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Clashing hearts Episode 15 & 16

Chapter fifteen
I woke up to my alarm and quic-kly hurried to the bathroom. I had a nice bath and after that I headed to the toilet to poo
I washed my as-s and hands then walked out of the toilet into my room still on my towel jacket
I sat on my be-d and thought about today and how hectic it will be. I sighed and brou-ght out my hair brush as I brushed my hair and straightened it
I raked throu-gh my drawer wondering what to wear
Damn I’m literally trying to impress Adam with my dressing then I remembered he’s not really into fashion and swagging and I’ve alre-ady done a little bit too much
I started wiping the makeup off and then re-moved the ridiculous wig I wore
A stare at my natural self in the mirror and decided to go for tshi-t and skinny jeans and my black sneaks
After minutes of getting dressed I picked up my purse and phone and walked out of my new hvge room
My phone rang and I checked the caller
“Emily” I sighed and picked up the call
“Hi Emily” I said heading for the dining
She went for one movie auditioning and she didn’t return
“Hi Dannie, oh my God it’s your record day baby, I can’t believe I’m not there with you” she said breathlessly and I rolled my eyes
“Come on don’t blame yourself for anything Em, I’m doing pretty good plus you went to pursue your dream. How was the audition and yourself”? I asked and I heard her scoff
“Audition went great and I’m doing fine but you can’t believe the owner of the job” she said and I sighed
“Nikki summer storm” she said and I smiled at mom who served me my breakfast
Toasted bre-ad and eggs
“Whoa ” I was pretty surprised
I ate and chatted with Emily till I walked out of the house but st©pped on my track when a black limo pu-ll-ed up in my driveway
It had the plate number “CHINOI”
“I gotta go Em, Take care and love you” I said ending the call on her
A middle aged man waved at me to enter and I did as he gently rode down the street
Soon we got to chinoi and I walked out of the car and breathed in before heading towards the elevator
I stepped out of the lift and made straight to the big office
I was about to knock when I heard voices so I decided to eavesdrop first
“Dad are you sure she’s that good”? That was definitely Ariel’s voice
“Yes Ariel she’s perfect” Mr chinoi said
“Ok dad so she’ll be projected today huh”? She asked again and I didn’t know what she meant by being “projected”
I walked back to the hvge sitting room, I don’t want to barge into their discussion
I made myself comfortable on a white couch and looked around the beautiful room
I heard footsteps coming downstairs with chattering voices, then Ariel and Adam walked in
“Hi Dannie” they both greeted at once and I stood up and bowed slightly to them
“Don’t do that, you ain’t a maid” Ariel said walking towards me, she’s just too pretty to look at 🙈🙈🙈
“I love your hair” she said tou-ching my hair and I smiled “thanks” I said and she giggled
“You’re welcome so Dannie I was having this conversation with Adam and he thinks that he’s h0tter than Mitchell . your point of view”? She asked as Adam gro-an ed
“Not again Ariel” he whined and that made me and Ariel laugh
The look on his face was pretty embarras-sed
Well Mitchell is an actor that Ariel featured on her series SILENT WHISPERS
He’s good looking and got teens talking about how perfect he was
“Well I think Adam looks better than him” I said and I didn’t even know when he hvgged me and swirled me around
Repeatedly saying “thank you”
I blu-shed and I’m crushing
He’s totally h0t and irresistible
“Fresh rose” Ariel sm-irked and I blu-shed remembering that what Adam called me yesterday
And I concluded that the chinois are naturally friendly
I stood before the table re-ady to take my first song ever
All the necessary do¢v-ments and individuals were pres£nt
Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
I closed my eyes thinking about yesterday with Adam and couple of months ago with Nicholas
My eyes reopened and the first pair I met was the grey pair of Adam. He wore an encouraging smile, then the pair of Nicholas ocean blue eyes flashed into my head
Him telling me to keep neat if I want to maintain my job as a maid
Him telling me to repeatedly make him coffee
Him smiling in delight sipping my coffee
Him standing so close to me in the dining before Sasha interrupted
Him standing so close to me in the kitchen
