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Dirty daughter episode 7

Dirty daughter episode 7
I was about heading out when I saw Tessa coming in with Jessica holding bags.
“What’s the meaning of this?” I asked.
“Relax babe! We [email protected] Kiki’s shop before coming home” Tessa said dropping her bags on the chair.
“Where are you coming from?” I asked.
“From the hospital of course, I’ve done the abortion” Jessica replied.
“Seriously! Are you okay?” I asked trying to observe her movement and make sure she’s okay.
“I’m fine, I’m going home. Thank you Tessa, you are the best” she said and blew Tessa a k!ssin which Tessa also blew her a k!ss.
“What’s going on here? Can someone explain!” I yelled.
“Ah ah Joanne, I took your sister for the abortion, she got rid of her baby, period!” Tessa replied angrily, she hates to repeat herself.
“You have no right whatsoever to take my sister for an abortion even after what Debbie said” I shouted.
“Don’t tell me that Christian clas-sless low life girl got to you? What happened to the the Joanne I use to know, that club bit-ch that f*@ked up whoever got in her way? plea-se I nee-d her” Tessa hissed and went to her room.
“Gina, can you see what Tessa did?” I asked pointing my f!ngersat Jessica.
“I’m not a baby!” Jessica rolled her eyes.
“Oh will you shut up there” I ordered.
“You are not a baby and yet you were crying like a broken record nonst©p just few days ago, I don’t have your time, next time when you have issues like this, don’t bother me” I hissed angrily and went to my room leaving Jessica behind.
Few hours later, Jessica started packing her bags to go home, I observed her and she really looked fine, I secretly thanked God that she was safe. Thank God Debbie lies didn’t come to pas-s.
“I’m going, George is outside waiting for me” she said holding her backpack.
“Fine, I’d be home on Saturday” I replied still operating my phone.
She left the room and I could hear her thanking Tessa, Gina and Becky.
I told Debbie to meet me at a restaurant so we could talk, Jaden s£nt a text to me saying he is still interested in Debbie and that I should set them up together so I decided to tell Debbie to meet me up by 3pm and told Jaden to come by 4pm at least by then I’d have discussed with her about the JHD stuff before Jaden’s arrival. Debbie was right on time. I ordered food and we started talking.
“This one you brou-ght me here to buy me food today, hope I’m safe?” She jokingly asked.
“Can’t I but my holy holy friend food again?” I tea-sed and we both laughed.
“Anyways the reason I called you here is because…”
“Don’t tell me it’s because of him” Debbie cut me short
Jaden arrived earlier than planned, I didn’t get to tell Debbie what I wanted so I could leave her with my dumbas-s brother, now I’m caught in a trio [email protected]£ with a Holy Mary and a shy crazy dude. What the f*@k am I going to do?
“You set me up?” Debbie asked angrily.
“No, I didn’t” I replied.
“Hey girls, hi Debbie” Jaden smiled and I couldn’t help but laugh because Jaden is always stupid anytime he is around Debbie.
“Hello Jaden”Debbie replied.
We ate in silence and it was awkward, Jaden kept giving me signals to excuse them but I couldn’t because I had something to discuss with Debbie.
“So Deb, I want to join the JHD” I broke the silence.
“Serious?! Thank you Jesus” Debbie shouted for joy.
“Don’t get too excited, I have my conditions” I replied digging real [email protected] into my chicken with my fork.
“Anything” Debbie replied.
“My conditions are simple, one of them is that I should be made one of the leaders and I get to be the one to deliver the speech at my Church on Sunday” I replied and Jaden almost chocked on his food.
“What speech?” Debbie asked.
“The one to invite guest to the JHD crusade” I replied peering de-ep into Debbie’s eyes.
“You know it doesn’t work that way, you just can’t join today and be a leader automatically and also make a speech as delicate as that, you nee-d the Holy Spirit to guide you and teach you” Debbie said and this made me angry but I just had to [email protected]
“What are you trying to say now that I don’t have the Holy Spirit?”
“No my dear just…”
“Deb, my father is a pastor, I’m a pastor’s child for Christ’s sake and my father is the owner of the church you are going to so it’s only right if I say it” I cut her short rolling my eyes at Jaden who was just laughing.
“No my dear, first of all your father is not the owner of the church. Christ is the owner of the church, your father is just a vessel who Christ uses to do great and mighty things and he is [email protected] of his great plan and secondly you can’t deliver the speech, Kesha is doing that alre-ady.” Debbie replied before drinking her water.
“I don’t care! And what sort of name is that Keshi or Ketchup”
“Kesha” Debbie corrected.
“Whatever is her name, she ain’t giving the speech I’m the one giving the speech so you can tell Ketchup…”
“Kesha” Debbie corrected again.
“Whatever! Tell Kesha to resign and one more thing my father is the owner of the church and who’s even your leader?” I asked.
