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The boy next door Episode 6

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Six 📘
😊 Jamal’s P.o.v😊
Ever since Gianna [email protected]£ home Friday evening,she has been smiling like someone un-der a spell.
We were having lunch with our mom and Gianna was busy day dreaming.
“Earth to Gianna” i said and nudged her with mu elbow.
“What? St©p bugging me,Jamal” she said.
“You have been smiling to yourself for like 20 minutes now”
“So? Can’t i smile anymore?”
“Ever since you [email protected]£ home that Friday, you have been smiling like an idiot”
“Mom,i swear i will kill Jamal”
“You two should st©p fighting”
“Where did you and Xander go to?”
“We [email protected] the team’s victory, that’s all, what’s your problem?”
“No,Gigi, it’s really clear what is going on” My mom said smiling at Gianna.
“Which is?” I asked.
“Gianna is in love with Xander”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Gianna is in love with Xander” My mom said and i started coughing.
“Mom, that’s so not true,am not in love with Xander”
“Then explain the day dreaming,you giggle alot when he is around,you act so differently”
“Mom,he is just my friend”
“Oh,so he’s now your friend,i thought you didn’t like the sight of him,so what changed?” Jamal asked.
“Well,i found out that he is a nice person” I said and Jamal rolled his eyes while my mom giggled.
“Gigi, it’s okay if you like him,Xander is such a gentleman”My mom said and smiled.
“Okay,am going to my room,bye” i said and walked away.
I can’t believe they think am falling for Xander, Pathetic.
‘So why do you think of him all the time?’ My subconscious asked.
“No,i don’t, he’s just my friend, nothing more”
‘You smile alot when he’s around’
“St©p it” i said and [email protected] myself.
“Gianna” Someone called and it was Xander, that’s when i realized that i was alre-ady in my room facing the window.
“Is something wrong? You were talking to yourself and then you [email protected] yourself” Xander said looking worried.
“ fine,i was just thinking about something” i said.
‘Or someone’ my subconscious added.
“St©p it” i said.
“St©p what?” Xander asked confused.
“Nothing, okay” i said and he looked at me weirdly.
“You are one weird girl” he said and i rolled my eyes.
I noticed he was holding his guitar.
“You are about to [email protected] guitar?” I asked.
“Yeah but i don’t feel like it anymore,how about you come over to my house?”
“To your house?”
“Yeah, don’t worry,i won’t eat you” he said and i chuckled.
“Okay,am on my way”
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
For some reason when she said she was coming over,i quic-kly changed my outfit.
I never been so cautious about what i wear in front of girls because they would still drool over me but Gianna was different, she’s not other girls,she isn’t carried away by looks.
After changing, the door bell rang,i sprayed perfume all over myself then went to answer the door.
“Hey” I said as i opened the door,i noticed she wasn’t wearing her lenses and her hair was brou-ght down,she is so beautiful.
“Alexander” She called,i shaked my head.
“Um..come in” i said nervously.
“Thanks” she said as she walked in,she looked around the living room.
“Your house is so beautiful” She said smiling.
We sat down and i couldn’t takey eyes off her.
“Xander,if you keep staring at me that way,i would be f0rç£d to punch you in the face” She said and i chuckled.
“Anyb©dy who has eyes and loves beautiful things would stare at you all day” i said and she smiled.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I just had the urge to not wear my lenses and lose my hair down before going to Xander’s house and that’s something i have never done.
I would never consider going to a guy’s house but with Xander,i feel so safe.
I would never consider taking off my lenses for someone but for some reason,i did it for Xander.
Alexander McQueen, What are you doing to me?
“Let’s [email protected] video game” i said and i heard him chuckle.
“Why did you laugh?”
“Are you sure you wanna [email protected],can you handle it?”
“Don’t forget,i have a twin brother at home”
“Okay, let’s pla-y”
“And plea-se don’t go easy on me,give me all you have” i said and he win-ked at me.
” I won..again” Xander said for the fifth time.
“I wasn’t re-ady” i said and he laughed.
“That’s what you said the last four times i beat you”
“Whatever” I looked around the room,then my eyes caught the sight of a piano.
“You know how to [email protected] piano?” I asked as i walked closer.
“Yeah,you wanna hear?” He asked as he also walked closer to the Piano.
“Of course”
We both sat in front of the piano and he started pla-ying.
