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Just stay Episode 3

💚💛(You won’t let go)💛
Season Two
💗Hyo jin POV💗
My breathing wasn’t normal again as I began pacing around the pas-sage of the theatre room where they took Jimin into.
After he left my house and I close the door.
Suddenly I heard a sound like a gunsh0t.
I felt reluctant to go outside at first,but my instinct told me to check outside.
I went outside and saw Jimin guards carrying him into the car with blood dripping on the floor.
I rush to them and ask what happened.
They didn’t tell me at first,but after much pleading.
They told me,I begged to follow them and they allowed me.
Now we are In the hospital
He has been rush into the theatre room.
I wonder who are the wicked people that are trying to kill him.
I just hope he survive.
Suddenly I heard footsteps
I turned and saw about seven men running towards me.
The man in the middle looks quite older and he also looks like a foreigner because he looks nothing like us.
The remaining six men behind him were all in suit with a Bluetooth on their ear,only one of them looks like us.
Jimin guards who rushed him to the hospital were also among them.
They got to where I was standing.
The foreign man moved to the door of the theatre room,he began peeping inside,but I am sure he won’t be able to see them because the glas-s on the door is blurry.
The man turned to one of the guards that brou-ght Jimin here.
The guard also looks like a foreigner.
He said something to him which I am sure was in English, but I couldn’t un-derstand what he said because I don’t un-derstand English and I can’t speak the language.
The man turned to me.
“Who is she” (Sir Ethan said)
He was staring at me which I am definitely sure that he was referring to me.
The guard who looks like on of us turn to me.
“He is asking who are you to boss” he said in Korea.
“Chingu(Friend)” I replied.
The guard turn to the man and said something to him.
The foreign man said something to all the guards and they nodded their head.
The man hastily left with two guards trailing behind him.
The rest of the guards placed their hand on the Bluetooth while speaking.
I swallowed my spit and walk to the door of the theatre room where Jimin is.
I couldn’t see what was going on inside properly, because of how blurry the glas-s on the door is.
So I just stood at the front of the door,praying fervently in my mind for God to save him.
(Inside The Theatre Room)
Jimin was lying on the theatre room gurney,surrounded by a medical team.
The bullet has alre-ady been re-moved from his back,but he was still unconscious and losing lot blood.
(Note:All the conversations among the medical team is in Korea language)
“Not detecting a pulse” One of the medic reported as he held his f!nger on Jimin’s n£¢k,and then to his wrist.
While one medic quic-kly inser-ted a ventilation tube down his throat for oxygen,another began connecting cardiac-monitor leads to his che-st,and another checked his blood pressure.A fourth medic prepared his arm for the in-sertion of an IV tube.
“A pulse of thirty and it’s dropping” yelled the medic watching the first report of the cardiac monitor screen.
“Blood pressure is fifty over zero” another one followed.
“in-sert one milligram of atropine now” the lead medic ordered.
The medic responsible for administering the heart stimulate injected it into the IV on cue.
“A pulse of fifteen” the medic watching the monitor shouted.
“Come on work for us,Jebal(plea-se)” the lead medic entreated in a stern whisper.
“Blood pressure,Forty over zero” one of the medic said.
“Aras-seo(Okay)” The lead medic hastily injected without waiting any longer.
“Let’s pump the stomach” Said one of the medic.
The lead medic, with the help on an as-sistant,began in-serting the nasal [email protected] tube throu-gh the mouth to the stomach cavity.
“Get re-ady with the defibrillator and a repeat of the atropine” the lead medic shouted.
“Pulse is holding” one of the medics relayed the first positive report.
“Blood pressure holding” another one shouted.
The medic operating the stomach pump re-leased the saline solution throu-gh the [email protected] tube into the stomach.
“Pulse still holding”
Everyone [email protected]£ terrified.
The medic with the defibrillator had it re-ady in his hands. Another was standing by,re-ady to inject the second milligram of atropine.
👼(Inside Jimin Unconsciousness)👼
I met myself in a very bright place,everywhere was so bright that it started affecting my eyes.