“Brother Joseph of course” she replied.
“Which Joseph? Oh I remember now, I’ve heard of him, that kid that is on scholarsh!p. Can you organise a meeting with him for me?” I asked looking at her eyes as I could see the uncertainty in them.
“I doubt that would change anything but I’ll try my best” she sighed
“Great! I’ll leave you too then, I have other pressing issues to attend to” I said and walked out before they could say a word.
It was on Friday and I’d alre-ady called my mum that I’d be giving the speech that day and she was really proud, I could feel her joy from my phone. I later got a text from Debbie that Joseph agreed to meet me up and that I should go to his hostel and wait for him at the entrance. I quic-kly took a shower, wore my r!pp£djeans and hoodie with my fancy sli-ppers and told Gina that I’d be meeting up with someone but I didn’t say who and why. She didn’t even bother to ask because she was busy S-x chatting with her b©yfri£nd. I was jealous though because Ken is so formal and no fun. I boarded a taxi to his hostel and waited at the entrance and got restless since I’d been there for an hour now and no sign of this Joseph, I called Debbie who said she called him and he apologises and told me to hold on that he’d be out in a moment. As I was waiting I saw Fred heading out from the hostel, he saw me and blew me a k!ssfollowed by a wi-nk, I just rolled my eyes and cli-cked my ton-gue then I faced the other side.
Minutes later I saw a young handsome dude coming towards me smiling dressed in long sleeves and corporate trou-sers.
“This must be the Joseph” I thought to myself.
“Hi, you must be Joanne” he said calmly with a soft voice, d–n I fell in love with everything about him. He was cute, dark, slim, tall and not too muscularly built but perfect.
“Holy s*@t!” I didn’t know when it escaped my mouth.
“You are Joanne right?” He asked curving his brow.
“Yes, I am” I managed to find my voice and was embarras-sed because I know he noticed how s£dûçt!velyI looked at him.
“I’m very sorry for coming late. I had…”
“No worries” I interrupted him.
“Okay let’s go somewhere and talk” he said and took me un-der a tree not too far from the hostel.
“You can seat there” he said pointing to a wooden chair un-der the tree.
“Thank you” I replied and sat down but I was still drooling over him, who knew that church boys could be this handsome, no wonder Debbie won’t leave church later she would say it’s because of the things of The Lord.
“So Debbie told me you want to be [email protected] of the JHD but you gave conditions” he smiled and d–n his smile is heavenly, maybe he is an angel? Because he is so perfect.
“Yes and I’m sure she told you the conditions?” I asked looking away as he looked into my eyes because his looks was killing me, I could feel my legs grow weak just at the sight of him.
“She did and to be honest they were quite impossible” he smiled again, does he want to kill me?
“Nothing is impossible” I replied still looking away.
“You are right my dear” he said and that my dear sounded so ro-mantic in my ears that I wanted to even k!sshim but I controlled my emotions.
“Joanne, I know your father very well infact he is the one paying my school fees, you know I’m on scholarsh!pright?” He asked and I wondered why he’d ask that kind of question, must he tell everyone he meets that he is not some rich kid and that he is on scholarsh!p?
“I know” I replied with a faint smile.
“Your father has been like my father and your mother my mother but I’m afraid I can’t grant your request but you are free to join the JHD, we would appreciate it” he said still smiling. Now I’m officially dead!
“I nee-d to give that speech on Sunday, plea-se” I pouted.
“Kesha is alre-ady doing that and I can’t take that away from her right now” he said.
“You mean ketchup? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if I take her sp©t, we are girls, I can work it out with her” I replied as and idea popped into my head.
“How about we make a deal!” I said.
“Okay, go on” he curved his brow curiously.
“I’ll talk to Ketchup to give me the speech and if she agrees I get to say it” I replied curving a mischievous smile.
He laughed loudly holding his tummy as he laughed some more.
“Why are you laughing?” I asked confused.
“It’s Kesha not Ketchup” he managed to catch his breath.
“Oh that! Whatever, do we have a deal or not?”
“Fine! If you can convince her to give up the speech, you’d take it” he agreed.
“Nice” I smiled
“Why are you after the speech?” He asked.
“Well, let’s leave that for the birds to answer” I replied.
We [email protected] ways after saying goodbyes but Joseph was still stamped in my memory, I mean how can I forget such a cutie in a hurry. I was about entering my [email protected] when I got a text from Ken saying we should go on a [email protected]£ tomorrow, I then replied him that I’d be going home tomorrow on a special as-signment, we then rescheduled for Monday, to be honest I was getting tired of Ken, I don’t like this no S-x kind of relationsh!p. He hadn’t told me that our relationsh!pis a no-S-x one but his attitude shows it and it was ma-king me sick, I nee-ded to feel a man inside of me. I went inside only to find Gina high with cocaine.
“What’s up babe, come join me” she shouted crazily.
