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Because I love you final Episode

Because I Love you♥️♥️
♥️♥️Clara’s P.O.V ♥️♥️
We hvgged then sat down, everyone was served food and drinks and all the bills were on him
“I was really scared when I heard you had an accident” I said
“I know you will be scared” he said and smile
“And you never hint me about this, how manage” I said
“It’s suppose to be a surprise you know” he said
“You know you’re the best thing that has ever happen to me” he said staring at me
“Wow … glad I met you” I said
“Same here”
“So there was no business [email protected] anywhere” I asked then he laugh
“Trust me if I was really going for business I would taken you along” he said
“Oh [email protected]” I said then we both laugh and continue eating, were throu-gh eating, we went to different places,
like the shopping mall where I got enough dresses,👗👙
jeweries, 📿💎💍
bags, 👜
shoes, 👡
makeup box,💄
and to t©p it all he bought me a new phone, 📱
and we later went for cinemas, we got home past 9 but it was really fun, we got in and hopped down from the car when he got a call from the police station
“Good evening….Oh that great….. alright, yeah I will be there tomorrow morning….ok thanks…bye” he said and hang up
“Wow” he screamed
“What Happen” I said opening the door then we walked in and sat down, I rest my head on his shoulder
“Finally am free….. totally free, now I can do the things I want without being scared of being killed” he said
“What is it all about” I asked
“I just got a call from the police station now, they said all the culprit have been caught including their leader and those who killed our parent” he said
“Wow…..but why is it our parent” I asked
“Your parent got killed because of us you know” he said
“That bygone, I guess it’s their time coz if not they would have libe and not die” I said
“You’re such a rare gem and my Lucky charm, ever since I met you, my world turns around for good” he said to me and k!$$£d me
“It’s because I love you” I said and smile
“Tell me when did you start loving me” he asked me
“I don’t even know……..I think I started loving you the third day I resumed work” I said
“Wow….. it’s because am irresistible” he said
“Says who” I said
“Says your husband to be” he said and k!$$£d me pas-sionately which lasted for some minute then he carried me in a bridal style upstairs while I laughed, we got upstairs, he la-id me on his be-d and [email protected] me, we continue k!ss!ngwhile the keep tou-ching everything t©uçhable which lead to S-x and believe me, it was superb, I enjoy everything damn thing about it.
“I never believe u’re still a v!rg!nuntil now” he said
“You don’t expect me to start announcing it to the world u know” I said then he laughed
“I bless the day I met you” he said and k!$$£d me
“I bless the day I [email protected] you” I said the we both laugh, we continue gisting till we sle-pt off cudd-ling each other
The next day
I woke up with the Ray of light reflecting throu-gh the window, it’s morning alre-ady, I got up but miguel wasn’t in be-d, then I saw the floor decorated with some love stuffs, I know Miguel did this but why, today is not Valentine day, I stood up and walk downstairs everywhere decorated with flowers then finally I got to the sitting room
“🎶🎶Happy birthday to you
🎶🎶 Happy birthday to you
🎶🎶 Happy birthday to you Clara
🎶🎶 Happy birthday to you
Miguel sang holding a cake and I must confess he has a wonderful voice, I even forgot today is my birthday, I stood there smilling while he sing
“Happy birthday baby, more life, more beauty, and more knowledge” he said and hvgged me and gave me the cake
“Thanks….but how did you know today is my birthday, I don’t remember telling you that” I said
“Don’t forget u’re my P.A and I have every details about in your file submitted to me” he said
“Wow…. u’re really a darling” I said then k!$$£d him
“And I got a small gift for your birthday” he said
“Really where is it” I asked
“It’s in your cake so let’s cut it” he said
“Okay” I said and rushed in to the kitchen and took a knife
“So we gonna spell your name Then cut it” he said
“A” we both said and cut the cake then I saw a key in it, I brou-ght it out
“What this” I said
“I got you a new car” he said
“U’re joking right” I said with smile’s plastered on my face
“It’s outside baby” he said then I rush out happily, and saw it
“Wow….” I screamed happily and hvg him ti-ght
“You like it” he said.
“I love it” I said and k!sshim
“So let’s go swim” he said
“Where” I asked
“U don’t know there is a swimming pool here” he said
“,I don’t know” I said
“C’mmon…..go and change into ur bikini and join me outside” he said
“Okay” I said and rushed upstairs and put on my bikini, damn I look h0t in it, I walk downstairs
“Wow” Miguel exclaimed the we walk to where the swimming pool is, it’s big, we walked in and swim…..we k!$$£d, [email protected]磅….and we had S-x right there in the pool… feelings ever
Miguel looked into my face and said
“If am chanced to come to this world a million times, I will continue choosing you over and over again….. you’ve filled a space no one can ever fill” I smiled then we k!$$£d.


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