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Crazy couple episode 11 & 12

{She’s stubborn 🎊 He’s arrogant}
I stared blankly at Tristan’s wife who was wearing sunshades.
What is she doing here?
I searched around with my eyes but there’s no sign of Jeremy. the j£rk has gone to work Perharps.
“Good morning Stella… Remember me?” She asked and I nodded slightly.
I don’t even remember her name.
“Can I come in?” She asked and I shifted so she could come in.
She walked past me into the house while I closed the door.
I wonder why she’s here
I drove to work and all I could think about was Stella. Our crazy drama last night. It’s unforgettable.
How can she change so much?
She was a complete definition of an introvert back then with zero friends…gosh!
If only I knew I would one day be married to her, I would have told my friends to st©p bullying her.
I was just angry and quite agitated that she never falls at my feet like other girls. When I and my friends arrive with our Lamborghini sports car, she’d act like we aren’t even there and look away..
That drove me crazy.
And now, all I can think off is how to get her la-id. I can [email protected] pu-ll myself together. I tried all my best to sleep beside her and without tou-ching her. But soon enough, we have to make out.
I arrived at the company and parked my car at the sp©t I always do.
My PA, secretary, all of them rushed to carry the briefcase I was holding.
The other carried my [email protected]©p from the car. Another was holding a cu-p of foamy latte.
I walked to the building stylishly as they all trailed behind me.
I chuckled nervously as Tristan’s wife laughed outloud.
What’s…what’s so funny?
“You’re an angel I must say. It’s good that you fry the onions without vegetable oil before adding a little oil and tomatoes” she stated and I nodded.
Since she [email protected]£, She’ve been saying irrelevant things, asking stupid questions and laughing like am wearing the back of my T-shi-t.
“Let’s go and make breakfast!” She beamed and rushed to the kitchen.
“Mrs Tristan!?” I called st©pping her.
She paused and chuckled.
“What did you just call me?” She asked sarcastically.
“Am sorry, I don’t remember your name” I stated as my cheeks turned red.
“It’s okay. Well, am Yvonne” she said cheerfully.
Wow…she’s so friendly.
I nodded.
“Yvonne, am really not hungry. There’s no nee-d ma-king breakfast” I retorted feeling uncomfortable.
“Oh… Should we [email protected] game then? How about scrabble?” She asked.
How do I get rid of this lady?
And she’s just too…cheerful.
“Am sorry to ask Yvonne but I really don’t get why you’re here” I said bluntly.
“Oh, am sorry for not ma-king my intentions clear to you. Am just here to keep you company since your husband has left for the office. And also to bu-tter your mind with some ti-ps and advice to keep your man” she replied enthusiastically.
I shrugged.
She went back to the living room and took her seat on the sofa she was on before. I joined her and she smiled.
“In keeping your man, the S-xual stuff comes first” she blurted and I twitched.
“Um…I don’t think I nee-d a ti-p on how to keep Jeremy. We’re living just fine” I muttered and bit my lowerl-ip.
“What’s wrong?” She asked and laughed.
“Haven’t you both been inti-mate? I just wanted to say you should try to give him the style he wants and everytime he wants it…”
“Am sorry but I don’t feel comfortable talking about this with someone I ba-rely know”.
She smiled.
“Alright. I don’t mean to pry”…
I nodded. “No problem”.
Her smiles and laughs are awfully too fake like she’s pretending. I heard her husband and mine aren’t the best of cousins so why is she acting like they’re both best friends and we should to?
“Just know that you’ve got a friend in me. And we both can stay and get re-ady for the gathering this evening” she stated.
The gathering!
I don’t feel so good about that.
But one thing’s clear, am not going to eat or drink anything there. Who knows what they’re all planning.
“Okay then. I’ll go take a bath” I said and went upstairs.
I feel like gr-abbing the telephone and calling Jeremy to tell him, his psycho cousin’s wife is here. But… We aren’t that close.
And he might be working.
I dialed his number afterwards and awaited for him to pick the call.
He didn’t pick the call.
I stared into my phone.
Why didn’t he answer?
Does he even have my number??
Oh fuc*!
I locked the door before pu-lling off my clothes. I stepped into the bathroom to have a warm bath.
It was getting towards evening and the make up artists arrived.
They had with them colorful dresses and I had my eyes on the red one.
