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Dirty daughter episode 2

Chapter 2
I finally sneaked out of that hell hole, it wasn’t easy but it was so worth it because my jam is blazing on the stereo.
“Hey girl” Phina screamed hvgging me so ti-ght.
“What’s up Hun?” I asked scanning the room for Fred.
“You are looking for that stupid guy of yours? He is with Tori” she added and danced towards a very handsome guy who I guess is her b©yfri£nd. Phina is my friend but we are not that close. My besties all travelled out for the holidays, Tessa went to New York, Becky went to Dubai and Gina went to Australia. I pitched the idea to my father to travel for the holidays but he declined. Anyways I’m still here and haven’t seen Fred, I’ve tried calling but to no avail. I wandered round the room till I st©pped at a table and took a seat and ordered for [email protected] liquor, I was really trying not to get drun!kbecause apparently tomorrow is Sunday and I don’t want to have a migraine so I just took a few glas-ses, I was on my third when I sighted someone, he saw me and smiled, I smiled back too and he moved from his table heading towards mine, I quic-kly adjusted my hair and my t©p.
“Hello stranger!” He beckoned.
“Hi Ken” I smiled.
“May I?” He said pointing at the chair opposite mine.
“Sure” I replied.
“So why are you drinking alone?” He asked.
“My friends all travelled out and my b©yfri£ndis no where to be found maybe he is cheating again” I replied with a faint smile. Ken cheats on me all the time, I’m used to it tho but he leaving me here was so bizarre because I sneaked out of the house just to attend this [email protected] because of him and he is lost!
“Guys right?” He raised his glas-s in the air.
“Guys” I raised mine too before gulping it all down.
We talked for 2 hours straight, I lost the idea of time because he was a really fun person and made me laugh so [email protected] All this while I still haven’t seen Fred, I checked my time and it was 2am alre-ady.
“I’ve to go” I interrupted him.
“Okay, can I drop you off or you have other plans ?”
“You definitely can drop me off” I smiled.
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We got to his car, d–n! He is rich, I mean I’m rich but he is so f*@king rich and got freedom, it was a matte black sport car. He opened the door for me and I entered placing my bag on my [email protected] He then walked to the other side to enter the car, this gave me time to check him out, he is so h0t, his physique is perfect,with his dark hair carved right and his round eyes and long latches and hisl-ips; OMG hisl-ips! I must taste them, no wonder Deborah is all over him. He entered the car and zoomed off. I was face to face with my gate as Ken slowly st©pped at my gate.
“Thank you” I opened the door but he [email protected]£d me back and brush hisl-ips with mine, he teases it for a little while before taking myl-ips in his, at this moment I wanted to sleep with him right there and right now but I was alre-ady home, why didn’t he do this earlier? After the long k!ss, we broke [email protected] and he k!$$£d my forehead squee-zing his number written on a white paper in my hands.
“Good night” he said with a killer smile revea-ling his dimples.
“Good night” I smiled revea-ling mine also. I [email protected]£ down and saw him zoom off. Now another problem, how the hell am I going to sneak in again. I quic-kly took my phone and called my brother who I texted earlier that I was on my way home. He then [email protected]£ to open the gate for me. He had a spare key to the gate so on occasions like this we didn’t have to wake the gateman. I sneaked into my room, thankfully my parents wasn’t aware.
At 4am my mom alre-ady rang the bell, she does this every Sunday morning to wake the family up for morning devotion before we went to church. On other days it’s 5am or even 6am. I still felt so sleepy because I just got in be-d. I managed to struggle downstairs as I saw my dad sitting in the living room with my siblings and mom was alre-ady singing praises while Kira our house help was standing and dancing. She is such a pretender! I caught her the other day having S-x with the gate man and now she is pretending to be holy, that’s why I hate this holier than the holiest people, they are the worst. I joined them and sat down [email protected] my hands slowly, I was so tired. We had our morning devotion before I went to my room to change into something church worthy. We drove to church in silence because my mom and my dad seemed to have a little misun-derstanding which I don’t care about. We alighted as my dad parked at the parking lot, I [email protected]£ down from the car, we arrived really early, we got there by 5:38am, church service begins by 7am and second service begins by 10am to end by 12am, then we remain in church till 5pm or even 6pm because of church counselling and meetings. We walked into the church, few church workers were alre-ady pres£nt in church.
“Bless you papa!”
“Bless you mama”
That’s all I could hear as they helped my father with the bag he was carrying. I sat down for a while as Jessica went to the teens church and Jaden on the other hand was busy flir-ting with some weird girl.
“Joanne” I heard my name from behind. I tilted my head to see the person.
“Deb! What’s up” I dragged her to seat down by my side.
“So you [email protected]£ home. Wow bless Jesus” Deborah smiled
“Yes oo, ah ah Debbie must you dress like a village girl all in the name of Christianity?” I asked accessing her from head to toe, she wore a long Sk-irt and t©p and tied her hair with a black scarf.
