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Zoe final episode

THE FINAL EPISODE OF ZOE ( The missing Seal)
Written by Amah
Hadar was shocked at how Zoe changed greatly.
Zoe took command of the house like a first wife. Everything was determined by her. If she doesn’t give approval it will not be done.
Lord Amos entrusted all into her care and Zoe’s first order was to re-move and burn down all Lady Samar’s worsh!ppole, belonging to one of her idol called Bianca, which was still left in the back house.
Shelar try to protest that the mother’s idol pole was not disturbing anyb©dy and should be left alone. He said even his father destroyed her other gods but left Bianca because his mother loves Bianca. but Zoe wouldn’t hear if it. There was going to be only one God in the household and that is the God of heaven who do not have a competitor. And every other gods is contradiction and will be burnt to ashes.
Shelar try to protest but it was of no use because Zoe was in charge.
Shelar went to his father to [email protected] complain but Lord Amos was adamant.
Hadar had a small god which she got back home and she hides it in her basket and prays to it in secret because she knows Zoe will not hear of it.
After Zoe destroyed all the signs of idols she asked Hadar.
” Make sure there is no a handmade god with you. If there’s one, bring it out and throw it into the fire.
Hadar denied of having any god. She didn’t fully believe in the God of heaven which Zoe and Lord Amos put there trust.
Hadar prefer the god she can see not an invisible God.
She wakes up early and was performing her ritual one day, speaking to her idol to protect Zoe with the unborn child. She spoke many foreign language and try to avoid shouting so that Zoe will not hear her.
Zoe saw her one day very early and erupted.
” Hadar, if you won’t obey my word then keep your idols and go back to my father’s house.
Hadar try to defend herself
” Zoe, I’m only trying to help you, is a prayer for you and the baby. How can you believe in a God you can not see. Your father worsh!pa hand made gods, and that’s how you were brou-ght up…why do you want to adapt to this new system.
” Our ways was wrong, Hadar, I’m done with the old ways. I was raised to believe in stick and stone gods which I never took serious until I [email protected]£ to know the God of Lord Amos. Throu-gh out my trying times he was the Only God I called upon and he did not fail me. I want you to stay with me but I will not tolerate disobe-dience. In this household we will not confuse ourselves. Is either the God of heaven or no other…
Zoe took the idol and smash it against the wall. The moulded god scattered like dust.
Hadar was scared and said that the spirit of the gods will come after Zoe or the baby.
Zoe as-sured her that there was no live in it. It was made by men and sold out to finble minds like her.
” This child I carry belong to Lord Amos and to the God of his people. No other god will be invited to as-semble in Lord Amos house ever again. If I find you pouring [email protected] to Baal or any other god I will s£nd you back to my father’s house. I love you Hadar, plea-se do not make me do what I said. We will bow down to the God of Isreal and no other.
Hadar saw Zoe’s eyes she meant her every word. She began to wonder if the pregnancy had affected Zoe’s s-en-ses.
She went to Lord Amos to Plead but Lord Amos stood with Zoe.
” There will be no god in my house again. I worsh!pOnly one God in heaven every other will not have a place in this house. Hadar, listen to Zoe and do as she says.
Hadar obeyed.
Shelar had no choice but to also obey.
Hadar took care of Zoe, the right food to eat, time to rest, time to walk round and every other thing was timely.
Zoe listened and obeyed as Hadar guide her on what to do.
Alia was also around she remained behind and as-sisted when necessary.
Zoe likes her company and they sometimes sit out and talk about God and many other things.
Zoe felt at peace and was glowing in her pregnancy.
Lord Amos flocks began to multi-ply, the grains, [email protected]£s, the animals and everything took another new look.
During harvest time, the servant harvested many bags of grain, vegetables, wheat and fruits.
Hadar sometimes pray to the unseen God of heaven to show mercy on Zoe and grant her safe delivery when the time comes
Everything was done new, no ritual, no idol, no incense no ascerah pole or Baal.
The house [email protected]£ back to live and everything was refreshing.
As the time for Zoe to give birth draw near.
Hadar did things differently not the old ways. She swept the earthen floor and lined the rush mats. She didn’t chant or spray kitin fragrance to keep the evil spirit away. She didn’t, instead she prayed to the unseen God.
