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Unknown enemy Episode 8

Episode 8
Written by Amah
Kate was so angry that all this while it was Viva that stole Betty’s fine n£¢klace and she was trying to paint her bad in front of Kate, calling her a thief.
Kate decided to confront Viva first before telling Betty, she want to be very sure that it was Betty’s n£¢klace she saw on her, she was waiting outside to the time Viva will be back.
After sometime Viva returned, she walked up to her before she can go into her [email protected], Viva who wanted to pas-s her as quic-k as possible had to slow down as Kate crossed and stood right in front of her, hand akimbo, she kept a straight face as she looked at the n£¢klace fully before looking at Viva who knew Kate was up to something but kept smiling so that she will seem unbothered.
“heyyy…Kate, why are standing on my way…what is going on…you look as if you have seeing a ghost, move out from the road…I’m just coming back from the spa, I got a good mas-sage, pedicure and manicure and then got my nails fixed… I can take you there sometime, don’t worry about the money because I’m well registered with them, they will give you the best service, I just want to show you the advantage one can get for being married, this is one of the advantage of bearing Mrs not Miss, I un-derstand how lonely most night must be for you, especially those cold night that I will just cudd-leup in my husband’s arm and feel so warm and safe but is really sad for you because there is no man beside you to keep you warm…I feel your pain…being a single mother can be very lonely… and very sad too..
“are you done talking…i learn not to exchange word with a thief and a fat liar, those who try to paint other people bad so that they will appear good…
“who is a thief and a liar…what are you talking about…gold-digger like you who refuse to keep to her clas-s, gathering where you did not sow…tell me what you mean or are you scared of me…
“scared of you…hahahaha…you make me laugh Viva, you are putting on Betty’s missing n£¢klace, Betty’s fine n£¢klace is on your n£¢k oh… what a miracle, it must have probably appeared on you without you even knowing, you are so pathetic… which other word can I use to describe you now aside gold digger, is your rightful title, is more befitting for someb©dy like you…you stole Betty’s n£¢klace and it has being with you all this while and you lie and denied ever seeing or having anything to do with it…how stupid can you be… the truth can not be hidden forever…every hidden thing will eventually come to light, or you think you can hide it forever…?return Betty’s n£¢klace to her or I will personally go and tell her myself that you have being the thief all this while… don’t try me..
“well, well, well. I was thinking you are just stupid and your stupidness was because of your loneliness, from year to year not getting even a common “hello” from men, I am married and anytime I walk in the street I get thousands of admirer from the men folks, I feel so sorry for you because is obvious that you have grade 1 in being foolish, I will show you that I’m a ha-rd nut and you can’t crack me, you don’t nee-d to tell Betty anything come with me let me go and tell her how you are haras-sing me of being a thief…come. At the end you will regret every trash you vomited from that your wi-de mouth…
Viva headed to Betty’s [email protected] and Kate followed behind re-ady to see the drama Viva will [email protected] front of Betty, and how Viva will be able to convince Betty that her missing n£¢klace is not her.
As they got into the [email protected] and met Betty, V iva on seeing Betty went and hvgged her and Betty also returned the hvg, Betty saw the n£¢klace on her n£¢k which she expo-ses very well with her off shoulder dress, and before Betty could say anything Viva started speaking,
“Before you say anything Betty…just listen to me first…so I went to the spa to get my manicure and pedicure done and also to get a b©dy mas-sage and fix my nails…on getting back…this your so called friend started haras-sing me…she was accusing me of stealing your n£¢klace..i could have tore her into pieces for such an expensive accusation but for the respect I have for you I have to come and report her first to you before I take any action on her…I didn’t even talk or respond to all the names she was calling me…Betty you are my very good friend…and I hold you in high esteem, how can I steal from my own friend…is that even possible…I was here when your n£¢klace got missing and I felt bad about it because Kate was the person I saw going into your room as I was going out that day…if you can recollect I told you that Richa-rd said he was going to buy me that same n£¢klace when he returns from his journey, so when he [email protected]£ back I went with him to one of the sorted gold smith to create my own n£¢klace…I told them to do exactly something like your missing n£¢klace and here is the result, I just got it this week and decided to rock it… that was how Kate [email protected]£ and started haras-sing me…
Betty remembered that Viva has mentioned it more than once that Richa-rd was going to get her lots of things when he comes back including her type of missing n£¢klace, Viva sounded convincing so Betty believed her but Kate didn’t, Kate was so angry that Betty was believing all the lies that Viva was pouring out from her mouth, so she spoke out angrily,
“Viva you can fool everyb©dy but you can’t fool me, Betty may eventually believe all this your trashy lies but I will never believe you, so how did you tell the gold smith exactly what to create when you don’t have a picture as sample, why is it exactly as Betty’s missing n£¢klace, how was he able to do the exact thing, bring the receipt, the pouch, anything to prove that you actually bought it and not stole it from Betty…
Viva saw that Kate was coming from a dangerous angle asking her to provide evidence, she was smart enough and knew this will happen, after she stole the n£¢klace she wanted to make sure everything was re-ady before wearing it, she waited for Richa-rd to come back before wearing it so that it will seem that Richa-rd was the person that got it for her, she made sure the [email protected]£ on the receipt is recent so that she will be able to defend everything in it, and a hvge amount was written on the receipt as the price,
so as Kate was asking for a receipt she smiled to herself before going to her [email protected] to get the fake receipt that she has being keeping for such a time like this, she brou-ght it to them, she showed Betty and Betty nodded, Kate [email protected]£d the receipt and checked it, she knew it was all a lie that Viva will go any length to make sure that she convince them. Kate told Betty that the receipt is fake, that it is a lie, the n£¢klace is her missing n£¢klace and that the receipt is a forged receipt, as Kate was talking Viva suggested that Tony who was the person that bought the n£¢klace should come and check the n£¢klace and the receipt to know if is his wife’s missing n£¢klace and to also confirm if the receipt is fake, Kate quic-kly agreed because he knows Tony will know better and will say the truth.
