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His daughter’s nanny Episode 13 & 14

🦋 His

🌸 Daughter’s

🍁 Nanny
[^A mother for his daughter^]
💋 Episode1️⃣3️⃣💋
Maureen sat up in the car pas-s£nger seat. She had been discharged that day. The three days she had spent there was nothing to write home about.
She looked at her side and her eyes met with Scott’s.
They smiled to each other and faced the road ahead of them.
He had gone to take her himself even though John had wanted to come.
He had started to feel this weird feeling he had felt when he first met Marcia.
He hope he wasn’t starting to fall in love with her.
He couldn’t bring himself to admit that.
Maybe they could just continue the boss – employee relationsh!p.
They approached their mansion and he onked the horn.
The gatekeeper opened the gate and he drove in.
He had kept the package for the time she will be discharged.
He drove in and parked well.
They got down and made way inside.
The great smell of lettuce soup, lasagna and pizza with beef chunks filled the room.
Mrs Smith [email protected]£ out with Alexa from the kitchen she was holding a napkin while Alexa wore an apron.
Scott laughed at Alexa. This was her first time doing this, probably in his pres£nce.
“Isn’t it cute? I really enjoyed myself.” She giggled.
“Yh, being in kitchen is nice!” Maureen said and sat on the couch.
Her mouth felt so-re and tasteless.
“Let’s eat before it gets cold!” Mrs Smith said cleaning her hands with the napkin.
They moved to the kitchen and sat down.
They started with the lasagna.
They finished eating but Maureen was still scooping her soup. She enjoyed the taste of it and took in big spoonful of it.
She took another spoonful greedily and she choked on it.
Scott quic-kly fed her with a glas-s of water and patted her back softly.
“Sorry!” Mrs Smith and Alexa cooed.
She calmed down and Scott smiled at her.
He esc-rted her to her room and left her
Maureen sle-pt after that.
It was evening alre-ady when Maureen woke up.
She walked downstairs and saw Scott operating his [email protected]©p.
“Good evening sir!” She said and walked past him to go to the kitchen.
“Erm, take this.” He said and gave her the package.
“Me?” She said surprised and collected it.
She opened it and [email protected]
It was a Samsung Galaxy product.
She had never used that [email protected] before
She felt gratified and thanked him profusely.
He shook his head and patted her shoulders then left.
Mrs Sandra sat on her old wooden chair and ate the potato stash she made when Gina [email protected]£ in crying profusely.
“What’s wrong?” She asked her daughter as she stood to her side.
“Am gonna be barren forever mom. I can’t have children anymore mom.” She cried
“What?” Her mom yelled taken abacked by her daughter’s words.
“My wo-mb is damaged.”
“I told you not to trust that godforsaken,mother-fv¢ker, son of a bit-ch bastard.” Her mother h!pped at her.
“Now look what has happened!” She said as they both cried together.
💋 Episode1️⃣4️⃣💋
{Resuscitation ☺ }
🔞 s-en-sual [email protected] mentioned below. re-ad at re-ader’s risk.🔞
Maureen woke up from her sleep and yawned loudly.
She ru-bbe-d her eyes and checked the time. It was some minutes after five
She got down from the be-d and walked into the bathroom.
She has to brush her teeth. She can’t be talking and her mouth should be stinking.
Her breath smells bad when she wakes up anytime.
She finished brushing and did her thing in the water cistern🚽.
She sprinkled water on her face and walked out.
She uncladed herself of her clothes and remained in her [email protected] and carmesole that expo-sed her b©©b s. She was searching for an evening wear before the door barged open.
It was Scott.
His eyes wi-den and hers also. She quic-kly searched for a towel but the towel was on the rack behind Scott.
She nee-ded to walk past him
She used her palm to cover her b©©b s but due to her large size, it was still showing.
“plea-se, can you get me the towel?” She asked politely when she noticed he was still staring at her.
“Uhm, yeah!” He said and turned to get it.
He took one and gave it to her
She hurriedly tied it round her b©©b s.
It st©pped right below her as-s.
