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Just stay season two Episode 2

💚💛(You won’t let go)💛💚
Season Two
💝Kylo’s POV
Tiger alighted from the car and rush to open the door for me first before proceeding to open the other door for Hyo jin.
We just got to her house after much directions from her,I turned to her and realize that she still have a moody on.
“Kaja(Let go)” she said.
I nodded and began walking behind her with Tiger and Tony behind me.
Sir Ethan wanted to come with us but I declined the idea,so he used that opportunity to go to the company I will be modelling for with my other two guards.
She got to the entrance door of the house,I surveyed the environment of the house and I must say it looks neat.
I heard her knock the door ma-king me to turn to her.
Her gaze was on the floor.
Suddenly I heard footsteps from inside and the door creaking open.
A woman who looks in her late 40s which I think is her mother opened the door.
“Hyo jin my daughter” the woman said happily and engulf her in a hvg.
I [email protected]£ surprised
But she said her mother was cold towards her.
“Hyo jin I am so sorry for all what I said and how I have been rude to you,I shouldn’t have done that as a mother,I am regretting everything now,plea-se forgive me”her mother said amidst tears.
I heard sobs and I am sure it’s that of Hyo jin.
Hyo jin unlocked from the hvg.
“Omma I have forgiven you,I am the one that suppose to be asking for forgiveness because I am the cause of all this that is happening to us,plea-se forgive me” She said.
Her mother sniffle and use her thumb to clean Hyo jin face.
“You are not the cause my dear,let’s just accept it as our fate” she said and engulf her in another hvg.
She eventually unlocked from the hvg and turn to me.
Her mother gave me a quizzical look.
“Who are this people” her mother said pointing towards me.
I saw Hyo jin wi-den her eyes in shock.
“Omma this is the famous Jimin kylo,that we normally watch his advert on TV” she said.
Her mother wi-den her eyes and open her mouth agape.
“Jinjja(Really)” she said with her wi-den eyes.
“Ne(Yes)” Hyo jin said with a smile on her face.
“Omo(oh my) what is the worldwi-de known celebrity doing here” her mother said and walked closer to me,my guards wanted to st©p her but I prevented them from doing so.
“Omma he saved me” Hyo jin said sadly.
“Omo,bless you so much my son” she said.
I bowed at her.
“It’s nothing ma’am” I said.
“I will be taking my leave now,I just wanted to make sure that she is safe” I said and bow again, about to take my leave.
“Aniyo(No) plea-se stay so that I can prepare something for you” she said.
I looked at Hyo jin and she gave me a pleading face.
Maybe I should just accept their offer,it been long I had a motherly prepared food,so having one here won’t be a bad idea.
“Aras-seo(Okay)” I said and bow.
I saw a smile [email protected] Hyo jin and her mother face.
She offered me inside.
My guards wanted to follow me in but I st©p them,so they stood outside beside the entrance door.
I was sitted on a small sofa in their small but tidy sitting room.
Hyo jin mother had gone to the kitchen to prepare something for me
While Hyo jin went to take her bath.
Their small TV was on but I wasn’t paying attention to it so I decided to go throu-gh my phone.
Few Minutes Later⌚⌚
I heard footsteps but I didn’t bother looking up because I was so engross in what I was doing on my phone.
“Sorry for keeping you sitted,the meal will soon be re-ady” I heard someone say.
I looked up and saw Hyo jin standing before me.
She is damn S-xy.
Her long black hair was dripping we-t on her transparent v-n£¢k singlet which reveals the red [email protected] she wore inside,she was putting on a bu-mshort revea-ling her white beautiful th!gh.
She is naturally beautiful, she have all the features of a model,she can even go into modelling [email protected] from acting, that will also boost her career.
“Hmm okay” I said and turn my gaze back to my phone, I don’t want to stare at her too much,because I might become [email protected] just merely staring at her b©dy.
We were sitted on the floor in front of the low bench table for eating.
Different food were on the table that I don’t even know their names.
Hyo jin was sitted opposite me,I was trying all my possible best not to look at her,so I just focus my gaze on the foods.
Hyo jin mother walk to us with a jug of water, cu-ps were alre-ady on the table, she placed the jug on the table and sat down beside Hyo jin.
“Wa(Wow),I can’t believe that a celebrity like you is eating with people like us” her mother said.