They set their equipments upstairs while I bid Yvonne goodbye. She suddenly said Tristan texted her to come home.
Am relieved that she left, she’s always talking nonst©p and makes me feel uncomfortable in my own house.
I sat on a chair as they began fixing my hair.
A lady stood infront of me with l!pgloss and mascara.
I chuckled.
“plea-se, I don’t want much make up. Let it be light and almost invisible” I said and she nodded.
“Sure thing ma’am” she replied and took a brush.
I parked the car at the drive throu-gh and headed inside. I met one of the make up artists downstairs.
“where’s Stella?” I asked keenly.
She smiled.
“Your wife is so beautiful sir. She really don’t nee-d make up to impress anyone…anyways, she’s coming down in a bit; just hold on”.
I rolled my eyes.
[email protected] from all the features, she’s still evil and troublesome.
I glanced at the black leather gold wrist watch I was wearing. It’s almost time for the stupid gathering.
I suddenly heard footsteps. It’s slow and loud enough. Slowly, my eyes flared up and the first thing it sees is a white set of legs in a glittering diamond heel. Slim smooth legs and a red dress to cover up the tempting detail.
I stared into her face.
Looks like I married a goddess?
A cunning crazy goddess.
I batted my lashes.
Yeah…she’s really Stella.
She walked towards me and st©pped when she’ve gotten close enough. She t©uçhed my chin and raised it up closing my mouth which I didn’t know was wi-de open staring at her.
“You look less human when you drool” she deadpanned sm-irking.
I rolled my eyes.
“I was just suprised you could walk in such long heels” I jibe-d.
She chuckled.
“You’re unpredictable Jeremy. Just compliment me alre-ady. I know you’re dying to profess that you like what you’re seeing” she grinned.
Yea…She’s damn right.
I love the way the dress had a love❤shape at her che-st area ma-king her full b*obs blo-ssom and quite appealing to look at.
The dress has diamond glistening stones around her flat tummy then her h!ps are curvy below. I felt like holding onto that.
“In your dreams. My ex girlfriend is pretty much h0tter. Let’s just go to the damn gathering and don’t embarras-s yourself” I said and she scoffed.
She hit her purse on my head.
“You’re ruthless Jeremy” she said behind me.
I sm-irked as I left the house and got into the limousine. She joined me.
I glanced at the wedding ring she wore.
She wasn’t wearing it right.
What would those goddamn motherfuc*ers think?
I took her hand and she shuddered.
What’s wrong with her?
“Are you scared of me?” I asked sm-irking.
She shook her head.
“That’s not it…Am just shocked someone so wicked like you would hold me tenderly” she replied.
I fixed the diamond ring and left her hand.
“Um…I don’t know if I should tell you this but…Yvonne visited me immediately you left for work” she said and I glanced at her.
“And what did the b•tch want?” I asked ruefully.
“Nothing. She just wanted to keep me company but she left before you could come home”.
“Good for her. If I met her un-der my roof, I would have killed her for sure” I said feeling angry alre-ady.
What did that psycho want from my wife??
“Are you angry?” I asked him noticing his mood changed.
“No” he replied icily and brou-ght out his phone.
He began operating it ignoring me completely.
The ride to the gathering was damn quiet.
We finally arrived at the Sanchez mansion.
A guard opened the door of the limo for us and we stepped down. I tried to take a step but I suddenly felt weak on the knees.
I missed my step and I found my self about to fall. I winced expecting to feel pains of crashing at the floor. I opened my eyes since I felt safe. Jeremy, he caught me.
He held me up and picked my purse for me.
“Be careful Stella” he said and I nodded.
He took my hand and we approached the house. The door was opened for us and we walked in. It seemed like we were a bit late.
Other cousins of Jeremy who were also married were pres£nt. Then I saw Tristan and Yvonne. She smiled at me and I just bit myl-ip. Jeremy held me like he didn’t want me to wander off. Such a possessive hunk.
Everyone moved to the exquisite dinning hall. Jeremy pu-ll-ed out my chair for me and I sat down while he sat beside me.
“Where’s your grandpa?” I asked since I’ve never seen him in person.
“He’s coming” he replied coldly.
“you know what to do Yvonne” Tristan said behind me and I nodded.
“Don’t fail this time…” He added.
I gulped.
I won’t fail you love.

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