“I’d love to join you but I’m on a mission darling” I went to my room to change clothes, this time I wore a baggy jeans and crop t©p with white sneakers.
“Where are you going dressed like that?” Tessa asked because she knows I hate baggy jeans and to be honest I didn’t know why I wore them anyways.
“I’m off to meet some girl called Ketchup…Kesha” I quic-kly corrected myself.
“Kesha?” Tessa and Gina said at the same time.
“Yes, you know her?” I asked.
“Who wouldn’t know that pretender, I’m even shocked you don’t know her.” Tessa replied.
“Pretender as in how?” That [email protected] got me.
“Kesha is a [email protected] freak as in the best of the best but pretends to be a Christian I think she is even [email protected] of a Christian fellowsh!pand one of the head there. What’s that fellowsh!pcalled again?” She asked Gina who was still high.
“JKD” Gina said.
“JHD” I corrected.
“Yea Jesus Heart Do…”
“Domination” I finished Tessa statement.
“Well isn’t that amazing” I smiled.
“You have that smile on” Tessa raised her brow.
“What smile?” I asked pretending not to know what’s she is referring to.
“That evil smile of yours especially when you are about to crumble someone” Gina said. I’m very proud, she is the only one among us that speaks s-en-se when high.
“Don’t worry, I’ll fill you girls in later” I smiled and took my phone to call Kesha to meet me up because Joseph gave me her number earlier.
“What are you doing?” Tessa asked.
“I’m calling the Ketchup, sorry I mean Kesha” I corrected.
“Well KETCHUP is in a [email protected] right now, I mean club for that matter” Tessa said laying emphasis on the Ketchup and this made me laugh.
“At this time of the day?” I checked my time and it was 4pm.
“Yes oo, it’s all over instagram” Tessa said showing me pics of Kesha in the club. Apparently it wasn’t her instagram but that of the club, they snapped her and uploaded it without she knowing.
“I’m sure that’s her b©yfri£nd, I heard he is loaded” Tessa said pointing the guy she was frol!çk!ng with.
“I’m sure she’s high that’s why they snapped her and posted it without she knowing” Gina said.
“Well if she is high, she can’t be as high as you now” Tessa tea-sed and I laugh.
“it’s her b©yfri£ndthey snapped not her, she just happened to be there.” I added and took a screensh0t of the ph0to and asked Tessa to s£nd it to my phone. I still proceeded to calling her but this time with a different game.
I told her to meet me at the club tonight, she declined at first saying she don’t club but after I told her I knew who she was, she agreed.
“Girls! We are going clubbing tonight” I shouted.
“Yea…where is Becky?” Tessa remembered.
“That’s true” I added.
“I’m right here” I heard her voice inside as she lazily [email protected]£ outside ru-bbing her eyes.
“The bit-ch has been slee-ping” Gina said still sniffing the cocaine.
“My God Gina, that’s enough” Tessa tried pu-lling her away from the table but she declined.
“Suit yourself!” Tessa gave up.
[email protected] TIME??
We arrived exactly 9pm, Tessa ran to get some drinks leaving me behind with Gina and Becky, I texted Ketchup sorry I mean Kesha. What the f*@k let’s just call her ketchup. I texted her that I was at the [email protected] and she should tell me exactly where she was. She replied instantly and told me to meet her at table five not far from where I was. I located the table with Gina because Becky went for drinks and cigarettes with Tessa.
I finally met Ketchup, the girl is so f*@ked up and rugged. She is the definition of bad! She had tattoos and piercings all over but she is h0t and pretty though, I won’t take that away from her. She looked at me and stood up in midst of her friends.
“Hello” she said in perfect British accent. From the look of things her parents are very rich but why the pretence?
“Hi Kesha, I’m Joanne” I smiled introducing myself.
“Nice meeting you Joanne” she replied.
“Can we talk?” I asked.
“Yea of course.” She replied.
“pri-vately” I looked at her friends. She told her friends to excuse us including Tessa.
“So I’m here to talk about the JHD” I replied.
“What about the JHD” she shrugged.
“I want to give that speech on Sunday…” I started off.
“…my father is a pastor and I’d love if you would un-derstand my situation here” I completed after talking for long.
“Nice talk but I’m sorry, my papa is also a pastor, and I’d love to impress him also” she said sipping her wine. “Serious, then we are in the same shoes here, plea-se un-derstand me at least your father wouldn’t be there when you are giving the speech but mine would be” I pleaded.
“I’m sorry but my father would be there also, do you know my father?” She asked.
“No” I replied.
“Well allow me to reintroduce myself I’m Kesha H. Quay” she smiled.
“What do you mean?? Why would you answer H. Quay I mean that’s my surname as in the Hillary Quay?” I asked confused.
“Unless you are my…”
“I’m your sister, hello baby sister” she smiled cutting me short as I opened my mouth in shock.

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