Scott gulped [email protected] as he felt his core [email protected]
“Well, am sorry I barged in. I thought you were still asleep. I wanted to invite you over. We’re swimming!” He said rushing his words.
“Okay, but I don’t know how to swim!” She said ti-ght£ñing her grip on the towel.
“I can teach you. Mrs Smith is swimming also.” He said trying to convince her.
“Alright then. Let me get dress. But I don’t have a swimming trunk!” She said.
“It’s there in the lower [email protected] of the closet!” He said and pointed to the [email protected]
“Ohh!” She mouthed.
She hadn’t noticed it but since he was the one that stocked up the wardrobe, he should know where it is.
He left after that and when he got out of her room, he stared at his bulgy [email protected] and walked into his room instead of the swimming pool.
He has to calm himself down before going downstairs.
His daughter shouldn’t see his bulginess.
Maureen sighed heavily as she dropped the towel in the rack.
Scott just saw her half n-ked.
Gosh!!! She was going gaga.
She bent down low and searched for the swimsuit.
She saw three pairs of it. One was pink with polka dots on it, the second was blue with bu-tterflies design, while the last one was purple with the word ‘clas-sic’ embroidered on it.
She took the purple one and wore her sli-ppers.
She put off her sli-ppers again when she decided to wear the swimsuit inside instead of going to change it downstairs.
She wore it and it was a stra-pless tube [email protected] that st©pped above her belly bu-tton. It had a [email protected] that ba-rely covered half of her bu-tt.
She blu-shed at the fact that she’s gonna wear that downstairs now
She took a purple towel also and tied it around her che-st.
She walked down with the cl!çk!ng sound her sli-ppers made.
She got to the swimming pool and it was wow.
Lights had been switched on and it gave the pool a glittering color.
“Hey!” She heard Alexa’s tiny voice.
She waved at the girl and moved forward.
“How’s your health?” Mrs Smith asked also.
“Fine, thanks!” She said and sat beside Alexa.
Alexa wore a white armless thin t©p and a white short th!ght🩳.
Mrs Smith was putting on a white translucent short go-wn.
She looked behind her and Scott was setting the tables.
Snacks were arranged on the mini table.
He approached them and dropped the towel that was wra-pped around his b©dy.
“Now let’s get to swim!” He said and jumped into the water ma-king it splash.
Mrs Smith and Alexa got in too remaining her.
“Get in too!” Alexa said, arms spre-ad on the water ma-king her balance.
She packed her hair in a messy bun and rolled it ti-ght.
She got in fearfully and she tried to balanced well.
Scott moved closer to her and helped her.
He held her by the [email protected]!st ma-king her balance well.
Her b©dy was we-t alre-ady and the suit hvgged her like it’s life depended on it. Her b©©b s were showing slightly beside her armpit and Scott drooled over her n!ppl!s that were clearly visible.
Mrs Smith and Alexa had alre-ady gone dee-per into the pool.
She mouthed a thank you and stood in the pool.
She was about walking over to Mrs Smith and Alexa when her legs doubled and she fell.
Scott hurried to her and brou-ght her up.
Her eyes were closed but she was still breathing.
Scott did a mouth to mouth resuscitation for her while Alexa kept hitting her hand to help her have a constant adrenaline rush.
He felt his heart explode as hisl-ips t©uçhed hers.
She sneezed out water and she sat up.
“You’re okay?” Scott asked
“Yeah, am just water phobic!” She said and sat up.
“Okay then!” They said and continued their swimming while she sat at the edge watching them.
They finished swimming and they settled down for the snacks.
They gisted about a lot of things and they went inside back to sleep.
They skipped dinner b’cos they were full alre-ady.
Scott remembered how hisl-ips had tasted with Maureen’s in her drowning state.
He had loved it.
He smiled again and covered himself.
Andrew called Marshall telling him about how he had k!$$£d Maureen and her fear for water.
Andrew smiled inwardly when an idea struck him.
She won’t be able to remain alive when he’s done with her.

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