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Holly High school 5 & 6

💓 ( A vampire [email protected]ç£story)💓
Story by ✍️ Joan lkponmwosa
Episode Five
🌹 Alexa 🌹
” I wasn’t talking to you missy.”he said.
” Is it the school queen?”
” Enough of the questions young lady, l told you alre-ady, am not answering any of your questions until you tell me who the hell you are.”
” I told you alre-ady, my name is Alexa am just a lonely girl who lives with her mother.”
” And you are human?”
” Off course am human, what am l a monster? niether am a vampire.”
” You are human! and l couldn’t compel you and so was Ariana, cuz if she could you would have been dead by now.”
” How do you mean? What are you talking about?”
“I can even compel vampires that what makes me different, but here you are, you claim to be human and l can’t even compel you”. He yells.
He turns and open the door.
” Wait” l call and he turn to look at me.
” Are you Draven?”
” Here comes the question again” he says and shut the door.
His expression says it all.
This can’t be happening, have been with him all this while no wonder he is good looking.
Beverly once told me he is lord Badmus son. Which means he must be very powerful.
Why is he so bent on knowing who l am.
Am Alexa, what else does he want to know.
I can’t even imagine what mom is doing now, she is probably searching everywhere for me.
How can that maid be Ariana.
Her face was different, though her voice was kinda familiar.
And what does he mean by lf she could compel me l would have been dead by now.
My head aches, this is all so confusing, l can’t even figure out anything.
I stare at the tray of food Draven brou-ght.
My mind is telling me not to eat it but my stomach rumbles loudly.
Am hungry.
I open the food and the aroma fills my nostril.
What if he poisoned the food?
He wouldn’t do that, from his expression,l bet he wasn’t the one that s£nt the so called maid that [email protected]£ earlier.
My stomach rumbles again.
I don’t care anymore, this food is so enticing and my stomach is rumbling.
I take the fork and start eating.
Hmm, delicious l murmur.
I don’t think l will regret dieing after tasting something this delicious.
” What the hell were you thinking ? and how many times have l warned you never to go meet that old witch.”
“St©p it Draven, that’s my aunt you are talking about, she is not an old witch and why are you keeping that bit-ch, l couldn’t even compel her, she is the bigger witch here.”
” Why did you try to poison her?”
” Excuse me?”
” You heard me Ariana, why the fv¢k did you want to poison her.”
I ………..
” You what?”
” I hate her.”
” I hate her so much, she keeps competing with me, everyone in school keeps talking about how pretty she is and now she is stuck with my b©yfri£nd.”
” I just want her dead, her existence disgust me.”
” So the best thing you could think of is to go meet that old witch to perform some dirty disguise spell on you and you snuck into my Maison as a maid to poison her.”
” You are so unbelievable, and for the [email protected] that am your b©yfri£nd, you know our relationsh!pis a facade.l don’t love you and you don’t love me.”
” St©p pretending, your father made this happen because am the heir to the throne.lts a pity my father doesn’t know all this , but you can’t fool me.”
“And for the young lady, she won’t step an inch from my Maison until am able to figure out who she really is.”
” Draven am sorry.”
” Will you shut up bit-ch am still talking.”
“And Beverly, you were the one that pushed her into the water right!”
“No it’s not me, am telling the truth.”
” St©p lying Ariana you disgust me.”
” What did she do to you, is she also competing with you, you and l are the only ones that knows she is allergic to water.”
” I can see the black magic that the old witch is performing for you, is doing you more harm than good, you are getting worse.”
” Draven am so sorry l don’t know what [email protected]£ over me, plea-se am really sorry.”
” Drop the act, st©p pretending.”
” Draven, am really sorry, she says and try to k!ssme.”
” scre-w it, don’t t©uçh me you who-re.”
Am so angry right now, she knows l don’t like being t©uçhed when angry , what’s wrong with her?.
“Draven plea-se.”
” Leave.”
” Don’t push me Ariana, leave while am still thinking.” I said left her standing.
I enter the kitchen.
” Greetings, lord Draven” they all bow in fear.
” None of you should go close to the lady l brou-ght home yesterday is that un-derstood?”.
” Yes sir.”
” Good,if any of you does anything tricky and go behind my back, l will personally kill you”.
” Yes sir” they chorus.
” Now get back to work.”
(Some where in Los Angeles)
Lord Adrain.
” Did you find anything?”
” Yes my lord, l found her address, but l couldn’t find them , l snuck inside the house and took her n£¢klace, with this we can track them.”
