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Mafia bride Episode 23 & 24

By Authoress Jenny 💞
Episode 23
I woke up and noticed I was the only one on be-d
somehow I felt disappointed
well what was I expecting
For him to shower me k!sses and then we have another round of S-x ?
then I should get re-ady to dream forever
I sluggishly dragged my n-ked self from the be-d
I arranged the whole room and changed his be-d spre-ad
in no time I was done ,I took and warm bath and wore something casual
I did all the necessary before going to fix myself breakfast.
After ma-king sure that the whole house is sparkling clean
I fixed lunch and sat down watching the TV
It almost evening and i sle-pt off watching TV
I heard someone open the door and that was what woke me up
“welcome” I greeted
he totally ignored me and walked upstairs
I can’t believe he ignored me like for real
we had S-x last night an unprotected one at that , waking up this morning his no were to be found and then this evening he come back ignoring my greeting
looking all grumpy like some one who has anmesia
so his just going to pretend that nothing actually happened or what
Gosh this so annoying
I sat down on the couch angrily
infact I am going to teach him a lesson he will never forget
Am going to go upstair drag his ears and speak some s-en-se into him
infact we are going to go shop for s-en-se because he nee-ds it
I angrily climbe-d the stairs and reached his door
I looked at the door several times and ran back downstairs
who am I kidding except I want my head on a platter.
I prepared dinner and waited for him to come downstairs and finally he did
he sat down and I served him ,he doesn’t look okay
I wanted to ask him but who am I he will surely ignore me again
sometimes he st©pped eating and starred at the food
He looked so lost in his thoughts ,it’s really obvious
He left the food and went to sit down on the couch
I wonder what’s up with him and what his thinking about
I cleared the dishes ,washed them and went to him in the sitting room
OMG his slee-ping
his face looked so unrest even in his sleep
he looks so cute too,,I can’t believe I had S-x with this cuteness in front of me
I drew my face close to his and starred at his soft hair falling to his face and his plumpl-ips
right now I want to t©uçh those soft hair and k!ssthosel-ips
our faces were an inch [email protected] ,if he were to be awake now I would have melted with his hazel eyes
He eyes opened and he starred at me in confusion
there it goes “the clumsiness” i couldn’t even more
my legs felt like jelly ,I couldn’t move from his face it’s like I wasn’t in control of my b©dy again
“what are you doing ” he asked
I couldn’t reply
did I suddenly go dumb
finally I got control of myself
“I….I…..there was something on your face”I lied
“but it’s gone”I added
“can you move from my face” he said and I nodded still looking at him
“now”he said sternly and I moved immediately
“you look pale”I said
“do I look very bad “he asked worridely
“ohh yes you look soo Soo horrible,did you even see your eyes now” I blurted out
i could see mixed feelings on his face
“just kidding” I half yelled and started laughing
ohh yes he didn’t laugh back ,I looked totally like an idiot right now
“Rosie” he called
“sir” I replied softly
“are you high on something” Edwardo asked
“no sir” I replied softly
” good ,get me coffee” he said and walked upstairs
“grumpy” I muttered
“watch your ton-gue lady” he yelled behind me and my eyes almost popped out
Episode 24
I carried the coffee to him before knocking on his door
he asked me to come in and I did ,,I dropped the coffee and an idea popped in my head
“sir I know what will cheer you up” i blurted
okay what’s wrong with me all of a sudden why am I in such a great mood today
luckily edwardo only starred at me blankly
I will take that as a yes
” i can transform my self into lady I want” I said and smiled wi-dely
“that’s impossible “he muttered
okay be right back
I hurried to my room and packed the hvge make up box
Edwardo bought for me
“I have been watching this TV series where they teach how to do a makeup transformation” I said
“sorry but since I have been home alone that’s the only thing I learnt” I added
” choose someone you want me to transform to” I said proudly
” Ariana grande” Edwardo replied and sat down properly watching me
“nice choice” I said and began makeup
I did exactly as I was taught and thankfully Ariana and I have almost the same shape of face
so it made it easier
I applied a nûd£l-ipstick
lossed my hair and packed it in a high bun just like she always does
in no time I was done I really looked like her
I was impressed with myself ,,this was the second time doing it
you do not want to know the review of the first time
it was horrible (I tried looking like cardi b 🤣)
well let’s just say my whole hours spent on watching TV didn’t go to waste
it took me almost an hour to get everything done
the looks on Edwardo face means I nailed it,,it seems like he couldn’t believe his eyes
“good job”he said trying not to look impressed
are you kidding me
after all this whole makeover all he could say is good job,who dose that?
“thank you” I replied back even though I knew his ego won’t allow him compliment me well
I left Edwardo and returned to my room,,It took me a long time to wash off the whole makeup
I took a shower wore my nighties ,,laying my head on my soft pillow I sle-pt off instantly which is unlike me
I guess I was really tired.
Edwardo Pov
I visited the company again and starred at my [email protected]©p
I was watching their daily activity
okay truth be told I was watching Alicia , I just couldn’t help it
the problem is I can’t even focus ,,Rosie kept popping in my mind
my mind drifted to last night when she did a makeover she really did a good job
but y’all know I won’t admit it like that
Girls are really something else ,,how can someone transform looking like another using makeup
Jezzz that’s really epic
I remembered the way she smiled wi-dely looking like Ariana and my eyes went back to Alicia
Wait a minute
Rosie _Ariana
Makeup !
Alicia is wearing makeup
Could this be what am thinking ?
I quic-kly used the landline and called her to my office
“You called me sir”she said politely
“can you tell me a little about yourself”I asked watching her reaction
“well I can’t remember much,I only woke up in a hospital some years back ,the doctor said I lost my memory ”
“the doctor said the person who brou-ght me in told them my name is Alicia and since then that’s how I have been living”she explained sadly
“you look like someone really close to me,,can we talk after work”I asked and she nodded
“okay see you then”
she left my office and I slumped on my chair
first I noticed the heavy make and secondly she had so much courage talking to me

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