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Age doesn’t matter Episode 7 & 8

I stood up and carried my bag, I dropped it again when I realised my ugly jacket is still on my b©dy.
I loos£ned the ropes around my b©dy and took off the jacket.
“No fv¢king way” Jason scoffed.
“What?” I looked up at him.
“You look h0t!” he sm-irked.
I rolled my eyes.
“Oh plea-se!”
I [email protected]£d my bag, “Thanks for the compliment but I think I’ll get going now.” I said and hurried to the door.
“Okay good bye Jason, good luck with your birthday, that means I’ll be seeing you on Tuesday right?” I said.
“Wait!” He said. I paused and turned to him.
“So you’re not attending my birthday [email protected]!” He asked.
“No and besides I was never invited.” I replied.
“Well now you’re invited. Don’t you want to come?”
“To a teenage boy’s birthday [email protected], full of teenagers with similar attitude like you. I rather stay home” I tell him and he laughed.
“It won’t be as bad as you think!” he said.
“I’ll think about it!” I as-sured him.
“Okay, whatever” He shrugged.
“Okay good night” I said about to leave again when Jason called me again.
“What?” I sighed, frustrated.
“Let your hair down so it will go with your full look” Jason said.
“Goodnight” I said and slammed the door.
I hurried down the stairs and good thing I didn’t come across Mrs hvggins.
I made it out of the hvggins residence and walked to the place Neil and I plan to meet, as I hurried to the place, I yanked the ru-bber band off my hair letting my hair cascade around my shoulder, maybe I should just listen to Jason This once.
I saw Neil standing beside his car, dressed in a perfect black clean suit that matched his brown hair that he jellied all back.
He looked up and smiled seeing me, and I noticed as his eyes dart from my legs to my face.
Okay, he’s checking me out. That’s nothing new.
“Hey.” I said and my voice shook, I was freezing, it was a cold night and my shoulders are ba-re open letting me shiver.
“HI.! Wow! You look gorgeous!” Neil said with a flu-shed expression.
“Thank you!” I smiled. “You look good too” I added.
Neil opened the car door for me and I got into his car.
He got in and closed the door and I breathed out a sigh of relief when I felt the warmth of the car.
He started to drive the car and he just couldn’t st©p complimenting me of how beautiful I look, he was just ma-king me blush for all he cares.
But I did appreciate his compliments.
The night sky was beautiful, the street lights brightened up the whole street and I just felt this [email protected]£ night just perfect for the weather.
“So I guess you were just back from your work?” Neil asked.
“Yep, actually coming from there” I said and paused.
“My jacket!” I [email protected]
“What jacket?!” Neil looked at me.
“I was actually wearing a jacket this morning, and I left it at my work place!” I said pu-lling out my phone from my bag.
I can’t believe I got super careless, and I won’t be going to work tomorrow or next.
I called Mrs hvggins and she picked up at once. One thing I love about her.
“Miss Elsa?” she was surprised.
“HI Mrs. hvggins, sorry plea-se can I speak to Jason!” I said.
“Oh okay!” she said and cut the call.
Neil just watched me as I looked out the car impatiently.
“You’re always like this!” Neil laughed.
“Always like what?” I turned to him.
“You’re never patient and you always do that weird tap with your feet” He said and looked down at my legs ma-king me look down to see I was actually tapping my feet on the floor.
“Oh.” I said.
“You really have to learn how to be patient” Neil stated glancing back and forth at me and the road.
“Well I can be pat–
My phone interrupted me from completing my s£ntence and I whispered a little “Excuse me” to Neil before picking up the call, the number seems unknown though.
“Elsa?” I heard Jason’s voice.
“Oh thank goodness Jason!” I breathed out.
“Why are you calling me? do you miss that much!” Jason tea-sed.
I ignored that anyways. “My jacket, the one I left in your room!” I said.
“What jacket the ugly one?” He asked and I rolled my eyes.
“Yes the ugly one!, I left it in your room, beside your study desk I think!” I tell him.
“Okay, yeah it’s still here, but what do you want me to do about it?” He asked.
I sighed.
Well I’ve confirmed it’s there, but I don’t know what to say, looks like I’ll come get it myself tomorrow.
“Okay, keep it safe for me, I’ll come get it tomorrow!” I said.
“Oh okay, but why do I feel like you purposely left your jacket here so you could come see me tomorrow!” Jason said sounding so serious.
“Get lost Jason!” I scoffed.
“By you saying, get lost means it’s true!” Jason said and I hanged up. I don’t have the strength for his silly jokes.
Neil cleared his throat “And if I can guess, Jason is the boy you’re currently tutoring right?” she asked.
“Yes” I replied.
