
Stella rushed inside followed by others.
They asked Ijeoma to dropped the knife but she refused.
She threaten anyb©dy that comes close.
She threw the Sharp knife at me, I used my hand to dodge it but it sliced throu-gh my arm.
I began to bleed.
Ijeoma t©uçhed her swollen head where I hit her the ceramic plate and noticed small blood.
The evil lady [email protected]£d a local pestle to hit me but the security [email protected]£ in on time to collect it from her hand.
They collected every weapon lying carelessly around
Phil!prushed down with his mother.
His Dad was not home
” Are you ladies insane. What is the meaning of all this?
Phil-ips houted angrily.
“Ijeoma, Keji do you both want to kill yourselves?
Mrs Kanu asked surprised.
“What led to all this…? Stella asked as she picked up tray from the ground.
” Whatever happened can wait, they nee-d to get cleaned up. I’m calling Doc right away so that their injuries can be attended to.
Phil’s Mum said as she began dialing number.
” I’m sorry Madam, I’m sorry boss. Keji attacked me first just because i questioned her on why she was throwing the carrots everywhere. Her fake husband to be scammed her off her money… she gave him a million naira so that he can marry her but he disappeared with the money. She even bought ring to engage herself. Which explained why she did not resume work for two days. Keji finally resumed today only to start throwing carrots everywhere. I peacefully asked her not to do that and she raised hand and [email protected] me…
The people that where gathered began to murmur among themselves.
“You are a fool Ijeoma, a s-en-seless fool. I said angrily not minding who was there.
Phil-ips tepped closer and pointed a f!nger to my face.
“You dare not insult anyone in front of my Mum. Learn some upbringing and apologies for your wrong doing…
“Let her be Phili-p. The doctor will be here soon. . His mother said.
“Violence such as fight, exchange of words and insult of any sort is not tolerated here. Theirs a consequence for every action. You can do that outside this compound but ones you set your foot here learn to comport yourselves. St©p acting like a Nigerian untrained tout in this place. We all are like family and if you no longer want to be [email protected] of us then leave. Go to somewhere else and [email protected] madness but not here.
Phil said as he looked at everyone eyeball to eyeball but mostly on me and Ijeoma.
…”everyone should return to his or her duty post. I don’t want to hear anyb©dy talking or gossiping over whatever just happened here today. Am I un-derstood?
They all chorused
“Yes boss”. Before leaving one after the other.
Only him with his Mom, Stella, Ijeoma and I were left.
“Keji, I don’t really care about whatever happened or how it happened but learn to manage your anger and mind your use of words. Am I clear?
I took off my apron and cap dump it on the table and said.
“To hell with you Phili-p…
He stared at me in shock.
Everyone pres£nt was surprised.
I continued.
“…You said we are one family here but you scolded me more than Ijeoma because she’s Igbo right? You took her side without hearing me out. Family shebi? but you knew from onset that Bayo was married with kids yet you didn’t warn me like you will do to your sisters. Yes you will say you tried warning me but I refused to listen. If I was your sister or someone very close to your family you will spill it all out whether I want to hear it or not. Phil I know for sure that you will go extra mile to prevent the person from such scandalous relationsh!p. But in my own case you did nothing. You left me to my fate and gradually waited to hear the results just like it was declared now. Congratulations, you won. I will take my leave…I don’t nee-d any doctor. I can treat myself…
I started walking away.
Mrs Kanu st©pped me by the door.
“Is been a year alre-ady that you have been with us Keji. You are like a daughter to me. I took likeness the first day I saw you. In this place, there’s no discrimination. Like you alre-ady know, we have almost all the tribe here. We have Dauda by the gate, he’s hausa. We have Mensa the pool boy, he’s a Ghanian. We have Upendo, he’s a gardner from [email protected]£roon. Bas-sey is from Calabar, he’s one of the guards working with Dauda. we have Ola, she’s a housekeeper, a beautiful Yoru-ba lady. She was single when she started working here five years ago, Adeola is married with a son. And so many others. We’re all one. Others can attest to that. My son, Phil!pdidn’t do well like he should have. Pardon him for that….
“Mum…I wa…
The mother st©pped him from speaking by raising a hand in the air.
“… I’m not finished. I apologise for everyone misbehaviour towards you Keji. Also sorry for whatever trauma you are pres£ntly going throu-gh. You are a strong woman and I know you will be alright. If you nee-d to take time off work, then do so. Resume whenever you are fit and re-ady. Take two weeks off, it won’t affect your normal pay in anyway. Your wages remains intact.
