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Crazy couple episode 31 & 32

{She’s Stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
Episode 31
Jeremy and I has breakfast before going into the car.
“Am so late!. Thanks to you Stella” he groused he started the car and drove into the road.
I rolled my eyes.
“You were the one that got be pinned to the sink and destroyed my as*h*le” I jibe-d and he scoffed.
“Me? When did I ever do that?” He asked enthusiastically and I raised my hand to [email protected] his face and he chuckled.
“Fine, I admit it. You s£dûç£d me and I ended up drilling you” he said and I scoffed.
“You’re so unpredictable Jeremy!”.
He sped up and the car went fas-ter. We got to the building and he parked by the parking lot.
We alit from the car and walked into the building. I was carrying Jeremy’s briefcase. The whole lobby [email protected]£ dead quiet the moment Jeremy and I stepped in.
The stares were so much people as murmured amongst themselves.
As we walked to the elevator what filled my ears were.
*Good morning sir.
*wow…pretty lady.
*bossy’s wife I guess.
*look at the jewels..
I felt good about the comments I was hearing. Jeremy just had his hands in his pocket as he walked with his eyes fixed at the elevator.
We arrived at his office which was big and looked fancy. I twirled round.
Jeremy took his briefcase from me and sat on his seat behind his desk.
“Sit down on the couch and remain quiet” he said and I nodded.
The office was divided.
There was a wine closet and a more like living room.
I sat on a couch.
Jeremy focused on his work ignoring me completely.
A knock [email protected]£ on the door. Jeremy pressed a bu-tton on his desk and the door opened on it’s own!
A lady walked in and the first thing that caught my attention was her killer dress.
It’s red in color and expo-sed her th!ghs and bo**s.
She had a cu-p of coffee in her hand as she headed straight to Jeremy’s table.
“Good morning boss” she said flashing her white set of teeth.
I stood up and walked over to them. I moved over to Jeremy and stood next to his chair. I glared at the woman while she smiled nervously at me.
“Good morning V. How was your night?” Jeremy asked her with his eyes glued to his monitor.
“It was fine, thanks for asking” she replied.
I scoffed.
“Hold on lady, can’t you acknowledge my pres£nce? In fact, do you want to loose your job!?” I fired at her and she shook her head.
“In case you don’t know, Jeremy is a married man and am his crazy wife so if you think you can in anyway attract him…then you must be a dreamer!” I yelled and Jeremy held me st©pping me from eating the lady up with my eyes.
“Let me go! You allowed your personal as-sistant to walk in here dressed like a desperate who-re! You know what? Am going home” I ra-psed and tried to leave but he st©pped me before turning to the lady.
“I warned you a dozen times to st©p showing me your b©dy. Am fu-king not interested. You know what, you’re fired” he said and my eyes wi-de-ned.
Jeremy must love me a lot..
The lady bur-st into tears.
“Am sorry sir. plea-se forgive me ma’am. I promise to behave myself from now on” she said sobbing.
“Stella…what do you think?” Jer asked ru-bbing my arm.
“I’ll let you stay if you go home right now and change into something proper” I said and she sniffed.
“Thank you ma.” She ch!pped and rushed out of the office.
I glanced at Jeremy wi-nking and we bur-st into laughter.
We laughed into nothing tho.
That lady must have been damn scared.
I sat on his legs and wra-pped my hands around his n£¢k.
“Stella…I knew you would be distraction” he growled and I chuckled.
I k!$$£d him but he unlocked immediately.
“Go sit on the couch…come on!” He grouse and I stood up from his legs pouting.

