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Because I love you Episode 13 & 14

Because I love you
Episode 13
♥️♥️Miguel’s P.O.V♥️♥️
No….Clara plea-se wake up, you shouldn’t have do this, who do I call, I can’t believe Clara layed down her life for me, tears roll down my face seeing her laying helplessly on the floor bleeding, I quic-kly carried her into my car, start the engine and drove to a nearby hospital, I got there and call out the nurse, she was taken in while I stood at the reception crying, it’s been a while I cried, I hate when people are being hurt because of me, I just pray she survive, I owe her my life
Soon the doctor walk to me
“How is it doctor” I asked
“We have a bad news and a good news” he said
“The good news plea-se” I said cleaning my tears
“Fortunately the bullet didn’t hit her heart, it only hit her close to the shoulder so there’s high probability that she can still survive” he said
“Oh thank God, so the….bad news” I said
“Ahmm, we nee-d to un-dergo surgery for her, which Will cost a lot of money” he said
“Doctor I don’t mind how much it’s gonna cost, but plea-se save her” I said
“Sure it’s our job to do that, you have to pay 1.5 million naira to start the surgery” he said
“Doctor, I will pay you 2 million naira but plea-se save her” I said
“Oh thank you, here is the account number you are to pay the money to, I will go start the surgery asap” he said and left, I quic-kly transfer the money into the account.
Few hours later, I was Still sitting at the reception when the doctor [email protected]£ to meet me
“Sir” the doctor said
“Oh doctor how is it” I said
“Thank God, the surgery was successful” he said
“Oh thank God and where is she” I said
“She has been tansfer to the ward for some other treatment but for now, she won’t be able to use that hand but it just for a period of time” he said
“You mean, that arm is condemned” I asked
“Oh don’t get me wrong, am not saying it’s condemned, I only said she won’t be able to use the arm for anything for some time and if possible, Don’t let her stress herself at all coz it’s dangerous for her health pres£ntly” he said
“No prob about that, so can I see her now” I asked
“No coz she is still resting, you can go home and come back later” he said
“Oh okay doctor…. thanks alot” I said
“You welcome” he said and left
Now am relieved, I nee-d to get some things, I hopped into my car and drove to the office, it’s alre-ady 6pm,
I guess almost all the workers would have closed, I got there and got down, I got to my office but found it open, I remember I locked this door before I left this morning, I walk in and saw Bryan searching my table
“And how did you get in here” I said
“Oh….you startled me” he said
“How did you get in here” I asked again
“Ahmm I saw the door open, guess you forgot to lock it” he said
“Oh really… what are you doing here” I asked
“Actually, I [email protected]£ to drop some files on your desk, so I saw something like a rat so I decide to search for it” he said
“That’s not a genuine excuse you know….but nevermind just get out” I said then he walk out….such a crazy being.
The next day
Clara’s P.O.V
I open my eyes, my sight were blur, am I still alive, I tried moving my left arm but I couldn’t, I felt pain which makes me scream, the doctor and MIGUEL rush in
“Miss Clara, what the problem” the doctor said
“I couldn’t move my hand” I said
” You don’t nee-d to stress yourself over that okay, you will soon get better” he said
“Okay thanks” I said then the doctor walk out
“Ahmm….wat will you like to eat” he said
“Seeing you alone makes me full, I thought that was the last time I will see you” I said
“What….me” he said
“Yeah so am not hungry” I said
“I think the bullet has affected your head” he said and walk out while I smile, I miss him….yes I do ….I really do
A week later I got discharged, Miguel [email protected]£ to pick me up
“Sir this is not the way to my house” I said
“Will just keep those mouth shut” he said, I noticed ever since the day I recovered,he has been trying to avoid me, though he usually [email protected]£ to visit me and sometimes sleep in the hospital but he won’t talk to me so this is bothering my mind, what have I done wrong
Soon we got to a bit big house, he got down and open the gate then [email protected]£ back
And drive me in, I guess this is his house but what the hell am I doing here
“Get down” he said so I hopped down and wait for him to close the gate
“So let’s go in” he said then I followed him, we got in and I was like wow…. what a big house
“So for now till you get recovered, you will be staying here with me, no work, no office, just sleep and wake up, you are not to stress yourself okay” he said
“Oh really……you mean I will see you when I wake up and when I want to sleep” I asked
“It’s just a payback” he said
“I love this type of payback” I said smilling
“Crazy wench” he said then he started to un-bu-tton his shi-t
“What….wat are you trying to do” I asked
“Not like you are blind…..the left room upstair is your room so get out of here” he said
“But wat about clothe” I said
“Will you just get out of here” he said
“Okay sir” I said and walk upstairs, wow I love this room.
Some weeks later, Miguel is still harsh on me, he never want to see me around him, though he provides me all my nee-d, he bought me clothes, he cook for me and when he is not around or late for work he ordered food for me, he’s been taking good care of me but he still won’t talk to me, I think I nee-d to ask him why he keep doing this to me, I nee-d an explanation, I can’t stand it seeing the man I love ignoring me.