Tony who was surfing the web in his room and refuse to come out because Viva was there, he was hearing the women voices, Viva and Kate especially but stayed put, he didn’t want to stay where Viva and his innocent wife is, Viva will be looking at him which will make him uncomfortable, but when he was called to come and help out in the situation by Betty he decided to go.
Kate was happy as she saw Tony coming to check things out, she wanted to make sure that Viva was caught, she watched Tony as he glanced towards Viva who was looking at him without blinking, Kate noticed something was wrong from the way they looked at each other but she waved it off before her bad imagination gets the best of her,
as Tony checked the receipt and the n£¢klace as he was asked to check, he knew that was his wife missing n£¢klace, and the receipt doesn’t look original because he has never ha-rd of such a goldsmith workshop before, he immediately knew that Viva stole the n£¢klace from Betty his wife, but Viva was beside him and he can’t let the truth be known because he has a secret with her, he will confront Viva pri-vately for stealing his wife’s n£¢klace, but not now, he can’t expo-se her or his own dirty secret maybe expo-sed.
Kate was looking at Tony and Viva, and saw the way him and Viva kept glancing at themselves, and to her utmost surprise Tony said it was not Betty’s n£¢klace and the receipt was real and not fake, Kate’s mouth fell open because she knew it was a lie and something was wrong, she knew Tony does not support evil and doesn’t really like Viva before, she has had him say to Betty when Viva recently moved in with her family and was coming constantly to visit Betty, Tony had told Betty that she should be careful with Viva because she maybe a bad influence but Betty waved that off and defended Viva instead that Viva is her friend and their neighbour, but as Kate watched she was speechless, and she decided to keep quiet, she can’t argue again when even Tony agreed with Viva’s lies, Viva started laughing at Kate, and told Betty to warn Kate never to embarras-s her again like she did today or she will take a necessary action on her.
Betty spoke
“Kate, the drama was not necessary, I know you tried to prove a point that the n£¢klace was mine and all that but you should know that Viva can’t possibly steal from me, I remember that Viva said that her husband was going to get her something like my missing n£¢klace and it doesn’t suppose to surprise you because Richa-rd can also afford it, he is well to do too…
“Yes, he is very well to do and he even promise to get me a car, Richa-rd promised to get me a car…and very soon you will see my ride…
“I’m so happy for you Viva…wow…congrat…Tony is also going to change my car soon… i know how good it feels to get gift from your loving husband…so I totally un-derstand how excited you are… so if Richa-rd gets a new car for you and Tony gets mine it will be double [email protected], maybe we will just have a weekend [email protected] then…
“yeah…it will be so fun…so much fun…but a little sad for those who are yet to get a “hello” from a man, but I’m not even bothered about them but about my man, my love, my super hero, my honey pie who is going to get me my ride…
As Viva spoke she looked at Tony who was trying to avoid looking at her, Tony knew that Viva was indirectly referring to him in getting her a car, which she is going to give credit to her husband who is oblivious to everything going on, nob©dy know the affairs between him and Viva, except Rebecca, Tony knew he can’t afford two cars at same time, one for Betty who he has promised to change her car and one for Viva who he just want to settle so that she will leave him alone… he has to forfeit one, he has to get for Viva first, Betty’s own can wait, she can be managing her car until he has enough money to change it for her, Tony knows if he speaks to Betty or fabricate a lie why he can’t get her a car she will un-derstand, she always un-derstands.