“How old is he?” Neil asked.
“He’ll be eighteen soon… Very soon!” I said.
“Oh wow, judging by the way you talked to him on the phone, it seems like he’s one hell of a teenager.” Neil said.
“You have no idea.” I shook my head. “Jason is like a pain in the n£¢k”
Neil laughed. “Teenagers, don’t worry he’s just going throu-gh puberty”.
“That’s what I tell myself any time he gives me one of his rude attitude or indirectly insults me, I just let it slide. But sometimes I don’t.” I said and Neil laughed.
“I know you never let anything slide, I could tell by our days of the student council” Neil smiled.
“Yeah.” I smiled too.
I started. “Honestly student council days used to be fun when we both ran it together but, after you graduated and I [email protected]£ president it wasn’t that fun anymore, I had to do everything myself.”
Neil’s laughter filled the car and it made me smile.
“You’re one lazy president”
“No kidding” I rolled my eyes.
Few minutes later Neil parked his car beside a building and the street seemed kind of empty.
This time around I let him open the car door for me, cause it’s our [email protected]£ night and that’s how it’s supposed to go.
Neil guard me as I made my way out of the car and the feeling felt beautiful.
“And we’re here!” he said, ma-king me gaze at the big building we stood un-derneath.
“Where is this?” I asked.
“A restaurant, it’s not very popular but it’s the best.” Neil said and took my hand as we both walked inside.
A lady helped us get the door and as we walked in the main building, a tall man with a book or whatever he was holding greeted us politely and asked for our names.
“Reservation for Neil and Elsa!” Neil tells the man and he checked his book before telling us to follow him.
We followed him to the second floor of the building and he opened an expensive looking door at the corner of the hallway.
Inside the door was a very good looking room.
It has just a single table with two chairs facing each other at the end of round table.
On t©p of the table was a small vase and a single rose in it, and it looked so cute.
The room has dim lights and roses were placed on the wall, it almost looked like a rose jungle but it was still beautiful.
Neil and I got in and he got the chair for me as a nice gentleman he is.
A waiter walked in and handed us the restaurant’s menu.
After picking whatever I want and Neil picking his too. We handed the menu to the waiter and he left to get us our foods.
Neil and I were served water first, and we both started to talk about things,
What we talked most, was about our high school days, Cause that’s when we got to know each other grew fond of each other and all and Neil shocked me when he asked.
“So do you still have a crush on me?” He said ma-king me almost throw out the stake I was enjoying.
“What the hell…” I laughed. “Where did that come from.?”
“Sorry I startled you, I can clearly recall you had a crush on me back then in high school!” he said.
Well I did.
“But I never told you that!” I said.
“Yeah, you didn’t but Andrew told me!” Neil said eyeing his food and me at the same time.
“Andrew. I didn’t tell him either!” I smiled. Andrew used to be Neil’s best friend.
“So you did had a crush on me?” Neil sm-irked.
I giggled. “I did, I sure did!” I admitted and he beamed even more.
“Okay wow, thanks for admitting that.” he chuckled.
“But how did Andrew know?” I asked.
“I don’t know he just said he’s been watching you and he could tell you had a crush on me and honestly, I didn’t know and when he told me about it I started to finally see you had a crush on me.” Neil expound ma-king me re-lease a hideous cackle.
I drank a lot of water to help my laugh die down. And it did help.
“So you couldn’t see I had a crush on you but Andrew did. Ugh Neil you’re so pathetic!” I rolled my eyes.
“I didn’t, so do you still have a crush on me?” He asked.
I rolled my eyes. “What kind of question is that?”.
“It’s just a question!”
“Well that was just a teenage phase all girls pas-s throu-gh, I don’t have a crush on you anymore” I let him know.
I don’t.
“A phase all girl pas-s throu-gh?” he repeated.
“You know in high school there is always this one guy a girl likes but after school it just dies down, don’t you think it’s a phase” I tilt my head at him and he laughed.
“Well for some people, it’s a phase, for some, it’s not, I guess it was just a phase for you” Neil said disappointed. And I shrugged
“So do you think you can still crush on me or maybe fall in love with me again?” He grinned.
“I don’t know, let’s see what you got.” I replied.
Neil and i walked out of the hvge restaurant and he led me to the car, I got the door myself and got in, while he got in the car too.
The drive home was quiet, we both didn’t say much and I was kind of sleepy too.
The [email protected]£ night was cool, I honestly enjoyed it.

Neil pu-ll-ed over in front of my house and I could see the lights from my kitchen window on.
We both walked out of the car and he smiled at me.
“Hope you had a wonderful night?” Neil started.
“Yeah I had a great night” I said sincerely.
