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Crazy couple episode 43 & 44

{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Episode 43
“Jeremy, am sorry…” I pleaded sitting beside him on the be-d.
He didn’t say anything as he took his phone from the drawer.
“Babe. Am really sorry” I mumbled as tears slid down my cheeks.
“Stella. I told you to let her be and you promises you weren’t gonna fight her” He said and I hvgged him.
He wra-pped his hands around me.
“Aww. That’s enough begging. I’ve forgiven you” He cooed stro-king my hair.
I giggled inwardly. He always falls for my fake tears.
He pu-ll-ed me back and I dried my tears with my hands.
“It was the hor-mones” I said pouting.
He scoffed.
I nodded.
“Your pregnancy is just a month old. Nina’s is three months old, so she should be the one going throu-gh that effect not you” He stated and I felt a ripping in my heart.
Oh God…
I felt another surge of tears building up.
This is it – From today onwards, am going to be sharing my husband with that slut.
He compared me with that slut!
I couldn’t control the tears as they scrolled down my cheeks. My cheeks burned and my heart ached.
Am surprised am getting so emotional but I really couldn’t pu-ll myself together at the moment.
“What now Stella? Why are you crying so much?” He asked and pu-ll-ed me into a hvg.
He stro-ked my hair more patting my back. I began sobbing.
“You’re comparing us now, aren’t you? Soon, you’ll bring her over cause she’s more prettier than me, won’t you?!” I groused and I heard him chuckle.
I bit him on his n£¢k and he shuddered.
“Oh st©p Stella! My n£¢k is very s-en-sitive and i get turned on at a mere k!sson it” He enthused with a laugh.
A k!sson his n£¢k turns him on??? Am going to add that in my diary.
“Am not comparing you babe. I’m just saying you’re too early to go throu-gh crazy pregnant hor-mones” He said and lifted my face.
He k!$$£d me and I reciprocated hungrily.
He [email protected] ed into my mouth and our ton-gues felt each other.
We broke the k!ssto catch our breath.
When last did I get to have him in be-d…?
Almost a month now and he does not demand for it like he used to, cause he’s cheating on me!
“What are you thinking in that dirty mind of yours?” He asked in a cool voice as he tucked my hair behind my ear.
“My mind is not dirty!” I grinned and hit him on his arm. He cracked still holding onto me.
Why does he act like am his everything when he’s cheating on me?
I was directed to the surgeons office and I cat walked inside.
He was sitting behind his desk busy with the system before him.
His eyes glistened on seeing me. He held a puzzled look as i made my way towards him.
“Mrs Sanchez?. I wasn’t expecting a visit. plea-se…make yourself comfortable” He said astound and gestured for me to sit on the empty chair before his desk.
I crossed my legs against the other as I looked around his austere office.
“Can I help you with anything ma’am?” He asked distractedly.
I took my eyes back to him and smiled.
“Yes sir. I really nee-d something from you and I won’t be happy of you turn me down” I said trying not to sound devious in anyway.
He stared at me looking confused.
“What’s do you want mrs Sanchez? I have a surgery to get to in the next ten minutes” He hushed with a crumpled look.
“It’s about my son and his wife, Stella. I just nee-d to see her health record” I said.
His eyes dimmed.
“That’s strictly confidential madam, and am sure you’re aware” He said icily.
Such a strict man. How do I get him to suc¢v-mb to my will? He looks wealthy enough to the point that there’s no nee-d in bribing him.
“I know that doctor but am just concerned for Stella. She pushes herself too much and I just want to be sure if the baby is really okay” I stated faking to be perturbe-d.
“Her baby is perfectly healthy and I administered some drugs that make the baby extremely safe from her condition…”
“What condition are you talking about?” I asked getting more curious.
“I thought you were here just to know the state of the baby?
“There’s nothing wrong with both mother and child and right now…I nee-d to be pres£nt at the emergency room” He enthused and got up from his seat.
I scoffed and stood up.
“I was just curious” I muttered leaving his office.
At least I got the answer I wanted, Stella is still pregnant and that’s the only important information am craving to know.
I was re-ady for be-d but there was no sign of Jeremy Sanchez.
I sat on the be-d waiting for him.
I got off the be-d and headed for downstairs.
I heard Jeremy’s voice and I eavesdropped on his conversation.
Who could be calling him so late in the night?
“…you have to stay there with Jeffrey Nina. I can’t let you and Stella un-der the same roof and besides, we aren’t sure the baby is mine yet…” He paused and ru-bbe-d his temple looking pissed.
So the Nina girl is bugging Jeremy to let her come live with us.
Oh…she’s so dead cause I would deal with her the special way I can if she stays here.
“Stella..Are you re-ady for be-d?” He asked taking my hand.
I nodded and he pu-ll-ed me along with him to our room.
Episode 44
I sat up on the be-d ru-bbing my eyes to get rid of the blur vision.