“God of Lord Amos plea-se protect Zoe, watch over her and the child, she had turned away from everything she ever learned so that she could be among your people…I beseech you to show her mercy. Let the child she carries be a son who will love her and care for her in her old age. Let the son rise up in strength and honour and be a child who finds favour before you..
When it was time to give birth, Hadar discovered it was a difficult for Zoe. She kept trying to push but it was [email protected] beyond her imagination.
Lord Amos sat outside the house hoping to hear the cry of a baby but time was going.
He bowed his head in prayer asking God to help Zoe to deliver safely.
Hadar who had acted as a midwife many times decided to check Zoe, she minister olive warm oil on her stomach and in the process of doing that Hadar was shock to discover that Zoe was not Just carrying one child, there where two children in her wo-mb. Two heirs to Lord Amos line.
She was dumb founded are never expected Zoe’s wo-mb to hold two children at once.
She kept mas-saging and encouraging Zoe to push but it remains difficult.
Hadar had helped birth children in the household of Mukan, she had also seen other women in labour but had never seen the case of Zoe. Every bush appears as if she was drawing her last breath.
Hours upon hours, Zoe strained, sweat poured from her, she held on ti-ght to a leather stra-p to keep herself from screaming loud.
Hadar asked her not to hold back her scream, she encouraged her to cry out, scream maybe that will help.
” If I scream Lord Amos will be distressed, he will be so troubled… let me suffer this alone.
” You can’t suffer alone. Zoe scream out if you feel like doing so. Lord Amos is the curse of all this, he is the cause of your pain. Let him hear you and be disturbe-d. You can’t suffer this alone… I’m sure lady Samar use to scream during her own child birth and Lord Amos never mind.
Zoe who’s b©dy was covered with sweat, she said to Hadar while breathing so [email protected]
” Don’t compare me and lady Samar. I’m not her and can never be. plea-se sing… sing to the Lord God of heaven.
Zoe gro-an ed as the pain took all over her again. Blood and water soarked the birthing mat on which Zoe lay.
” I will proclaim His name and ascribe-d his greatness. For the God of heaven, the God of Jacob, Isaac and [email protected] is great…His ways are just.
Zoe [email protected] for breath while singing out praises to God, Hadar joined her.
Her hands drew up her knees and she pushed again.
Suddenly the first child’s hand [email protected]£ forth and Hadar quic-kly tied a scarlet cord around the babies tiny hand just to mark him as the first to come out.
” This one [email protected]£ first but not fully out, the baby only showed a hand and I marked it with a scarlet. Try and push ha-rder again so that the child can be fully out.
Zoe cried out and pushed [email protected] but suddenly the baby with the scarlet cord hand withdraw back. The baby pu-ll back the hand, shocking Hadar who couldn’t utter a word.
She grined her teeth and placed her hand upon Zoe’s abd0m£n. She doesn’t un-derstand what was going on and couldn’t explain it.
Hadar prayed fervently as she placed her hand on Zoe’s abd0m£n. She felt the two babies appears to be struggling in Zoe’s wo-mb. They move, rolled, pressed. As if they were fighting over who to come out first.
Zoe was breathing So [email protected], she was in serious pain
She pushed again with a [email protected] broken cry and the first child [email protected]£ forth. Hadar cu-mpped her hand and the baby slid into Hadar’s waiting hands.
” A son…is a boy!..
Hadar laugh out joyfully but [email protected] out in shock. Her face was filled with shock as she looked down on the baby.
Zoe seeing Hadar’s expression asked.
” Is he okay… what is it. What happened Hadar?
” What! This was not the baby that I tied a scarlet cord round his wrist, the baby that first pu-ll out his hand and later pu-ll-ed back… he is not the one…
Hadar faced the baby.
” How did you break out out first… Zoe let’s call him Perez… it means breaking out.
Within few moment, the second child was born. A son who had the scarlet cord which was alre-ady soarked in blood.
Hadar exclaimed happily as he held the second child
” His name will be Zerah, it means “Scarlet”. Which proclaim him the firstborn although he [email protected]£ out second.