Him telling me how he badly nee-ds the Instagram singer in his production but here I am about to record my first albu-m in another production
Him almost k!ss!ngme before Nikki and Sasha walked in
Him standing up for me when his family accused me of s£dûç!ng him
Him telling me yesterday that he misses me
Oh my God I could go on and on and I’m close to tears …..damn I missed him so much
Then flashes of Adam entered my head
His first word when he entered the bathroom and apologised for barging in
Him telling me how fat and insecure he was while growing up
His face when he asked if I had a b©yfri£nd
Him telling me about his fat as-s and crush for a certain Selena girl
Him advising me against controversies
Him holding the small of my back in the restaurant yesterday
And him calling me his new fresh rose
My heart was torn between loving two men at once
A love circle is the worst type of [email protected]ç£and now I’m in that circle with two rivals
🎵A moment like this 🎧
Some people wait forever 🎵🎛️
For a moment like this 🎵
Some people search forever 🎵
For that one special k!ss🎵
I cannot believe it’s happening to me 🎵
Some people wait a life time 🎵🎸🎹🎙️
For a moment like this 🎵
Oh could this be the greatest love of all time 🎵
I wanna know you’ll catch me when I fall 🎼🎛️
Can we make this dream last forever 🎵
Some people wait a life time 🎵
For a moment like thisssssssssss🎵
For a moment like this 🎶
I finished off and breathed out then opened my eyes to see Adam smiling broadly at me
“Whoa” Ariel exclaimed coming to hvg me at once
“That was….” She trailed off and hvgged me de-eply. She smells like wealth and of course she’s wealth
Adam [email protected]£ over and hvgged me then whispered in my ear “I owe you a [email protected]£”
I [email protected] and I lost my s-en-ses as he k!$$£d my cheeks and walked out of room
“This is a two years contract” Mr chinoi said as I nodded, his lawyer and few stars were pres£nt including his children
“Yes sir” I said and nodded
“Competent, dedicated, punctual and confident” Mr chinoi reminded me of the rules and I nodded as I finally sighed the contract
“Welcome to the family” Mr chinoi said as loud applauses followed
Then they all hvgged me and k!$$£d my cheek.
My phone rang and it was Nicholas
“Congratulations” he said and I felt my heart broke into tiny pieces then Adam walked in
Chapter sixteen
“Nick” I said and he sighed and chuckled
My heart was beating fast and I wished I could do anything about it
“There is absolutely no problem Dannie, be careful around Adam” he said and disconnected and Adams walked in almost immediately
My breathing hitched as I watched his sweet stature
“I owe you a [email protected]£ but first of all you nee-d to be made a star” he said and I [email protected]
What in the world is he talking about?
“What”? I asked baffled and he laughed
Just then Ariel and three other girls walked in and Adams k!$$£d my cheeks before walking away
“Just [email protected]£ alre-ady” Ariel lamented as she dropped a heavy bag on the floor
“So you’ll be taking sh0ts cause we’re putting you in a sp©tlight today” she said and I wasn’t un-derstanding anything till she mentioned for the ladies to start and she turned to smile at me
“You’ll be wearing each and every one of these clothes one after the other”. She smiled and walked out
“You’ll nee-d a beauty mas-sage first ma’am” one of the ladies said and I nodded still confused
Soon I was freed as I finally stood up from the stretcher and the ladies started dressing me up in a white revea-ling lingerie and a light make up
“Ok that’s it for the first sh0t’ the first lady said as the door open and Adam walked in. I wanted to crawl un-der the be-d and hide cause I feel n-ked and standing in front of him half n-ked was kinda embarras-sing on my [email protected], he smiled as his eyes traveled down my b©dy and I sighed
He nodded in approval and I knew instantly that I wasn’t that bad
“Let’s go” he said taking my hands as we walked out
“Where are we going to”? I asked and he sm-irked
“Don’t know” he said and I breathed out and didn’t reply cause I know he was joking
We entered a large room and it was decorated like a Queen’s bathroom
Mr chinoi and almost every one else was pres£nt
“Ok you have to get on the be-d and give us a real s-en-sual i-just_woke-up pose” Ariel said and I nodded and got on the be-d and she helped me with some poses and before I knew it I was overly confident and excited as I took several sh0ts.after that I had sh0ts on the dining, beach, garden and in a bikini as a runway