I looked at myself and realize I was putting on a pure white cloth.
Suddenly I heard my name called.
“Jimin” It was my mom’s voice.
“Kylo” That was my dad’s voice.
I turn and saw the face of my mom and dad from a distance.
I couldn’t see their b©dy because of the brightness except for their face.
“Omma(Mom),Dad” I called and started running towards them.
I have almost gotten to them when I felt a f0rç£ hold me back.
“Jimin this is not your time,you still have a lot to achieve in life,so you have to go back” My mom said.
I shook my head
“No Omma,I want to come and meet the both of you” I said.
I was about moving forward but that f0rç£ held me back.
“You have to go back my son,we will meet when the time comes” My dad said.
“Goodbye” my mom and dad chorused together before disappearing away.
“plea-se don’t leave me,I want to come with you” I screamed.
Suddenly I felt something press on my b©dy ma-king me to jack up.
I felt it again ma-king my b©dy to jack up.
Then I felt myself falling into a de-ep black pit.
(Back To Reality)
“Atropine” instructed the lead medic.
The second dose was injected into Jimin’s b©dy.
“Still dropping” Said one of the medic.
“Set the defibrillator at two hundred watts,and get re-ady” The lead medic ordered.
“Pulse is at ten”
“Defibrillator now!” shouted the lead medic.
The medics started administering CPR,compressing his che-st with the heels of their hands and manually pumping the ambu-bag to fill his lungs with artificial breath.
And then in the midst of the tense agony,it happened..
It was the bleep on the cardiac monitor that drew the medics attention.
“Omo(Oh my),we’ve got a heart beat again!” Exclaimed one of the medics.
All the medical team gave their selves high five for a job Weldon.
Because they know that if they don’t save Jimin’s life,it is going to be a big problem for them.
💗Hyo Jin POV💗
I clasped my palm together with my eyes close, still praying for the survival of Jimin.
Suddenly I heard the door opening.
I moved away from the door. You can hi ome on+233544142683 to get more of such stories from Storyline, storybaze, unlimited story platform.
Two doctors walk out of the theatre room with face mask on,with the blue theatre uniform and cap on their head.
One of the doctor pu-ll-ed off the bloody gloves on his hand and dispose it into the waste bin beside the room.
I walk to the doctor.
“Jebal(plea-se) how is he” I hastily said.
Three of Jimin guards rush to the doctor.
The guard who looks like us was the one that spoke.
“How is he” he said
The doctor pu-ll down his face mask.
He flashed a smile at us,which relieved me of my tension.
“We thank God that we were able to save him” he said with smile.
I didn’t realize when I bur-sted out crying.
Thou it was tears of joy.
The guards ignored me.
“plea-se transfer him to a secure room where nob©dy will be able to gain entrance into,because reporters are alre-ady outside” The guard said.
The doctor nodded and walk back inside.
The guards who looks like us and one foreign guard hastily run outside,leaving me with one of the guards who have a strong face.
He also looks like a foreigner.
I wanted to go outside to see the reporters,but I dismiss the idea.
I [email protected] on one of the the chairs in the pas-sage,placing my head on the wall.
I couldn’t help but thank God in my mind for saving Jimin’s life.
I don’t know what I will do to myself as-suming he did not survive.
Because I am the cause of him being sh0t, as-suming he did not come to my house,he won’t have been sh0t.
I don’t know if I should refer to myself as bad luck,because whenever people are around me,bad things keep happening to them.
Tears began streaming down my face.
💚Hidden POV💚
My phone [email protected] in my pocket,I moved away from the crowd of reporters we were trying to st©p from gaining entrance into the hospital.
I brou-ght out my phone from my pocket.
I saw a s£nt message displa-yed on the screen.
I smiled on seeing the name of the s£nder.
💬”Thanks for the information,you did a good job,you will receive an alert now”The message re-ad
Immediately I finish re-ading the message, my phone beeped.
I scrolled down the notification bar and saw a credit alert from my bank.
I smiled mischievously before putting my phone back into my pocket.

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