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His daughter’s nanny Episode 1 & 2

🌸 Daughter’s
🍁 Nanny
[^A mother for his daughter^]
{Lazy [email protected]🥺}
Birds chirping, trees wavering, the morning breeze blew.
The day was still dark. A strong wind [email protected] across my face. The windowless space anchored the morning cold breeze. Only a door is useful in a room right?
I’ve got just a door and am grateful for that.
I yawned as I sat upright on my be-d and the be-d squeaked and shook vigorously.
I pray this be-d last longer. It has been up to six years alre-ady. So old right?
No means to change it.
I got off it and knelt down beside it.
I mumbled a few prayers. I got up and went straight to the backyard. That’s where I take my birth. That’s why I have to wake up as early as possible so I can bath before others wake up.
I took a bucket and filled it from the public tap. It was just about a few meters away.
I had a quic-k bath. Not like I could stay longer. I went back to my room. Yeah, my room faces the backyard. Many times, I had sle-pt there when the season is humid.
I stared at my pink skin, scars littered on it. It was gotten when I planned to escape but unfortunately I got caught. I was beaten to pulp that day. I was just seventeen then.
I wore one of my baggy t©p and [email protected].
I [email protected]£d my laundries and headed downstairs.
I have to watch it before my aunt and her spoilt daughter wakes up.
I started washing and I remembered the times maids were always the one to do this for me and that’s was even throu-gh the use of the washing machine.
Well, that’s in the past now. I had cried, cried and cried. I even starved myself for days. But, it seems no matter how I cry, they are gone and my aunt will forever maltreat me.
Even though, I’m two years older than Gina, I still fend for her and I do all of the chores. Well, I’m used to it alre-ady.
I noticed some h0t fluids trick-ling down my cheeks.
Oh not again, I want this tears to st©p forever. I’ve cried so much, it seems my tears bag is empty but no the stupid tears keeps falling.
I washed quic-kly when I noticed people had start waking up.
I finished washing and I spre-ad it out to dry on the rope I tied myself at the backyard. Even though the sun doesn’t really gets there but it’s still better than spre-ading it on a rope that’s gonna lead you to rewash your clothes cus they are gonna soak it in the mud.
After spre-ading it, I picked up the broom in the kitchen and vacuum cleaner.
I started sweeping and I started singing ‘Company by Justin Bieber’. I think song makes you fast in your chores.
I finished in no time and I started washing the dishes.
I prepared potato soup and rice ba-lls.
I hesitated as I stood at Gina’s door. Yesterday, I got a [email protected] for waking her up early.
Well, it’s 7:45 alre-ady.
I knocked on the door the first time.
No reply.
I knocked again
No reply
I hesitated about the next one. My subconscious told me to leave. But strong headedly, I knock the third time.
She opened and two fresh [email protected] [email protected]£ across my face.
“Ouch, that hurts!” I retaliated.
“Haven’t I told you not to knock thrice on my door? Once, you knock and I don’t answer, you leave. Is it that ha-rd to as-similate? Oh you dropped out of school right?” She mocked as I stared at her blankly, my hands on my cheeks.
“Do you want another [email protected] or you’ll leave now?” She asked and brushed past me shoving me to the ground.
God! This girl is just nineteen and am twenty one. She can’t continue bullying me.
“As if you could do anything!” My subconscious hit me
I stood up and went back to the living room.
Aunt Sandra was seated alre-ady cutting her nails.
”Good morning aunt!” I greeted
“What’s good about the morning? Huh? Answer me! The reason you [email protected] Gina, I wanna know?” She yelled.
“But she was the one who [email protected] me!” I argued.
“Ohh now you dare raise your voice at me? Who cares if she [email protected] you? Aren’t you to dependent? I think you should start working. I can’t continue feeding you!” She blurted out still cutting her nails.
“Ma? But I don’t have a college certificate, only high school. plea-se, am sorry ma. It won’t repeat itself. Am sorry ma.” I begged.
“You heard me right? Now get our food for us.” She said and dropped the nail cutter looking up at me.
I rushed into the kitchen and brou-ght out the food not without leaving some in my personal plate.
I dropped it and went to sit.
“Are you deaf? I mean go search for a job now!” She yelled again.
She just love yelling as if it’s her hobby.
I walked sluggishly towards the door
“Don’t come back here if you don’t get a job, okay?” She added.
The tears I’ve been avoiding fell.
“Ohh mom, she’s crying!” Gina mocked and they both cracked up.
I walked out and looked sideways.
I decided to follow the left route.
On my way, I saw a billboard anticipating for the application of a nanny to a ten year old girl. Her parents information weren’t disclosed.
“How can they accept me? I’m clumsy right?” I said to myself.
“No! Try it out first!” My subconscious told me.
I think I should try it.
I followed the address. I trekked cus I don’t have a dime on me to pay for a cab.
By the time I got back there, my legs aches badly.
I stood in front of a mansion. I think I’m mistaken. This should belong to a billionaire.
I summoned courage and knocked on the large black gate.
I waited patiently and a man in about his early 40’s popped out his head.
“Yes miss, did you come for the garbages?” He asked
Oh! Do I look like a garbage collector?
“Erm, no I [email protected]£ for the nanny application!” I said ru-bbing my hands together.
He looked at me up and down
“I told you Maureen, this was a bad idea!” I said and mentally [email protected] myself.
“Ohh okay, well you’re the only applicants.” He said and opened the gate wi-der for me to enter.
