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Melting his icy heart finale

Episode Thirteen
Prince Eric
I went to first desk I saw “is Russia Air still on board?”
“I’m sorry no, it took off seven minutes ago” she replied.
I took an involuntary step backward, she left, I was too late.
I left for the TV station and aired live on every channel in the world, including radio stations. I’m a prince so anything can be possible.
The [email protected]£raman nodded at me, motioning for me to start.
I cleared my throats and looked straight at the [email protected]£ra “I hope the Russian air can air, someone on the plane nee-ds to hear what I’m about to say.”
“Daisy, I hope you can see or hear this where you are.”
✈️✈️ The Aviation Computer room,
“You’re not going to believe this” A lady said with awed look to her colleague.
“What’s it?” Her colleague asked.
“It’s the prince, My prince Eric. Why does he look so sad though?”
“Here, come have a look”
Her colleague peered into the computer, different thoughts running throu-gh her head. Isn’t he supposed to be wedding? What does he want to do? How can he be sad on his wedding day.
“He mentioned Russian air. It can’t be ours can it?” Her colleague asked.
“I don’t know but let’s connect every Russian air flying to the radio so whoever he’s trying to reach out to can hear” the lady said, tapping the keyboard with a lot of vigour, eager to do something for her long time crush even though she knows she might get into trouble with the higher-ups and her job is at stake.
She watched with a broad smile as the prince’s live voice is connected to every Russian plane flying.
She plugged her headphones to the computer, not wanting to miss a word of what her crush is about to say.
“Daisy, I hope you can see or hear this where you are.” She heard the prince say.
“Daisy is listening dear prince, say whatever you want to say.”
In the Russian Plane✈️✈️
Everyone looked around, wondering what was happening when they heard a buzz in the speakers before a voice finally bur-st to life.
“Daisy, I hope you can see or hear this where you are.”
Daisy’s head sh0t up from the window she rested her head when she heard the voice. She can recognize the voice even in her sleep. How come I’m hearing his voice? I can’t be hallucinating again can I?
“How do I even start?” Eric continued.
The murmurs in the plane quietened down.
” Yeah, I know I said you’re someone I use to clear my head, that st©ps the voice, you’re a means of distraction to get a break from my head. That’s really true.”
Daisy’s heart shattered into more pieces, did the prince go online to mock me more?
“When you left, you took a hvge [email protected] of me with you. Anytime I wake up, I look to my side, hoping to see you or skip down to kitchen praying to hear you hum as you always do. Then I thought I could live with it, live without you, thinking that way, I won’t get emotionally attached to you. Guess I’ve been deceiving myself, I’ve been attached even before I realized.
She heard him take a de-ep shaky breath and she sat still, holding her breath, hanging on to every word he said.
” I thought getting married will take you off my head but It’s not going to work, nothing is ever going to work without you. You’re my missing puzzle piece, the one that fills my void heart. You’re the reason I look forward to every single day. I want to wake up everyday to you in my arms, snoring quietly. I no longer what love is but if everything I mentioned means love, then I don’t want to let go but if it isn’t, plea-se come back and let me learn to love you. My Daisy Flower, I love you” he added in a thick voice, filled with emotions.
The left the podium set for him and went back to the airport, hoping for a miracle, praying she forgives him and come back.
The crowd roared in cheers everywhere the prince live show was pla-yed.
Daisy’s face was we-t and she didn’t even know until the person next to her said. “You must be the Daisy right? Give the prince a second chance”
“It’s too late, the plane is in air and I don’t even have enough money to pay for my ticket back home.”
“Don’t worry, when we land, I’ll buy you the next ticket home” the lady smiled.
Daisy nodded appreciatedly and suddenly, ma-king Daisy want to cry more.
She felt it, the crowds too felt it because a collective [email protected] aro-se from the people on board. Those in the first clas-s and business [email protected] of the plane smiled softly as the plane made a U turn.
Final episode
She felt it, the crowds too felt it because a collective [email protected] aro-se from the people on board. Those in the first clas-s and business [email protected] of the plane smiled softly as the plane made a U turn.
“I hope y’all forgive me for turning but I’m a little too soft hearted” the pilot’s voice [email protected]£ throu-gh the alre-ady silent speakers.
The crowd cheered in approval. Why won’t they? Each of them are glad they’re going to save someone’s love life and the incident of today will go down in history then they would proudly tell everyone till their grand and great grandchildren how they had saved the famous Prince Eric love life.
Prince Eric❤️❤️
I sat in the arrival terminal, waiting for a miracle.
I tapped my back pocket, feeling the wooden box there. I had bought a ring on my way here just in case she comes back.
If after waiting today and tomorrow, she doesn’t come back, I still won’t let her go. I won’t mind searching for her even to the end of earth.
I felt a hand on my shoulder “why didn’t you tell me?” Mum asked.
“I didn’t know”
She wiped her eyes and hvgged me “she’ll come back for you” mum reas-sured. I could only nod against her che-st.
“Hi” someone said awkwardly.
I raised my head up in surprise at the voice. I stood up on impulse and pu-ll-ed her into a hvg.
hvgging her felt like home, I didn’t want to re-lease her.
“Do you really mean those things you said?” She whispered
I smiled happily, re-ady to tease her but when I saw her serious and hopeful expression, I decided against it. Instead, I went down on both knees and produced the ring box from my pocket.
I opened the box and stretched it forward to her “This shows I meant everything I said, word for word. Will marry me, my Daisy flower?”
Her hands flew to her mouth in shock and her eyes glittered.
Daisy ❤️❤️
I stared at him with mixed feelings as he went down on both knees, think of what he was up to next.
He reached in to his back pocket and produced a ring box.
My heart hammered in my che-st, almost deafening me.
“This shows I meant everything I said, word for word. Will marry me, my Daisy flower?” He asked
My hands flew to my mouth and I nodded continuously, not trusting myself to talk.
I gave him my left hand to slide the ring into my f!nger.
“My love” I thought and looked at the ring with shining eyes then pu-ll-ed him up and was about to hvg him when something or someone disrupted me.
“Wake up Daisy and continue working!” Boss shouted, waking me up.
I gro-an ed, eager to continue with my dream but no matter how I try closing my eyes back to continue, nothing would appear. I st©pped trying and looked at my ring f!nger in reas-surance.
Yeah, I actually did it, it wasn’t a dream. I melt his icy heart with the fire in me, now we are one.
“I told you to st©p this work” Eric appeared in front of me.
“Sweetheart” I jumped on him, planting a k!sson hisl-ips. “I planned on resigning today. It was supposed to be a surprise but you spoilt it” I pouted.
He pinched my cheeks pla-yfully and held my hands leading me out after I dropped my resignation letter in the newspaper company I was working.
I glanced at our interwined f!ngersas we called to Diners, a broad smile ma-king it’s way to myl-ips.
“What are you smiling at?” Eric asked.
“Nothing” I replied quic-kly, blu-shing.
“Ohgawd…. I love you so much” he said.
“I love you too Dear husband”
Love is a beautiful bittersweet feeling, happening when you least expected. At times, you’d have to lose someone before you realize how much you love them only at times it might be too late. Let’s learn to love and appreciate everyone around us and the ones we care about ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Melting his icy heart as finally come to an end even though I was tem-pted to continue the story by creating a plot twist
No epilogue for this story……


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