I looked at her and smile
“I don’t see anything wrong with that, I am also a human being like you so they isn’t any difference between us” I said.
She smile.
“You are really a carefree person and also more handsome in person than on TV” she said and that made me smile.
I picked up the wooden chopstick beside the plate of food
On the plate was a meal that looks like pancake,but it’s thicker and yellowish in colour than a normal pancake,it also has some black sp©ts on it.
“Haven’t you had anything like this before” Hyo jin asked.
I looked at her and nodded my head.
“I have had lot of *Ko-rean dishes but I haven’t eaten something like this before” I said truthfully.
“This is a very delicious delicacy in Korea,it is called Haemul Pajeon.
It is made up of green onions,egg batter,wheat flour and rice flour with varieties of seafood.
Have a taste of it and you will realize how tasty and chewy it is” Hyo jin said.
I nodded and pick up one of the haemul,I shove it into my mouth chewing it slowly.
It is really tasty and chewy, also soft at the same time.
It is really nice.
“How is it”she said
I gave her mom a thumbs up ma-king the both of them to chuckle.
We continue eating the food in silence.
We finish eating the food and we were all sitted in the living room.
I wanted to take my leave,but Hyo jin mother pleaded for me to stay a little longer.
A kpop music was being displa-yed on the TV screen by a girl band group named “Blackpink”.
“Are those not vleckfink” Hyo jin mother said.
I placed my palm on my mouth to prevent myself from laughing.
“Omma is not vleckfink,it is bleckypink” Hyo jin said
I couldn’t hold my laughter again as I bur-sted it out.
Hyo jin and her mother turn to me.
“Why are you laughing” Hyo jin said.
I tried to st©p myself from laughing but it didn’t st©p.
“Miahnae(Sorry) I remembered something that’s why I am laughing” I said amidst laughter.
They both muttered an Oh.
I sm-irked at the both of them.😁
💖Hyo jin POV💖
I wonder what is ma-king him to laugh.
But he looks so handsome when laughing, thou he is handsome generally.
I love his outfit so much,he looks so cool in it.
He was putting on a black Gucci sweatshi-t with a black r!pp£djeans,he tied a white designer bandana on his forehead which complimented with his white sneaker.
He looks super cool and handsome.
I still find it really [email protected] to believe that my celebrity crush [email protected]£ to my house and even ate with us.
It is so surprising.
He is really a carefree and nice person. Hi kwaku on+233544142683 to re-ad exciting stories from Novela and story room, Fresh stories kingdom, house of stories room.
If all celebrities where like him,the world would have been better.
Even my mom still find it [email protected] to believe.
Suddenly his phone started ringing, he picked it up beside him and answer it.
He was silent for sometime,then he finally said okay before dropping the phone.
“I nee-d to take my leave now,thanks so much ma’am for the food” he said and bow.
He is really respectful.
“You welcome son.
And by the way st©p using ma’am for me,just call me unnie(aunty)” My mom said.
He nodded his head
“Okay unnie” he said and bow again.
He was about leaving but my mom st©p him.
“Jebal(plea-se) can we take a selfie together before you leave” My mom said and quic-kly run to bring her small phone.
I rolled my eyeba-lls at her.
She [email protected]£ back with her phone and stood beside him.
“Hyo jin come and join us” my mom said.
I shrugged and walk to them,I stood beside my mom because I was afraid to stand beside Jimin.
My mom raised her phone up with the [email protected]£ra on.
Se(Go)” She said and tap the [email protected]£ra and it cli-cked.
I sighed.
“Kamshamnida(Thank You)” My mom said.
Jimin waved my mom goodbye, I esc-rted him to the entrance door of our house,thou I wanted to esc-rt him to his car but he declined.
“Thanks for today,I am really grateful” I said.
He smile
“You are welcome.
Bye and take care of yourself” he said and wave at me,I wave at him also before closing the door.
💝Kylo’s POV cont💝
I really enjoy my stay with them
I would have love to stay longer but Sir Ethan called and told me to meet him at the h0tel because we nee-d to talk about the modelling shoot.
I and my guards started walking towards my car.
They were beside me,while I was in the middle.
Suddenly I heard a gunsh0t then I felt something sharp pierce into my back.
I [email protected] and fell down but I felt someone caught me before I finally black out

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