Zoe [email protected] out freely, she was exhausted but couldn’t hide her smile. She smile wearily.
When the afterbirth was pushed out she felt weak and [email protected] her head with eyes sh0t. she managed to utter out few words
” Sons” God had blessed me with two sons”…
Hadar cut the birth cord, washed the boys, salted and swaddle them before placing them in their mother’s arms.
Zoe opened her eyes and smile as she looked from Zerah to Perez.
She turned to Hadar and said.
” Do you see what the Lord has done, I asked for one but he gave me two. Hadar… can you see? God has lifted the poor in spirit, He has taken me from the dust, from condemnation and gave me sons… sons! All my pains are forgotten, a joy like never before is filled in my heart…
Hadar later took the babies out to Lord Amos who was weak and tired from worries and prayer.
Immediately he saw Hadar with two babies wra-pped in her arms. He couldn’t speak, his emotions were so powerful that they choked him.
Despite his sins God still find him worthy to give him double blessing throu-gh a courageous young maiden “Zoe”
He looked at his sons in shock. He wanted to jump, scream, run from post to post, roll on the ground but all he did was to look unbelievably at his sons.
He rushed in to where Zoe [email protected] from her travails of long child birth.
She was very weak but couldn’t hide her smile.
Lord Amos pu-ll-ed back a stand of hair from her face. He realised he love Zoe for the great woman she was. He did not only Love her, he respected and admired her.
He bent over and k!$$£d her forehead, he wiped a tear clouding his eyes. He wanted to say many things but all he could say to Zoe was.
” Thank you Zoe”
Zoe had brou-ght him to repentance, God had used Zoe to restore his household again.
Zoe looked at him steadily before saying.
” I want my sons to be men of God. my Lord…I want you to do to them whatever God requires so that they will be counted among His people.”
Lord Amos nodded, he was too emotional and couldn’t speak.
After eight days the babies were circvmcised and after few weeks
There was a big [email protected] Mukan and his entire household [email protected]£ to [email protected] with Lord Amos household.
Lord Amos said to Mukan.
” Thank you for giving me your daughter, she is my biggest blessing. I’m grateful to God that you did not put flames on her. Today we gather here because God of heaven has blessed me beyond measure throu-gh Zoe.”
Mukan quic-kly remembered that Zoe once told him that “one day Lord Amos will thank you for the blessings I will bring to him”
Zoe’s word [email protected]£ rushing back to Mukan’s mind.
Many gifts were giving to Mukan and his household.
He went to Zoe shamelessly and asked for his daughter’s forgiveness, even Zoe’s brother’s pleaded to be forgiven and Zoe forgive them all wholeheartedly.
The [email protected] last for days and there was enough room for everyone.
Shelar was very happy to have younger brothers and couldn’t hide his joy. He invited his friends and boast of his cute brothers. His father also plan to get a wife for him, a wife with a pure heart who serves the true living God and Shelar was willing to start his own family so that he can also multi-ply his father’s house. What his late brothers failed to do he will do it and make his father proud. He will be a good example to Zerah and Perez.
Hadar was one of the happiest people to become [email protected] of Lord Amos household and to serve the God of heaven.
She joined hand to train up the twins in the Lord’s way. They were also her children because she took them as one and was proud to be as-sociated with Zoe who [email protected]£ a celebrity among her own father’s house and the people of Lord Amos.
Lord Amos took Zoe’s hands into his own after the [email protected] days was over and he said to her
” I will show you the respect a man should have for his wife but I will love you like a daughter. I won’t do as the Canaanites do. I promise. I know I have failed in many of my promises before but I promise to keep this”.
Zoe smile before replying him.
” I trust you my Lord, I know you will do what is right before God. I have no fear”
Lord Amos k!$$£d her palm before letting her go.
Till his last day upon the earth Lord Amos kept his promise. Though he loved Zoe but he never sle-pt with her again nor with any other woman.
He dedicated his life serving God and raising his children.
He got a wife for Shelar who started his own family.
Zoe also dedicated her life for the God of heaven and raising her kids. She never sle-pt with Lord Amos or any other man again.
And God blessed them with baskets of food and flocks.
They had enough and there was no lack among them.
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