Jeremy was on the be-d and as usual, with his [email protected]©p.
I slowly left the be-d and headed to the restroom.
After using the toilet, I brushed my teeth staring at my reflection like I had changed completely.
I slowly pu-ll-ed up my t©p and gazed at my tummy.
One month pregnant with a baby from the love of my life – Jeremy.
At least am sure I love him but he’s being very unfair to me.
I won’t be surprised to find out he’s having feelings for the maid.
I left my t©p and it fell freely. I heard a knock on the bathroom door and I was snapped out of my thoughts.
The door opened almost immediately and he walked in.
I tried walking past him but he held me by my wrist.
“Did I do something wrong?” He asked and I looked away.
“No” I replied and he scoffed.
“Incase you don’t know, you look very angry babe. What’s wrong? is it about Nina??” He asked curiously.
“It’s not about Nina, it’s about the maid. Do you…like her?” I asked pouting.
“I don’t even know her name. Mom…she brou-ght her to help cook since you weren’t around.
“But…if you’re not comfortable with her here. I’ll fire her right now” He stated and I sighed.
“I don’t want to look like a disturbing wife. Let her stay. I’m sorry if I made you feel like a wom-anizer…”
I didn’t complete my statement as hisl-ips met mine.
He rolled and su-cked pas-sionately and I wra-pped my hands around his n£¢k.
He unlocked from the k!ssand I frowned a little wanting him all to myself.
“I have a meeting this morning with some supervisors. Grandfather will even be there. I’ll be back later in the evening and I want you to be re-ady in a nice dress by the time I return, huh?” He said and k!$$£d me again.
“Wait! A meeting? You’ll be leaving me?” I asked perturbe-d.
“Yeah…but don’t worry, there are three guards outside and the maid is here. You have nothing to be afraid of” He said and I hit him on his arm.
“It’s not about security Jeremy. It’s you I want” I said almost crying.
He chuckled and pu-ll-ed me into a hvg.
“We haven’t done it in weeks now…” I muttered childishly.
He laughed still holding onto me.
“Like you re-ad my mind babe. After work, I’ll be here to take you out for dinner and when we return…I’ll definitely make you go crazy in ecstasy” He said with a wi-nk.
I couldn’t help but blush.
I hvgged him ti-ghtly before he stepped into the shower.
I sat before the television at the living room watching a movie.
I feel so lonely since Jeremy had left for work.
I miss him so much alre-ady.
I hvgged my pillow imagining it to be my Se-xy husband.
I thought of going to over to Kelvin’s house but I don’t think it would be a good idea.
Jeremy got me a new phone and I lost his phone number.
I heard the doorbell ring and I took the liberty to see whom it was myself.
I opened the door to see the last person on my mind right now – Yvonne??
I can’t believe the guards let her come close to the house.
“Can I come in?” She asked enthusiastically.
I shifted and she walked past mw into the house. I shut the door and walked behind her.
“I had to call Jeremy for him to tell the guards to let me in” She said and I gestured for her to sit down on the couch.
Last time she was here, she set me up with her stupid golden pendant.
“Thank you for saving me. I’m…grateful” I mumbled coyly.
“It’s okay if you don’t trust me. I just [email protected]£ to check up on you. How are you doing?” She asked and I shrugged.
“Am alright” I replied.
“Oh…that’s good to know” she beamed and I just kept mute.
She got up afterwards and took her handbag.
“I’ll be on my way now” She stated and I could only nod.
I watched her leave the house.
Green snake!
I just can’t seem to accept her yet. Who knows what she’s up to in that dirty mind of hers.
I was done with the meeting and I had spare time to do something that has been in my mind for a while.
I left the company and drove to the police station where Tristan was held.
I walked into the lobby and had my name registered before I was taken to meet the devil.
I sauntered into the empty room to meet Tristan handcuffed.
His eyes dimmed on seeing me.
I stood before him and he couldn’t even look me in the eyes.
“What the fu-k do you want?!” He growled.
“No, I should be asking you that. What the fu-k did you want with my wife?!” I rasped icily.
“The same wife I scre-wed countless times while she la-id unconscious dying of the poison that’ll make her mentally…”
I Cut him off with a [email protected] b!ow on his head.
“She was so ti-ght and ju-icy ” He continued.
I punched him and he stuttered backwards.
“I swear Tristan, say one more word about Stella and I’ll s£nd you to an early grave” I growled and he stared viciously at me.
“*ch” He said and I didn’t waste time in beating him up the more.
“You had the guts to [email protected] hands on her! I’ll end you Tristan!” I threatened hitting hum continuously.
Suddenly, I felt two men pu-ll me up away from Tristan.
“Control your anger sir! plea-se…” One of them pleaded and I took my eyes back to Tristan who was bleeding on his nose and had bruises all over.
I’ll kill him.
That’s a promise.
I stormed out of the room filled with rage.
I’ll kill him.

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