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Babysitting the bad boys season two finale

Episode 30
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Secrets and [email protected]ç£] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
Next morning
👟Cole’s POV 👟
I opened my eyes to see her leaning on the be-d beside me.
“Hey, hey kora” I called and she opened her eyes and raised her head up.
“Hey why did you sleep here? You should have gone home.”
“Um..there is no one else here in case you nee-ded anything so I decided to stay behind” she replied.
“Hmm but I’m not crippled, you had to sleep uncomfortably because of me” I said.
“No, no, it wasn’t that [email protected] at all was comfortable” she replied and stretched her n£¢k.
“See, your n£¢k hurts, doesn’t it?” I inquired and t©uçhed her n£¢k.
“No no, I’m okay seriously, um..lemme go see if I can get you anything to eat” she cooed and left.
👖Rico’s POV 👖
I t©uçhed her hair and patted it back with the effort to make her wake up.
I bet we aren’t attending school today.
I continued tou-ching her hair and felt her move.
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
I felt someone tou-ching my hair and opened my eyes to see Rico starring at me.
I blinked repeatedly before struggling up.
Then the memories of last night flooded my head.
“Morning” he greeted and I shook my head and starred down at the be-d.
“Does it still hurt?” He asked and I took my eyes to his.
I re-moved my eyes from his and nodded.
“I’m sorry, but its unavoidable, if there was another way to go about it I’d have taken that route. I’m sorry” he apologize and I f0rç£d a smile.
“Its okay, its bond to happen anyways” I smiled and he chuckled.
“Thank you ken, thanks for letting me in. For ma-king me the one that took it, I promise I won’t leave you alright?” He cooed and I nodded and he hvgged me slightly.
“Come, you nee-d a bath” he added and pu-ll-ed me up.
👖 Cole’s POV 👖
She [email protected]£ back with a tray containing different dishes and kept it on a small be-d table in front of me.
While she was still arranging the table, her hair fell and covered [email protected] of her eyes.
I took my hand to the hair and tucked it behind her ear.
She raised her eyes and starred at me.
And then my hand went to her cheek next and I smiled.
“You are cute” I cooed and planted a quic-k k!sson herl-ips and the spoon she was holding fell off her hand.
“Don’t worry, I’ll do the rest” i said and helped myself.
A year and half later.
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
I arrived at the NY airport waiting for Fred to come pick me up and soon a sport flashy car pu-ll-ed up beside me.
It looked like Rico’s sport car a lot.
“Hey sis” Fred called stepping out from the car.
I left my suite case and ran to him hvgging him ti-ghtly.
“I’ve missed you a lot Fred” I cooed hvgging him ti-ght.
“I’ve missed you too pumpkin, mom has invited all her friends, the house is filled with a lot of people, its meant to be a surprise but unfortunately I can’t keep a secret from my twin sister” he revealed and I laughed.
He took my luggage and kept it in the boot.
“Come on, let’s go, everyone one is waiting” he smiled and we got into the car.
We arrived a very hvge building and Fred beckoned on me to open the door.
I gulped and opened the door and heard people’s voice.
“Welcome home!!” Its was more like a shout tho.
I smiled when mom showed up, I ran and went to hvg her.
“Mom” I cried whimpering in her arms.
“My baby, I can’t believe this is you, you’re gonna turn twenty in a few days.”
“And you’ve grown more beautiful” she cooed hvgging me ti-ghtly.
Dad showed up and I left mom to hvg him.
“Dad, I’ve misses you a whole lot” I cooed and he patted my back.
“Me too dear, welcome home to your family, we have been waiting for you” he replied and we dis£ngaged from the hvg.
“Wow! They look so much alike” a pretty lady from the crowd exclaimed.
“Yes, they really look alike” another said.
“You really have twins, she looks extremely beautiful” another said again.
Mom [email protected]£ and held me again. “We are throwing a [email protected] for your home coming baby, we’ve really missed you” she said.
“Yea I know mom, Fred alre-ady told me everything you planned” I replied and her eyes wi-de-ned.
“Fred??” She called Fred who has been standing by the door and he raised his hands up.
“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t keep it to myself” he said and we laughed.
“Mom, just forgive him okay?” I smiled and she t©uçhed my cheek.
“Okay doll.”
A month later.
I [email protected]£ down from Fred’s car and stood looking at the students.
Fred [email protected]£ down and stood beside me.
“We’re gonna be attending college together. Are you sure that your b©yfri£ndis really coming?” He asked.
“Yes he is, his definitely coming, he promised to attend the same college with me” I replied and he coughed.
“Alright then”he cooed and sighted one of his friends.
“Bobby” he called and rushed to his Bobby friend and they hvgged each other.
Rico, where are you? I thought and continued starring around and soon I felt someone gr-ab me from behind.
I wanted to scream but perceived his scent.
I turned immediately and saw him.
“Rico” I called and smiled.
“Damn you scared me” I cooed and he giggled.
“I’m sorry baby, have you missed me?” He asked.
“Of course, I thought you weren’t gonna show up” I pouted.
He cu-mpped my cheek and k!$$£d me.
“Every day without you is like hell to me, I promised, didn’t I?”
“I’m never gonna leave you, once we’re done with college I’m taking you to the alter” he cooed and I smiled and hvgged him.
“I love you” he said and I smiled more broadly.
“I love you too.”
And that’s how our love story continued.
I was once a nanny and he was once a bad boy but now we have become one.
A very short epilogue coming up later.


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