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Dirty daughter episode 6

Dirty daughter
Chapter 6
I was still on call with Jessica, I tried calming her down but she kept panicking.
“Jess, tell George to bring you to my [email protected] in school” I said trying to ease her tension.
“Okay, but what are we going to do?” Jessica asked over the phone.
“Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan, just get here first” I replied.
“Thanks sis, I’d be there shortly.” Jessica ended the call.
“Was that Jess?” Gina asked.
“Yes and she is pregnant” I replied getting up heading towards the bathroom, I entered the bathroom so I could ease myself but I could still hear Gina talking.
“That’s not a problem, just take her to our usual sp©t so they can flush the foetus away” Gina said heading towards the bathroom to wash her cu¢v-mber she normally use for m———-n.
“Gigi I’ve always told you to buy a d—o instead” I told her looking at the cu¢v-mber disgustingly.
“Abeg babe, I prefer this one” she smiled and started washing it.
“plea-se, get rid of that my sister would be here soon and I don’t want you to spoil her” I replied spre-ading my be-d. My words made Gina bur-st in laughter, she laughed so [email protected] that she couldn’t regain her breath till minutes later.
“You mean your pregnant sister? Me, corrupt a pregnant spoilt [email protected]” Gina pointed her index f!nger at herself and started laughing uncontrollably again. Soon we heard a knock on the door, I ran to go open the door thinking it was Jessica but to my greatest surprise I saw Debbie smiling at me.
“Madam, what do you want?” I asked really angry because I’m tired of Debbie’s behaviour, she would soon change, she would soon change that’s what got our friendsh!pthis far, since she don’t want to bend, I’ll soon discard her.
“May the peace of The Lord be with this household” Debbie said smiling and [email protected]£ into the living room.
“Amen” I replied sarcastically as Tessa just took her liquor and herself inside, she hated Debbie with pas-sion and I’ve been the one telling her that Debbie is not so bad but I’m beginning to see reasons with Tessa.
“I’m here to remind you about the JHD crusade, I’ve tried calling you but you didn’t take my calls” Debbie added but I was focusing on the fact that Jessica would soon be here and I don’t want Debbie to find out about Jessica’s pregnancy.
“Deb, I will come for the crusade, are you happy now?” I asked not wanting a reply.
“God is happy, whenever we make time for him or when we are in his pres£nce, he is always happy and re-ady to receive us, Proverbs…”
“Madam Debbie, I’m not in the mood for a sermon right now so just go, plea-se” I [email protected] my hands dramatically.
“Fine, one more thing I had a revelation last night” she said.
“And so f*@king what?” I asked
” I saw Jessica running and someone was chasing her and then the person finally caught up with her and put a dagger into her stomach and she bled till death. Sister Joanne plea-se be very prayerful and pray for your sister, I’ll put her in prayer also.” Debbie said and her words put me in a state of tension. Does this mean, this abortion would kill Jessica?
“Okay madam seer, start going” I urged her out of my house.
“Bye” she said before leaving.
Immediately she left, I called my girls to tell them except Becky because she wasn’t around.
“Leave that Debbie joor, it was just a dream and she don’t know what’s she is saying” Tessa said as she sipped her liquor and puffed smoke into the air.
“But I’m scared ooo because my dad is a pastor, whenever he has revelations like this, it always means something” I added.
“Have those things ever happen before?” Gina asked.
“Not really if my dad sees something like this, he normally goes into prayer and fasting to avert it but there was a case of one woman, my dad saw a revelation concerning her but after prayer she died, I ask my dad why and he told me she didn’t have enough faith and didn’t pray enough personally because not all situation that someone can intercede for you some cases nee-d personal intercession” I replied as Gina started laughing while Tessa just looked at me with disgust.
“Ain’t you quite the pastor’s daughter. See you preaching.” Gina laughed ha-rder.
“Some cases nee-d personal intercessions” Tessa mimicked me mockingly.
“Abeg eee…” I was cut short by the knock on the door. It was Jessica, standing and crying with George beside her.
“Don’t worry George, she would spend a few days with me, I’ll call mom and dad to let them know about her whereabouts” I turned to George as he nodes and left us. I ushered Jessica in and got her a cu-p of jui-ce.
“How did this happen? I know you’ve always been careful” I asked.
“I don’t know sis, I thought I was careful too” Jessica replied sipping her jui-ce.
“Do you really nee-d that jui-ce, I could swap that with a bottle of beer” Tessa added.
“Tessa!” Gina and I exclaimed at the same time.