After my shooting I entered the room and had my bath and got dressed then walked out of the room and the first person I saw was Adams
He smiled and held out his hand for me as I blu-shed and hold unto his hand and we walked out of the building to his car
“Dinner tomorrow after your song re-lease” he said and I turned to him sharply
“My song re-lease”? I asked confused
“Yes dear, it’s alre-ady set and re-ady to drop. here” he said handing me his phone and I was pretty surprised to see that the pictures I took was alre-ady posted and fans were anxiously waiting for me
Oh my God I can’t wait to go home and check my Instagram
“You’re a star” he said and I couldn’t believe how simple it was for my dream to come true
I hvgged him and sobbe-d into his che-st
He patted my back and congratulated me time and time again
I watched the pictures , amazed at how h0t she has become
How the hell did I fall in love with her? It’s sad she’s with Adam
Adam is a nice guy and he doesn’t see anyone as a competition
He always s£nd birthday SMS to Me on each birthday
I know I said lots of bad things about him but I only did that because I’m loving her alre-ady and honestly I will do anything I can to get her
Aria had been nice and sweet but my heart was never with her
I nee-d to break up with Aria
I nee-d to go get Dannie
My office door opened as Lilian walked in
She glared at me and rolled her eyes before seating down
“What the hell is distracting you”? She threw at me
“What”? I asked her like she’s nuts
“Mr Carter you’ve been out of focus what the hell is going on”? She yelled
“Don’t yell at me” I snapped
“I was fv¢king paid to yell at both you and everyone else who misbehaves around here and you’ve lost your fv¢king concentration it’s affecting the company real bad. In a span of one month we’ve lost five endorsement deals and seventy million dollars and Mr Carter we’ve fv¢king lost a whole deal with Jhene and that’s because you’re not focused” she yelled sweats running down her face
Why is she acting as if I’m her employee. So aggressive
“It’s not your company” I snapped
“And I don’t fv¢king care, I was paid to make sure that things goes on well here and you’re ma-king it pretty [email protected] for me” she glowered at me and I sighed ru-bbing my temple
“You know what! I quit, I fv¢king quit💔, you can be the new CEO bit-ch” I yelled throwing my files at her and rushing out if the office
fv¢k I’m so stressed and I’m heartbroken
Dad should get someone to run his company fir him I’m going back to my production
I’m going to get Dannie at all cost
First step is to break up with Aria and I don’t fv¢king care if she gets heartbroken or not. I nee-d Dannie
Why did I fall so [email protected] for her?
I smiled as I watched Sasha performance. She’s so fitted for the Lucien role
Emily walked towards us and I glared at her
She’s been carrying her shoulder high because she’s good with role interpretations
“Hi Nikki” she giggled glaring back at me
“We ain’t in the same level bit-ch, you used to be my maid” I yelled getting the attention of others
That’s exactly what I want
To embarras-s her but unfortunately the table was turned around
“Yes I used to be your maid but not anymore and you ? You’re one annoying bit-ch who goes about fv¢king h0t models cause you’re tryna tag along. So what’s the outcome after fv¢king Efizy huh? He’s fv¢king engaged” she yelled and I was totally embarras-sed
I angrily [email protected] her but she spit on my face and [email protected] me back twice
“We’re fv¢kingly not doing the boss / employee $h!t no more” she yelled and walked away
I was stunned
What the hell??? Efizy is engaged???
It’s midnight and I couldn’t sleep, I kept thinking of Adam and even Nicholas
I tossed on my side and finally walked to the kitchen to get a glas-s of milk
I gulped my glas-s and cleaned my mouth before walking back to my room and I was finally able to get a rest
I woke up the following morning and did my normal routine as I walked out of the house to get a dress for my [email protected]£ with Adams
I walked into the kitchen and mom was preparing homemade pizza
The kids alre-ady left for school
I told Mom About my where about and finally walked out of the house but halts as I saw a tinted black car with the plate number “NICKY YOUNG”
What’s he doing here?
Just then Adams car pu-ll-ed up and he stepped out and Nicholas did too
As the three of us stared at each other
Much love 💋💋💋

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