“plea-se J, don’t start this morning” she flared up.
“I’m sorry ooo Daughter of Christ, you know I’m Jezebel” I tea-sed and took a quic-k glance at Jaden as he win-ked at me, I un-derstood what he wanted me to do.
“Ehnn Deb, I saw Ken yesterday” I said holding her hands.
“And?” She asked with a puzzled look
“He was asking after you, he is head over heels for you” I smiled.
“plea-se, I’m too young for all those things besides [email protected]!ngat this time could cause temptations leading me to sin and I don’t nee-d any of that” she explained.
“Not even with a pastor’s son?” I asked.
“Joanne! What are you driving at? Hope you are not talking about Jaden again?” Deborah asked raising her brow in a suspicious manner.
“Deb plea-se my brother truly loves you and he promised that he wouldn’t t©uçh you till you guys get married” I replied.
“Now it’s marriage?” She bur-st into laughter holding her tummy
“Don’t kill me with laughter Joanne, excuse me I nee-d to go wash the toilet” she stood up and headed towards the toilet. Debbie is in the ushering [email protected], sanctuary unit and the evangelism group.First service was over, I was so bored, I literally sle-pt throu-gh out the service and they expected me to go throu-gh another service again, I strolled out of church to the nearest kiosk to purchase gum when an unknown person creeped up on me.
I turned back to see Steven still looking dashing and h0t as ever. Steven use to be my paddy during the good old days, he is very holy and stick to the things of God, he finished secondary school the same time with me but hasn’t gotten admission into the university, his parents are struggling so they can’t afford to s£nd him to a pri-vate university.
“Steven!” I replied hvgging him ti-ghtly.
“When did you come back?” He asked.
“Few days ago”
“And you didn’t bother to check on your paddy?” He asked.
“I’m sorry dear” I replied.
He kept lamenting and it got to a point when I talked about my b©yfri£ndmistakenly, I didn’t want Steven to know because he would start preaching and stuff.
“So you have a b©yfri£nd?” He asked
“And so?”
“Joanne my dear, you know for your age it is wrong because it can lead to premarital S-x which is a great sin in the sight of God and you know that the wages of sin is death. Jesus died…”
“plea-se Steven, my father is a pastor, I hear sermons everyday, don’t f*@king add to it” I interrupted waving my hands in the air.
“Joanne” he called out calmly.
We talked a little before he went back to church to continue his ushering. I was so bored and to my greatest surprise I saw Ken in the church premises, he isn’t a member of my church maybe Debbie invited him.
“What’s up, why ain’t you inside the church” he asked.
“plea-se, like your Jesus himself” I tea-sed as he giggled before taking my hands in his.
“What are you doing here” I asked.
“Debbie invited me” he replied.
“So you and Debbie?” I said raising my brows. He chuckled before replying me.
“There is no me and Debbie, I’m just helping her with some school stuff and she is like my thera-pist, she teaches me about God and spiritual stuff” he replied.
“I see” I smiled and I felt relief, I didn’t know why I felt relief at that moment.
“Have you heard from your b©yfri£nd?” He asked peering de-ep into my eyes with those cute eyes of his.
“No” I replied looking away because his stare made me uncomfortable. For more interesting stories, kindly join Author MarbleJ Love Stories (A.M.L.S)
“I really like you Joanne like I’m crazy about you and would love to be more than just a friend” he smiled squee-zing my hands ro-mantically.
“Errm-you-what…” I stuttered because I was speechless and surprised about his forwardness.
He placed his hands on myl-ips indicating I shouldn’t say anymore.
“You don’t nee-d to reply me now” he said.
“Ken I like you too and I’d love to be your girlfriend” I replied with a wi-de smile. That was where it all started, I started double [email protected]!ng. I was still with Fred and I was [email protected]!ngKen at the same time.
Days later, I was preparing to go on a [email protected]£ with Ken when I got a text from Fred that he was in the mood for having S-x, I replied him that I’d come over later since his parents are not always around they are always on a business trip. I too was in the mood for S-x so I cancelled my [email protected]£ with Ken and headed for Fred’s house. I got there real quic-k because his house isn’t that far from mine.
“Baby boo” he k!$$£d me on myl-ips as he opened the door.
“Don’t start I know it’s because Tori is busy that’s why you called me” I replied knowing the truth. I really like Fred or maybe I like his… Never mind but I know I can’t leave him now.
He pushed me into the chair and started fonduing my b©dy before we had S-x right on the chair, we had countless rounds before I took my bag and left for home. Immediately I got home I saw Jessica having S-x in the living room, apparently my dad and mom travelled out the country for a revival and Kira went to the market and Jaden was no where to be found. I wasn’t surprised but the guy she was having S-x with surprised me. I had to have a clearer look at his face to be sure.

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