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Blood sister Episode 63

At night I was alre-ady relaxing, when wesley started this issue again
RITA : Yes dear
WESLEY : do you know, you are being wicked
RITA : not again, not again, I want to sleep
WESLEY : dont tell me, if you close those eyes of yours, you will actually sleep off
RITA : why not
WESLEY : so you will sleep, when your blood sister case is unsettled
RITA : I like it
WESLEY : is not fair
RITA : is fair
WESLEY : fine, we all know charity dont like you, or she is being jealous over you, she never did anything to see you in pain, to put your life at stake
RITA : wesley plea-se, will you st©p, just leave me alone
WESLEY : kinsley will be returning home tommorow, what about your sister
RITA : let her stay there, till when I decide to help her by signing
WESLEY : you must follow me to the bank tommorow to sign
RITA : hmm, you can f0rç£ me to the bank, but you cannot f0rç£ me to sign, you know that
WESLEY : why are you being [email protected]
RITA : I am not being [email protected], I nee-d to teach her little lesson
WESLEY : but not this way
RITA : I prefer this way
WESLEY : you know what good night
RITA : ok, good night
( The next day, wesley got re-ady to go and pick up his brother from the police station, then I [email protected]£ out with a cooler of food)
RITA : baby you are set
RITA : ok fine, plea-se help me give charity this food, she nee-d food to be strong
WESLEY : dont worry, I will buy her food on my way to the police station
RITA : what about this food, I prepared for her
WESLEY : she dont nee-d it
RITA : but
WESLEY : good bye Rita (he walked away )
RITA : what have I done now, ordinary to stay clear from my family issues, no oo, you will not
(Wesley settled all the case, and kinsley was grant bail, but kinsley asked after charity)
KINS : bro, you want to drive out
WESLEY : Yes bro
KINS : what about charity, I thought you said charity will also be bailed today
WESLEY : Yes I promise you that, but the case is different now
KINS : what happened, did the IGP change his mind
WESLEY : not at all, but the five million naira for the bail
KINS : but you promise to provide it
WESLEY : Yes I promise that, but the problem now, is that I cannot withdraw money from the bank
KINS : why
WESLEY : I operate a joint account with my wife, I cannot withdraw any money without are signature
KINS : why joint account
WESLEY : I thought it is the best, that’s why
KINS : then what is the problem now
WESLEY : she has refused to sign for the withdrawal of the money
KINS : why, what did you do to her
WESLEY : nothing, but all because of charity, she said charity has really offended her, that she want charity to suffer there
KINS : payback time abi, ok oh
WESLEY : why ok oh, is that all you will say
KINS: wesley what do you want me to say, her sister refused to help her out, that’s their own
WESLEY : fine, why don’t you bring out the other gangs to free charity
KINS : dont even go there wesley, because I will not
WESLEY : what are we going to do
KINS : plea-se just drive me home, I nee-d to rest
WESLEY : are you not going to check on her, before leaving
KINS : I can’t, maybe tommorow
WESLEY : no bro, that’s wrong, you put are in this mess
KINS : I did not, I did not ask her to even go near the bag
WESLEY : bro plea-se get down, let’s go and see her
KINS : ok ( they went and check on rita)
WESLEY : Rita how are you
RITA : I am not happy, kins see what you put me in
KINS : how did I put you in these mess, why did you t©uçh the bag, fine you t©uçh it no problem, you opened it and saw a gun, the next thing you would have done is quic-kly close the bag, but you went to bring the gun out, and the police men saw the guns in your hands, they suspected that you are amaka
CHARITY : so are name is amaka, you know who the police officers are talking about, why are you suffering me, you better bring her out
KINS : I can never bring amaka out
CHARITY : you will not bring the criminal out
KINS : good day charity, I am set to go, I will see you tommorow
CHARITY : where are you going to
KINS : home, I have been re-leased
CHARITY : what about me, wesley you promised me that I will be out today
KINS : they are demanding for five million naira
CHARITY : wesley, you promise to help me out
WESLEY : I did, your sister is ma-king things more difficult for me
CHARITY : she said you should leave me here, and die right, you are man wesley, she cannot make decisions for you
WESLEY : she is my wife
CHARITY : my innocent is at stake here, plea-se dont listen to her
WESLEY : I operate a joint account with her, she has refused to sign, so that I can withdraw money for your bail
CHARITY : why have she refused to sign, are you sure she knows I am the one
WESLEY : Yes she knows, that’s why she has refused to sign, she said you are wicked, and she will be very happy to see you go to jail
CHARITY : ehhhhhh, but not now
KINS : wesley let us go
WESLEY : calm down
KINS : staying here with her is not the best way to bring her out, let me go and see Rita myself
CHARITY : honey plea-se do, tell her i am sorry
KINS : you should tell her that, when you finally get out of here
KINS : take care of yourself
WESLEY : ok (they walked away)
CHARITY: (she started crying )
(In the car)
WESLEY : dont you think, you were too [email protected] on charity
KINS : I was not
WESLEY : is like you dont love her anymore
KINS : to tell you the truth wesley, this marriage is done
WESLEY : hmm
KINS : immediately she come out, she is going back to her father house
WESLEY : you can still give her some time to change
KINS : I can’t, plea-se drive to the direction of your house, let me go and see Rita
WESLEY : Rita, do you think Rita will listen to you
KINS : let me try first, if she refuses, I let her be, his her blood sister life
To be continued. ……

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