” Good , you have done well,track her and capture her daughter.”
” Yes my lord.”
What do you think of Ariana.
Episode six
Today is Monday, am supposed to be in school but here l am locked up in a room.
I pity mom, what am l going to do?
I can’t stay here waiting for death, l nee-d a plan to escape.
The door opens and as usual Draven comes in with a tray of food, he is too caring for my liking.
What the use of caring too much when he is still gonna kill me.
Am supposed to hate him alre-ady, but l can’t no matter how [email protected] l try.
His good looks pisses me, l hate the way l feel when he is around me.
How can someone be this good looking.
” I brou-ght food for you missy”he announce and l roll my eyes.
” You don’t roll your eyes at me, if it was another person it’s death penalty.”
” But l can’t kill you so soon, l can’t let your beauty go to waste.”
” So you just have to stay here, eat my food, grow fat if you want to until you tell me what l want to hear.”
” I don’t know why am going easy on you, have never been this soft hearted, so you have to decide quic-kly before l loose it.”
” plea-se let me go, my mother must be worried sick, am telling the truth, plea-se l beg you let me go.”
” You are really pretty, you know” he says and ru-b his hand on my th!ghs.
” What is he doing?
My palm get sweaty and my stomach felt bu-tterflies [email protected]
He kidnapped you remember, and he is having this effect on you, my subconsciousness yells at me.
” What do you think you are doing” l push his hand away from my th!ghs.
” Ouch, aggressive much, if you like it rou-gh just tell me” he says.
He lean in and put his hand around me pu-lling me closer to him.
My nose was tou-ching his and l struggle from his grip, but he held me ti-ght.
” Or do you like it nice and slow” he whispers in my ear.
I try to push him away but he didn’t bulge.
He place hisl-ips on my n£¢k and k!ssdown slowly to my collar bone.
I felt bolt of electricity run throu-gh my b©dy and everywhere isl-ips t©uçh was on fire.
He move his hand down my back.
I couldn’t believe the effect he is having on me.
I try to wiggle my way out of his grip but he keeps pu-lling me closer.
He keep k!ss!ngme.
His k!sses feel so good.
I let out a [email protected] not realizing it.
“St©p plea-se” l whisper hoping he would listen but my b©dy says otherwise.
I gr-ab on his shi-t, it was as if my b©dy was moving on it’s own.
It feels so good to be t©uçhed by him.
” You like it, don’t you?” He say in a c0cky voice.
And to my surprise, he pu-ll away and took a step back.
I quic-kly open my eyes to see his evil sm-irk.
He wi-nk at me and my face flush in embarras-sment.
” Eat up”he says and walk out.
What’s wrong with me? I can’t believe l fell for that so easily.
What would he think of me?
Am k!ss!ngthe same guy that kidnapped me.
A vampire , can my life get any worse.
What will l tell my kids?that’s if l don’t die before l have one, that l had my first k!sswith a vampire.
I hate myself.
I hate myself.
I hate the way my b©dy respond to his t©uçhes.
Mom, what is she doing now?
How is she faring?
How l wish l never attended the [email protected], l would be home with Mom and would have been in school now.
I miss mom.
I miss Beverly.
I stare at the covered food in disdain, l think l lost my appetite.
Mrs Scott
“Irene, they found me”.
” What are you talking about?”
“Lord Adrain, he found me plea-se you have to help me.”
” Bring your hands and close your eyes” She orders.
I stretch my hands and close my eyes.
Immedaitely the door bust open.
Standing in front of me is Lord Adrain and his men.
“Greetings my Lord.”
” Don’t be too formal Beatrice, long time no see”.
“And who is this?” He points to Irene.
” She is my friend my Lord.”
” Yeah, l remember the cunning witch friend of yours.”
” H’v been so long Beatrice, you still look beautiful as always,more beautiful but it’s a shame my late brother tasted you first, l don’t do left overs.”
” You know why am here Beatrice, hand over the child, you think you can hide her forever!
” Bring her out Beatrice.”
” Never, with all due respect my lord l will never trade my daughter’s life.”
” St©p being too stubborn Beatrice.”
” I know you lost your powers, so bring her out while am still asking nicely.”
” Over my dead b©dy.”
” Guards,search the house.”
” Beatrice don’t provoke me, where did you hide her?”
” My Lord we didn’t find anyone.”
“Capture her”
Noooo, lrene scream and started saying incantations.
” St©p it lrene,stay out of this, make sure they don’t find my daughter.”
” Guards, capture them”.

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