“Sorry” she replied.
“Is this your first pregnancy?” Gina asked.
“Yes, it is” Jessica sobbe-d.
I went closer to her and pu-ll-ed her in my arms and tried calming her down.
“Who is the baby papa?” Tessa asked.
“It’s Steven’s” she said calmly.
“What? You mean that church boy Steven?” Tessa asked because she knows Steven and I haven’t told them about what I saw the other day.
“I’m not surprised joor, I saw them together the other day” I said not feeling surprised at all.
“What?!” Tessa and Gina said at the same time.
“Jinx” Gina win-ked at us and let out a smile.
Days later, we were still contemplating if we should take her for abortion because of Debbie’s words and I didn’t tell Jessica about Debbie so called revelations.
“Sis, when are we going?” Jessica asked.
“Not today, I nee-d to make an appointment with the doctor first” I nervously replied.
“Okay, I’m feeling sleepy, I’d be inside” she replied and went to my room.
I left the house almost immediately because I had a [email protected]£ with Ken, he told me to meet him at Kevb Kitchen. I got there and met him sipping his orange jui-ce. He is so perfect, handsome, check. Rich, check. Loving, check. Amazing, check! Check!! Check!!! And I’m sure he would be good in be-d too.
“Hello darling” he said revea-ling his white teeth.
“Baby!” I k!$$£d him on thel-ips and took my seat.
“What would you care for?” He asked.
“Menu plea-se” I replied as the waitress brou-ght the menu for me and I glanced throu-gh and ordered jollof rice and turkey with red wine.
The waitress [email protected]£ back with the food and placed it on the table, Ken also ordered for jollof rice but with orange jui-ce. We started eating and chatting.
“Hope you are taking your studies seriously?” He asked.
“Of course” I lied.
“Good girl” he replied.
Ken looked at me and held my hands as we ate slowly, he must have been so crazy about me.
“So when are you taking me to your house?” I asked as he almost chocked on his food, I offered him water.
“Thank you” he gulped the water down.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“I’m fine, very fine” he replied and continued eating, I wondered what his problem was, I nee-ded S-x because I haven’t had S-x ever since I broke up with Fred.
“So about your place?” I asked curving my brow.
“Don’t worry dear, we will talk about that later” he smiled.
“Why? plea-se take me to your place” I pouted.
“Soon” he replied.
“But…” My phone cut me short, I took it and Mom appeared as the caller ID.
“Hello Mom” I picked up the phone.
“Hey dear, how are you?” She asked.
“I’m fine Mom and I know why you are calling me, Jessica would be home soon, she’s with me.” I quic-kly said.
“Give her the phone” my mom ordered.
“I’m not at home at the moment, I’m on campus” I replied.
“Fine, I know I’ll see you in church on Sunday anyways” my mom said after a long sigh.
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“What do you mean why? The JHD would be coming to our church to invite our youth to their crusade, ain’t you a leader there?” My mom asked with confusion in her voice.
“Yes! Oh yes-I-don’t mind me joor of course, see you on Sunday” I stuttered.
“Okay dear bye, take care of yourself and your sister” she hanged up.
“F*@k! I’m in trouble” I mouthed.
“What’s the problem?” Ken asked.
“Nothing” I quic-kly replied
We continued eating but I still wasn’t at peace with myself, what will I do? After the [email protected]£, I put a call throu-gh to Debbie to meet me at my house.
I got home and asked Gina the whereabouts of Jessica because I couldn’t find her or Tessa.
“Wait, I thought you were the one who called Tessa to bring your sis to you at least that’s what she told me” Gina said.
“What do you mean? Where’s Jess?” I yelled.
“Calm down, she left with Tessa few minutes ago” Gina said in panic.
“Didn’t I tell you I was going on a [email protected]£ with Ken?” I yelled in panic.
“I-didn’t-maybe…” Gina stuttered.
“Oh my God Gina, if anything happens to my sis, I’m going to hold you responsible for it!” I said dialling Tessa’s number but she wasn’t picking. Soon Debbie arrived but I didn’t welcome her well.
“You were the one who called me here ooo” she said feeling uncomfortable as Becky puffed smoke into the air and eyed her.
“plea-se Debbie don’t mind me joor, can you come back later?” I asked still in panic because Jessica life matters most to me.
“Sure” Debbie said and left.
“What do you nee-d that bit-ch for anyways?” Becky asked.
“Long story dear” I replied.
I paced to and fro before attempting to go the hospital where we normally do our abortions unsure of what was going to happen.

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