“Okay so… Goodnight?” Neil smiled.
“Yeah goodnight” I replied
I wanted to go inside cause I was freezing but Neil called me back.
“Yes?” I replied politely.
“Yeah so,” he begun and starts to ru-b his n£¢k nervously. “On Monday, so on Monday is my graduation and we get to invite friends and family, and honestly, you’re the only friend I’ve got!” he said.
“For real?” I scoffed.
“Yep.!” He said and I sighed. “Okay fine, I’ll be at your graduation but you’ll be the one picking me up” I tell him.
“Of course, if I don’t, who will then?” he laughed.
“Okay then Neil, I’ll see you on Monday?” I smiled and he nodded.
“Thank you for tonight Elsa, good night and also have a wonderful night” He said and with one brief hvg, his legs walked to this car and with one last smile and wave, he got into his car and drove away.
I covered my freezing b©dy with my skinny hands, not like it covered anything though, and ran into the house.
My house was warm as always and the sweet smell of turkey filled the whole place.
“Elsa is that you?” My mom asked as she heard the door close.
“Yes it’s me!” I yelled.
“Youre just in time for our late dinner.” my mom said coming out of the kitchen.
My mom paused seeing my outfit.
“Oh no, it’s okay I’m alre-ady full.” I said.
“Did you go teaching, dressed like that?” she asked.
I glanced down at my dress. “What? No am I crazy? I went on a [email protected]£.” I said walking towards the couch and resting my bu-tt down.
“A [email protected]£?” my mom’s voice was as curious as it was excited.
“Yeah, with Neil!” I said.
She knows Neil.
“Neil? Neil? Who’s Neil?”
“Neil? The guy you once called a very simple minded guy, who [email protected]£ home with me on time from school!” I recalled her memory and She [email protected]
“Oh you mean that Neil? Oh wow.! It’s been ages, so you’ve been in t©uçh with him?” my mom asked.
“No not really, I met him the night before yesterday, coincidently at the bus st©p. We were both surprised seeing each other” I explained and my mom smiled.
“You guys met the day before yesterday, and he alre-ady asked you out on a dinner [email protected]£?” my mom sounded weird which made me laugh.
“Yeah? What’s wrong with dinner [email protected]£s?”
“Nothing, I mean so quic-kly, don’t you think he likes you or something!” my mom sm-irked.
“I don’t know mom” I stood up. “I’ll be in my room, it’s been one stressful day.”
“Okay good night sweetie.” my mom said behind me and I nodded.
I brou-ght my phone out from my bag and dropped my bag on the floor beside my be-d.
I checked for any missed calls or messages but none. So I just dropped my phone.
I got up from my be-d and re-moved the skimpy dress from my b©dy.
I felt like I could breathe again, immediately the dress was off my b©dy.
I made it to shower and spent almost an hour un-der the h0t runny water…
That night as I tucked myself un-der my blanket, my head buried in the pillow, my phone brou-ght a message tone and I looked at the screen to see a goodnight message from Neil.
I smiled and texted him back before falling asleep.
‘The sun is surprisingly h0t today’, I thought as I [email protected]£ down from my be-d to check the time.
I [email protected] when I saw it was 1:3pm, wow did I really sleep that late? Was I really that stressed out yesterday?.
I breathed out a sigh of relief when I figured out I won’t be going to work today, but sighed when I remembered my jacket, I have to go get it.
That afternoon I ate the applejack cereal as brunch and after taking my bath and watching a little bit of modern television, I left the house and made my journey to the hvggins residence.
Thankfully the road was free Today, the bus wasn’t full and I made it in the hvggins residence in no time.
Mrs hvggins [email protected] seeing me walk into her living room.
“No, you can’t work extra time. You get to work on weekdays, I don’t want you to get stressed out” Mrs hvggins said.
“Uh no, I’m actually here for something else.” I tell her.
“Oh really?” she giggled.
“Yeah” I replied. “I left my jacket here yesterday and I [email protected]£ to pick it up” I expound and she nodded. “Right Jason told me about that, anyways you can go get it, Jason kept it waiting for you, he’s in his room” Mrs hvggins said and I nodded and made my way to Jason’s room.
I knocked on the big wooden door that leads to Jason’s room and I heard his voice saying. “Come in, it’s open.” from the inside.
I pushed the door opened and walked in, he was on his be-d with a boy beside him with curly hair, they were both pla-ying with their phones they didn’t even bother to look at whoever walked in until I said
“Hey Jason!”
Jason and his friend looked up immediately.
“Elsa! Wow can’t believe you’re here. Your jacket is over there, you can take it and leave, you’re welcome” Jason rushed his words and turned back to his phone.
“Dude.” his friend nudged him.