After sometime Viva left, Betty called Kate and was telling her not to accuse Viva the way she did, Kate who chose to keep quiet since everyone was against her for challenging Viva was quiet as Kate spoke but later speak out
“Betty..i don’t know why you can’t see that Viva is so manipulative. She is lying and I know it…that n£¢klace belongs to you, but if you still insist that it belong to Viva I won’t argue with you.”
“It’s hers…mine got lost, mine is lost or is somewhere ..i just don’t know, but Viva can not steal such an expensive thing from me knowing how much I cherish it…she can’t even steal because she said Richa-rd business turned around and he has money now unlike before, and Viva is also my friend, we live and dine together, so why will she do that… don’t be fast in judging before…or throwing accusations like you did today. Is very wrong Kate…very very wrong..
That night Tony spoke to Betty, he [email protected]£ up with a story why he can’t get her a new car yet, he told her he has planned to but the company is not yielding profit like it use to, so he want to wait until everything turns around before getting her the car he promised her, Betty was sad but she eventually un-derstood because that will be the first time Tony will be breaking his promise in getting her something so she told him she will be managing her old car until he is re-ady to get her something new.
After one week Tony secretly got Viva a fine car, Viva’s joy was full, she was over excited because she has never owned a car before, Richa-rd has not being able to afford one for her, she was happy that she finally got a fine one from Tony, who did everything secretly so that he won’t be found out.
Tony later resumed work, Betty started noticing some changes in him, she knew something was not right, no matter how Tony pretends or tries to cover up, he ha-rd ly t©uçh her or sit and joke with her, he was always going off to somewhere to avoid a conversation with her, she asked him what the problem maybe but he said he was good, is just work stress, but she knew it was more than that as Tony started coming home late, Betty couldn’t hold it in anymore, she wished to talk to someb©dy, she wanted to talk with Viva about it but Viva was always out with her new car and she is ha-rd ly home anymore like before, Kate does not come as before again, she tried calling Viva on phone to know where she was so that she can go and meet her, Betty thought within her that Viva will un-derstand better than Kate because she is also married, although she sometime hears she and Richa-rd arguing or fighting over something, but she has being waiting to ask Viva what she and Richa-rd always fight about recently and to also tell her about Tony’s attitude, but as she tried to call Viva’s line, it was off, she sat ha-rd on the chair thinking of what to do.
As Rebecca saw her sitting down so dejected, she asked her if she was alright Betty looked up at her and said she is just worried, Betty asked Rebecca if she can talk with her because she is looking for someb©dy she can talk with, the burden in her heart was weighing her down, Rebecca sat beside her as Betty talked about Tony’s change of behavior, and how she met the company accountant one day and she asked about how the business is yielding and he as-sured her that the business is yielding profit like before, they have never experience lost, it was different from what Tony told her, Betty said she wondered why Tony had to lie to her about the company loss when there was none, just to avoid getting her a car. She told Rebecca everything that is bothering her, hoping to feel better.
“ you think there is another woman…because to my little un-derstanding when a man start lying and coming home late or avoiding his family then is either there is another woman or something is eating de-ep at him…
“Tony can’t cheat on me…he probably lied because he has a better surprise for me and didn’t want me to know about…he never lies to me and he has swore and promised never to cheat on me and I totally believe him…I trust my husband… he will never be unfaithful to me, I can swear for him on that one…I so much love and trust him…
“okay…okay ma…but still watch him closely and pay attention to your surrounding…just watch him and pay attention to every details around you then you may probably come in line with the truth… don’t talk to anyb©dy about it even your husband because right now you don’t know who is against you or with you…st©p saying too much than people deserve to know…talk about everything out there whenever you are with your friends but don’t talk about your life or family to anyone…not to Viva, Kate or anyb©dy at all until you get the answer you seek and I know you will find out the truth soon if you listen to my little advice.
“hmmmm…alright Rebecca…you have being helpful…thank you…I will do that…paying attention to details and to my surrounding…I may probably come face to face with the truth…I’m grateful…I actually thought you won’t have much to offer me but I’m a little relieved talking with you… I will sure do as you suggest…
After her conversation with Rebecca she was going to start doing what Rebecca advised her to do, she will not look down at her kids nanny because she is very young. Although Rebecca was actually young, her word made s-en-se to her and she was re-ady to apply all she was told to do…
Rebecca didn’t want to go straight and tell her that Tony was cheating on her with Viva, her friend and next door neighbor, and even got her a car, Rebecca wanted Betty to find out by herself and she knows that Betty will find out very soon if she will pay attention to her surrounding and st©p fueling her enemies fire with her life and family personal details, she nee-d to learn how to keep some things to herself and to pay attention to her surrounding in that way she will catch the unknown enemy.
To be continued…
question: What do you think will be the outcome of this advice? Since trust is a cardinal key to a successful marriage, to what extent can a spouse start doubting the other spouse in marriage ?
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