Jeremy and I left the building and got into the car on our way to a resturant. It’s lunch time and am so hungry.
“C’mon babe, go fas-ter” I said and he increa-sed his pace.
We finally reached the resturant which was one of the best in New York.
We went in and were given a place to sit. The resturant was scanty cause it’s expensive and luxurious.
We placed out orders and waited for it to be brou-ght to our table.
“What if..we go on a [email protected]£ tomorrow night” I said ru-bbing my hands together.
“No. It won’t work out cause I’ll be busy” he said and I sighed.
The waiter arrived and began keeping the food on the table. She popped a bottle of champagne and poured some for Jeremy, while she poured for me Jeremy’s voice made her froze.
“I hope there’s no alcohol. She’s pregnant” he said and I glared daggers at him.
He chuckled.
Suddenly, the glas-s of wine poured on me and I j£rked up.
Oh my God!
I looked down my stained drenched dress.
Oh no!…
“Am sorry ma’am. Oh geez, plea-se forgive me” the waitress said and I fumed with anger but then cooled off.
I turned to Jeremy.
“Babe, give me a sec. I’ll go clean up” I said and he nodded.
I found my way to the restroom and stood before the sink thinking of how I’d start.
I saw a figure really close behind me.
His hvge hands covered myl-ips before he pressed me to the sink.
I struggled but froze the moment he pierced a syringe into me and I felt a cold liquid entering my system.
My eyes closed immediately and I felt myself falling.
Episode 32
I looked around the resturant when I realized Stella was taking too long at the restroom.
Where’s that waiter that ruined her dress???
I got up feeling worried and perturbe-d.
I walked over to the restroom.
I didn’t want to but I went into the female restroom.
I looked around for Stella but she wasn’t here. I left and requested to see the manager of the resturant.
“What’s wrong mr Sanchez?” He asked immediately I walked into his office.
“It’s my wife. A waiter poured wine on her dress and she had to go to the restroom. Since then, I haven’t seen any sign of her” I said distracted.
“Hmm…should we call the police mr Sanchez?” He asked standing up immediately.
He reached for his telephone but I st©pped him.
“No, find that waitress” I said and he nodded knowing fully well that I can shut down this resturant causing a hvge lost for me.
He brou-ght out a hvge book and fli-pped the pages.
Different ph0tos of women was pasted on the page.
I took a close look at the faces before I saw the ph0to of the blonde haired lady.
I tapped on her ph0to and the manager fli-pped the page again.
“Her names Laura Daine. I’ll ask of her” he sajd and took the telephone to call reception.
“They said She’ve left the building a while ago” he said.
So, the bi*ch left immediately she ruined Stella’s dress?
I took her address and left the resturant. I got into my car and followed the address with GPS location in my car.
I slammed the table angrily almost to the point of madness.
“What do you mean lawyer Steve?!!” I yelled at the Sanchez family lawyer who stood before me.
“Let me repeat myself since you’ve gone deaf, your grandfather stated in his will that if something happens to Stella when she haven’t given birth, Jeremy’s inheritance will be taken from him and grandfather will hold it to himself. He might give it to anyone of his choice. So, doing this to Stella would be of no help cause we both know your grandfather is a crazy man. He might even give the wealth to your sixteen years old sister”
He enthused.
“I’ll kill her then!, whoever gets that wealth just suffer cause I won’t rest until it’s willed to me!” I groused and scattered everything on the table.
They smashed on the floor.
“The truth is if you wanted the wealth so bad, you could have been more careful with your character and plea-se your grandfather. You had all the chance to frame Jeremy into doing something bad so your grandfather will overlook him and go for you” he said grinning.
I scoffed as I went into the room where she was kept.
The lawyer and the doctor I hired where there.
We watched Stella [email protected] on the be-d.
“Don’t do this Tristan, pity her” the lawyer enthused behind me..
“Do it, if you really want the wealth” the doctor said and I sighed.
“No one tells me what to fu-king do!” I ra-psed at them before turning back to slee-ping beauty – Stella.
I closed my eyes and opened them remembering the way Tristan beat me up cause of her.
“Give her the dose” I breathed.
The doctor went to his bag and brou-ght the syringe.
He put out Stella’s hand before injecting it into her system.
I some how…felt happy and glad watching the whole thing enter into her.
I would pay to watch this over and over again.
And yes, I would.
I stood by the table counting the money the strange man gave me just to pour wine on that lady’s dress.
But am scared though.
I never knew it was Jeremy Sanchez until I got to the table and he spoke.
I almost went crazy.
But thank God I did the job and left in one peace.
I nee-d to pack my stuff and go to my hometown I guess.
[email protected] for a….
I st©pped with my thoughts the moment the door bur-st open.
Who just broke down my French door???
I turned to see him at the door.
Jeremy Sanchez!.
I didn’t hear him arrive, I could have ran away throu-gh the back.
He walked in and moved to me slowly.
“I won’t ask once, where’s my wife?” He asked coldly and my heart left my che-st.
Oh God…
I feared this from beginning.
Now am in so much trouble.
I put the money in my back pocket.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I said proving stubborn.
A loud ear splitting [email protected] landed on my cheek and I fell to the ground.
Jesus Christ!!!
My cheek was burning sbd stinging.
“I told you I won’t ask twice!” He yelled fiercely.
I began to sob scared to the bones.
“I swear, I don’t know. The man was hvge and wore a disguise. plea-se…I don’t know. My job was just to spill the drink” I said now crying.
He didn’t say anything and I wondered what he was thinking.

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