That evening he [email protected]£ back home, I open the door and he [email protected]£ in
“Welcome sir” I said but he didn’t reply instead he walked out on me and walk upstairs
“Can I asked you a question plea-se” I said
“Ask” he said and turn to me
“Why are you doing this to me, why do you refuse to talk to me, I can’t ba-re this anymore, what have I done wrong to deserve this act from you” I said crying
“I am angry because of you, I am angry at you, I am angry because you of your foolishness, I am angry because of your stupidity” he yelled
“My foolishness… stupidity” I said with tears on my face
“Yeah……why are you always risking your life for me, why will you put your life bin danger just to keep me alive, we aren’t siblings so why did you keep saving me after everything I did to you…….you are the same person who sle-pt in the hospital with me when you are suppose to be in your be-d, you are the same person who donated blood for me, you are still the same person who took a bullet for me, why….why….Clara why” he yelled
“Because I love you…damn it” I yelled back at him crying
“What…..what did ….you …just say” he said
“Yes…is it a crime to fall in love with my boss….is it a crime to love you wholeheartedly… it a crime to always want to be with you… doing all this and am re-ady to do anything for you…. because I love you
” I said
♥️♥️Episode 14♥️♥️
♥️♥️Miguel’s P.O.V♥️♥️
“Like….you love me” I asked confusedly
“I don’t nee-d your opinion, I know you hate me and will always do, so you don’t have to f0rç£ yourself to love me but plea-se st©p ignoring me coz it’s hurting me” Clara said, I was speechless, I couldn’t think of anything that moment, I turned and walk upstairs.
♥️Clara’s P.O.V♥️
Yeah I know I don’t worth to be his side chick talkless of girlfriend, it’s okay if he can’t love me back, it’s okay I can’t have him, everything will be okay is he st©ps ignoring me, then I’ll be fine” I said to myself crying 😭
Throu-ghout that day, Miguel didn’t come out, I was worried, did I hurt him or have I said anything wrong, when it was time for dinner, he ordered food for me which was delivered, I went upstairs and knock his door but he didn’t talk talkless of opening the door, i went back to my room feeling worried, I should have kept those feelings to myself
The next day
I woke up late this morning, am sure Miguel would have left for work, I went downstairs but instead the dinning was set with food, sure Miguel did this then I saw him walking out of the kitchen
“You are awake” he said smiling and that surprise me
“Yeah good morning sir” I said
“Do you even know my name” he asked
“Your name…..oh….no I don’t” I liked
“Really, you mean you don’t Know my name” he asked
“I don’t” I liked again
“Okay, from now on, call me Miguel” he said
“What..” I said, why is he been so nice to me this morning, what’s happening
“Call me Miguel… more sir okay” he said
“Oh okay” I said
“Now come and eat” he said
“Like seriously” I said
“C’mmon” he said smiling, I walk closer and sat down, he brou-ght our a plate and served me my meal
“Now eat” he said to me
“Thank you” I said
“So how is your arm” he asked
“Better” I said
“Thank you” he said more like a whisper
“For what” I asked
“For saving my life, you’re really a God s£nt” he said then I smile and we started eating.
Soon we were done eating
“Go take your bath and dress nice, we will be going out today” he said
“Like you and I” I said
“Is that a crime” he said
“Oh no….not at all” I said happily
“So am waiting” he said, I stood up and made my way to my room, I took my bath, put on a short go-wn which Miguel bought for me, it’s kinda short but I love it, I put on a flat fashion sli-ppers, like I said am not a make up fan so I only apply a little powder. I went downstairs, he was fully dressed and believe me, he look cute, I walk downstairs
“Are you throu-gh” he said switching off the TV
“Yeah” I said
” So let’s go” he said then we walk out, he open the car and I hopped in, he also [email protected]£ in and started driving…..we went to different places, shopping mall, eatery, i even got my hair done which change my look, we went to some fun park, beach, believe me it was really awesome, av never seen him laugh this way, I pray he don’t change, we got home late that day, after getting home he decide to cook which I also join him in the kitchen, we were done cooking, he served me and we started eating
“Ahmm sir” I said
” Miguel” he said
“Oh Miguel, can I ask you a question” I said
“Question…. Go on….ask” he said
“I was wondering…..why are not revea-ling your identity” I asked
“What….” He asked
“Yeah, who are those guy’s pointing gun at you that day, what shady business did you involve yourself into” I asked, he [email protected]£ silent
“Am sorry if I said anything wrong, it’s okay if you don’t wanna tell me” I said trying not to get him angry
“I’ll tell you” he said
“Oh really, am all ears” I said
“Yeah but first, tell me about yourself, your parent, just everything about you” he said
“I am an orphan, I lost my parent many years ago in a motor accident which I was lucky to survive from” I said
“How did it happen” he asked
“My dad is a very good man and easy going, he has a small car, that very day he just collected his salary and as usual he do take us out every ending of the month whenever he got his salary, I was sitting at the back of the car, while my parent were at the front, he was pla-ying our favorite music, I was dancing and they were singing, but a car from no where ran to us and hit our car which make the car turn upside down, there was smoke everywhere, the car that hit us didn’t st©p, but it was out of break, and I guess some people were after them, my mum and dad died at the sp©t, luckily I found my way out and escape but I was seriously injured, and before I know it, our car get burnt with my mum and dad in it” I said crying
“What a sad story” he said
“Now tell me yours” I said cleaning my tears
“You mean me” he said
“Yeah” I said

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