She said the last [email protected] smiling. Her demeanor calmed my raging heart down.
Phil!pwalked away.
Stella moved closer and threw her hands around me.
She straightened and said.
“Ijeoma gave you a tough time yet you tolerated all her trouble. For you to have reacted today only means she might have pushed you to the wall. Don’t mind her, she’s only jealous of you.
Ijeoma said something, probably in Igbo but I didn’t hear her and did not care.
Mrs Kanu asked Ijeoma to go and meet the doctor who just arrived so that her wound will be attended to.
As she left, Mrs Kanu followed her behind.
Stella whispered into my ear.
“…My cousin, Emeka is still available. He’s trusted and confirmed… No scam. He will spend on you not you spending on him. Let me know if you reconsidering the offer…
I smiled and replied.
“Is an interesting offer. I will think about it…
Stella laughed out happily. I couldn’t help but chuckle.
Since Mrs Kanu insisted that I take sometime off to get my sanity back I decided to do so.
I thanked her and apologies for my outbur-st of anger.
I went back to my house.
After two days at home I [email protected]£ bored and decided to visit Dammi.
They just returned from the hospital where they went to check the baby.
“She will be coming home by next weekend. I’m so excited Keji. I will finally have my baby fully to myself. I’m really excited… you nee-d to see the nursery, her room is so…so girly. My husband and I named her Andrea, the [email protected] one. She fought [email protected] to stay alive. Her Igbo name is Ada because she is the first daughter or Ugo which means eagle. She was in the incubator for four freaking months, just imagine the kind of money we poured in just to keep her breathing. Is not even about the money, I just thank God we have it to spend. I’m finally going to have my Ada Ada all to myself….oluwa ese oo (i thank God)
I was happy for her as she talked none st©p about her daughter whom they named Ugo or Ada.
She asked about me and I didn’t want to spoil her excitement. I just told her that I’m home to rest for few days. I briefed her about the incident with Bayo and she felt sorry for me.
There was something in my heart that I have been wanting to tell her.
It doesn’t seem like a perfect time but I nee-d to let her know never the less.
I could have waved it off since it happened in the past but I wanted to be free for conscience sake.
“I have two confession Dammi. One is that I have always been jealous of you…I mean you seem to have it all. A good, well to do man who loves you while me on the other hand suffers from one relationsh!pto another. I wanted my own Chike too but I ended up with a fraudster like Bayo. But I have come to realize that God’s appropriate time is the best. Another one is that I was the thief that stole your new shoes that Chike s£nt from london… The..
Dammi interrupted.
“You don’t mean it. Did you know that initially i kind of suspected it but later waved it off. That means my instinct were right. As for that jealous [email protected], is normal. I used to envy you greatly. I mean you are good at almost everything. Beautiful, elegant, [email protected]!ng, clas-sic and many other unique qualities. While me on the other hand can’t do anything right. I was jealous of you too Keji. I Remember taunting you during my wedding but you took no offense, I remember few other occasions I said things just to get you angry but you never react. You condol my nons-en-se behavior and still refer to me as a friend. You [email protected] get pissed off. I’m more of a bad person than you are and I’m sorry Keji. So if you can forgive me then I will forgive you anything which includes future sin.
We both bur-st out laughing.
“… Keji take whatever that is mine, if you fancy it and will like to have it then go ahead. You [email protected]£d me, took care of my feeding and excesses. It was throu-gh you I got to know Chike. You got me a job, it was while I was at the same job you got for me that I met Chike. You deserve everything good Keji. Believe me, true love will find you soon because you deserve to be loved and taken care off…am I communicating?
She asked while smiling and wi-nking at me in a funny way.
I wiped a tear as Bayo’s incident [email protected]£ rushing back.
She draw me into a hvg
The warm hvg did the magic. I felt a bit relieved before going home.
I also visited Uzo and her family.
They were happy to see me just like I was also
After a week past, three more days for me to return back to work.
I was at home watching a television series when I heard a knock on my door.
I went to the door to open. My heart skipped multi-ple times when I saw Phili-p.
I stood at the door speechless.
“Chike’s wife gave me your address after I visited them. Can I come in? He asked
I nodded without a word as I leave the way for him to enter.
I was speechless as he walked past me into my small living room to sit down.

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