He took me to a small bungalow and opened the door. He gave me some clothes. It was a short de-ep blue flayed Sk-irt with a light blue shi-t.
“Huh? You want me to wear these?” I asked wondering what’s going on
“Yeah, Alexa hates people enter her suite with their house cloths on.”
I mouthed an ‘O’
He led me into the house and it was so angelic and heavenly.
He left not without wishing me a good luck.
An older lady [email protected]£ out. She was about in her early 60’s.
“Good day ma’am!” I greeted bowing
“Good day, ohh you’re here for the interview right?
I nodded.
“Well, have your seat am Mrs Smith. I’ll get them!” She said and walked upstairs gently as she held the railings for support.
I wonder how many they are when she said ‘them’.
I sat on the chair and awaits the ‘them’…
💋 Episode2️⃣💋
{They are not around💔}
Maureen sat patiently as she glanced round the large room. There was a large screen [email protected] was hung on the wall opposite the entrance door. It was so wi-de and she thought she hadn’t seen it before her entire life. Even her rich parents didn’t own this. She noticed three hvge chandeliers sp©tted rightly into the white ceiling. Light glittered throu-gh the dimmed light in each corners of the room.
She noticed an air conditioner placed at the t©p of the screen displa-y.
She breathed in and out as she nervously awaits the ‘them’.
They were taking much time and she couldn’t help but get scared and afraid.
“What if they lured me here for me to be kidnapped?” She asked myself.
Oh no!
She mentally [email protected] herself and decided to calm her nerves but it wasn’t going throu-gh.
She heard some soft footsteps as she couldn’t help but grow more nervous.
The footsteps approached and she almost had an heart attack.
A girl of about ten years old appeared first and then the old woman [email protected]£ next.
She stood up immediately and she saw the girl scrunch her nose.
She observed her dressing and it was very clas-sy. She wore a pink crop t©p and a white high-w@!st ballerina Sk-irt. She wore a pink fli-p-flop to match and she was amazing.
She heard a cl!çk!ng of hand that j£rked her outta her thoughts.
The girl was standing before her with her eyebrows raised.
“Erm, erm, I’m he-re f-for the in-terview!” She stuttered.
“Ohh, well since you’re the only applicants, you’re hired!” The girl said bossily.
“Wow, thank you so much!” She appreciated
“Well, you’re gonna be a live-in Nanny!” She said and turned to leave.
“Huh? What do you mean?” She asked not un-derstanding what she meant.
“Ohh God, Mrs Smith plea-se explain to her!” She said and left.
“Well, a live-in Nanny is one that lives with the child!” Mrs Smith explained.
“Ohh, I get that now!” She said as she nods her head.
“So would you like to go home and prepare or what?” Mrs Smith asked.
“Well, I would prefer to start now!” Maureen answered as she thought about the home she left.
“Why?” Mrs Smith asked obviously surprised at her response.
She thought many people would want to go home first to spre-ad the good news to his/her family but the young girl’s [email protected]£nt was different.
“Well, I stay with my aunt and her daughter and I’ve been maltreated till this day. They were actually the one that f0rç£d me into looking for a job cus if not I won’t be here now. I don’t want them to know I got employed!” She said sadly
Mrs Smith pathetically looked at the young girl as she explained sadly before her. She drew her into a hvg and patted her back.
“Uhm, what’s her name?” Maureen asked as soon as Mrs Smith relieved her of the hvg.
“Who?” Mrs Smith asked scrutinized
“The young girl!” She answered not sure whether to call her ‘bossy’. That had been the word she actually wanted to call her but she refrained herself. She just got employed, she can’t risk that opportunity.
This was her first job.
“Well, she’s Alexa!” Mrs Smith answered.
“Ohh, I see!” She replied.
“C’mon, let’s go to the kitchen, that’s where I spend my whole day!” She said and Maureen couldn’t help but notice the enthusiasm in the old woman’s voice as she spoke.
It seems she really enjoyed staying in the kitchen.
They got into the kitchen and it was truly overwhelming. You could spend your whole life living there.
Cabinets surrounds the whole half of the kitchen. There was a kitchen dining which has a bowl of fruits in it. Cutleries racks was placed on the table also.
“Wow, this looks more like a home!” She said as she admired the spacious room.
“Well, Alexa is set for her siesta and she nee-ds some chocolate candies and strawberry jui-ce before she sleeps.” Mrs Smith said as she rolled up her sleeves re-ady to bake.
“Ohh! Okay, let’s start then!” Maureen said happy that she could show her cooking skills.
Well, she was an expert in cooking and was sure no one could beat her to it.
“Alright, but before we start, what’s your name?” Mrs Smith asked.
“Ohh! Maureen is the name!” She said and smiled heartily.
“Well, I think you know my name alre-ady, Maureen. Let’s get to work!” Mrs Smith said and turned to put on the [email protected] cooker.
They both continued cooking and Maureen couldn’t help but like this woman the more.
It was nighttime and Maureen had been given her guidelines and rules as a live-in Nanny.
It was so lengthy and she couldn’t help but think if that little girl wrote it herself. She had tucked Alexa in her be-d after preparing her bath.
She was alre-ady in her nighties. She had a wardrobe in her new room and her new clothes were there.
She just wondered who Alexa’s father could be. She heard an entourage of cars drive into the compound. She rushed to the window to have a look. There were six in total. A man in suit [email protected]£ down from the third car and he was accompanied with three b©dyguards. He looked so young to be Alexa’s father and her curiosity grew. The night light shone on his face and she [email protected].
It was her celebrity crush.
Scott Mandy…
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