I made it to his study desk and [email protected]£d the jacket from the chair.
I made it to the door but was st©pped my Mrs hvggins who just walked inside.
“Oh, I was about to leave!” I smiled at her.
“But you just got here, why won’t you just stay for tea!” she offered.
“No it’s okay!” I smiled about to walk pas-s her but she placed both hands on my shoulder and let out a friendly smile. “plea-se, you should know I don’t treat my guest in that harsh way and you’re more than a guest, you’re Jason’s pri-vate tutor for God’s sake.” Mrs hvggins said.
“She’s the tutor?” I heard Jason’s friend whispered to him.
“Okay then fine, but just tea, I have to go!” I smiled.
“Now that’s the spirit!” Mrs hvggins said and led me out of Jason’s room and downstairs to the kitchen.
And my jaw almost dropped.
This shouldn’t be just a kitchen, I couldn’t even describe what I was looking at, every stove, oven microwave, fridge, felt like another Level of technology, it was advanced and the kitchen island was to die for.
Mrs hvggins starts to brew tea on the counter and I just stood still with my jacket and bag on my b©dy and watched her.
Each time she glanced at me, she throws me this heartwarming smile and I just nod lightly.
And then she started a conversation.
“So I heard you went on a [email protected]£ yesterday!”
Okay that is kind of awkward to start a conversation.
“Uhm…Yeah!” i replied.
“Wow okay, I didn’t mean to pry, but I didn’t see you when you left yesterday and Jason said you left in a hurry cause you had a [email protected]£.” Mrs hvggins beamed.
Of course Jason!
“Yep that is correct!” I nodded.
“Oh okay, so you heard about Jason’s birthday [email protected] right?” Mrs hvggins asked and I nodded.
“Well his dad will be flying back tomorrow just for his birthday!”.
I don’t un-derstand why she’s telling me all this. But I’m listening, maybe she doesn’t want me to be bored watching her brew tea I’m not really in a mood to drink.
“Looks like his birthday will be the talk of town,” I joked.
“Not really, just a few of his friends and family members that’s all, we don’t like calling for attention” Mrs hvggins smiled.
Her smile is really beautiful and you gst used to it quic-kly.
“Oh okay!” I nodded.
“So you’re coming right?” she smiled.
I nodded. “Yeah of course, Jason told me about it, it’s on Tuesday right?”.
“Tuesday?” I heard Jason’s voice behind me and I turned to see him walking into the kitchen and heading for the fridge.
“No silly” Mrs hvggins laughed.
“My birthday is on Monday, wow! Do you have bad memory?” Jason tea-sed.
“Jason watch your ton-gue!” his mother threatened.
“Anytime he says something like this next time, make sure to reprimand him!” Mrs hvggins huffed.
“Mom you have no idea, how much more of reprimands I get in my room upstairs, I even got [email protected] in the head one time!” Jason said as he pu-ll-ed out an apple canned drink from the fridge.
Mrs hvggins laughed. “Looks like miss Elsa, is not an easy person to deal with!”
“She’s not, and she’s rude!” Jason said to his mom.
“Anyways my birthday is on Monday, you can come if you want to and you can rest your bu-tt home if you don’t want to.” Jason remarked.
I rolled my eyes, and then paused.
“On Monday?” I repeated.
“Yeah I told you about it, what the hell? Did you forget alre-ady do you suffer from anterograde amnesia”. Jason tried to joke but got a glare from him mom.
“Is anything wrong?” Mrs hvggins asked.
Neil invited me to his graduation ceremony on Monday
“On Monday… Uh I have a place I have to go.” I said.
“On Monday? Where?” she asked.
It’s rude to tell Mrs hvggins this but she’s obviously prying in my business.
“I have a graduation ceremony to attend.” I tell her with a sigh.
“Your graduation?” she asked.
“No a friend of mine, he’s graduating from college and I have to be there.” I said.
“Oh okay”
“Is it the guy you went out on a [email protected]£ with?” Jason asked.
“And I don’t see why I should answer that.” I glared at him.
“Well that proves your answer to be yes.!” Jason said. “Anyways mom just let her go to her b©yfri£nd’s [email protected], it’s like she’ll be doing anything for us here.” Jason added before leaving the kitchen.
“Don’t mind his words.” Mrs hvggins pleaded.
“Yeah I know” I shrugged.
“I un-derstand if you can’t make it here on Monday, but I really wanted you to be here.” Mrs hvggins sighed.
Why? What does she want to do with me?
I finally had the tea with Mrs. hvggins like she wished for earlier and I found my way home.
In the bus I couldn’t help but think, Jason’s birthday or Neil’s graduation ceremony.

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