He pla-yed it so well,the eay his hands moved around the keys.
When he was done,i had no choice but to [email protected] for him.
“It was so beautiful”
“Thanks, it’s so nice coming from you”
“Can you [email protected] instruments?”
“The drums, the trumpet and the flute and the guitar,you alre-ady know that”
“Wow,you are really talented,your parents must be proud” i said but his expression changed,he [email protected]£ sad.
“Did i say something wrong?” I asked.
No,no,you didn’t say anything wrong, it’s just.. it’s nothing”
There was an awkward slience.
“Would like to see our pool?” He asked suddenly
He surprisedly held my hand and led me to the back of this house.
I could feel Sparks as he held my hands.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
It was like an electricity pas-sed throu-gh my hands as i held her hands.
I took her to the pool side.
“It’s nice” She said as she re-moved her hands from mine and i suddenly wished she didn’t.
“How about we go for a swim?” I asked.
” Nah,i don’t want to” She said.
“Okay, okay,if you don’t want to,i won’t f0rç£ you but I can do this”
I carried her and jumped into the pool.
“I can’t swim,i can’t swim”She said as she was struggling with the water.
“fv¢k” i said as i quic-kly swam towards her.
I held her by the [email protected]!st.
“Are you alright,am so sorry i didn’t know that….
I was cut off by her laughing.
“You are such a scaredy cat,did you really think i didn’t know how to swim”
“You tricked me”
“I did and it was hilarious, you should have seen your face”She said laughing.
“Am such a scaredy cat?”
“Yes,you are”
“Well,can a scaredy cat do this?” I asked then i suddenly k!$$£d her on thel-ips.
She was struggling with me but I held her hands, she suddenly bit myl-ips.
I had to pu-ll away, she was crying.
“How dare you k!ssme? It’s that why you invited me to your house, you per-vert”She said crying ha-rder.
“Gigi,am really sorry, I didn’t mean to…
“Mean to what? All you guys are per-verts taking advantage of girls”she said and stepped out of the pool.
She sat on the ground and held on to herself and cried even more.
“Don’t do it, plea-se, don’t do this to me” She kept saying repeatedly and shaking so much.
I [email protected]£ out of the pool,i tried to t©uçh her but she screamed so loud.
“DON’T t©uçh ME!!!!” She screamed louder, then she started running away.
“Gigi, wait” i said and ran after her but she alre-ady got to her house.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
The memories [email protected]£ back with full f0rç£, i had to scream it out.
I had as fast as legs could carry me, I heard him run after him but I got to my house on time.
“Gigi,honey, what’s wrong?” My mom asked as i ran inside.
“You are soaking we-t,what happened in Xander’s house?” Jamal asked.
“I just want to be alone and no one, absolutely no one should mention Xander’s name to me again” i said in tears.
I ran into my room and locked the door,i slide down the door and cried my eyes out.
“Don’t do this to me” i said repeatedly until i fell asleep.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
I could hear her cry in her room,that k!ssmust have reminded her of something terrible.
Am so stupid to k!ssher,it was just a harmless k!ssto me but to her,it brou-ght back bad memories, Memories i don’t know of.
I could hear her screaming in her room,i looked throu-gh my window but her window was closed.
I could still hearing her crying,i couldn’t take it anymore,i climbe-d out of my window then managed to get into her room.
I saw her on the floor sound asleep ,i carried her to her be-d and watched her sleep.
In no time,i fell asleep beside her.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I woke up feeling so relaxed,i didn’t have those nightmares, that’s so weird.
I turned around on the be-d and i saw xander.
“Ahhh” i screamed waking him up.
“What the hell are you doing in my room?” I asked him
“You were crying and slee-ping at the same time so i entered your room,took you to the be-d to sleep”
So was it because of him slee-ping beside him,that i didn’t have those nightmares?
“I don’t want to see you anymore” I said
“Gigi,am sorry i k!$$£d you ,i didn’t know you would react that way”
“Why did you k!ssme in the first place?”
“It was just a harmless k!ss”
“Well,it wasn’t to me,you made me remember everything” i said and wiped my tears.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
She started crying and i felt eager to know what is ma-king her cry so much.
“Remember what?” I asked with curiosity.
“It’s nothing,you nee-d to leave now”
“No,am not leaving till you tell me what is ma-king you cry”
“Alexander,leave” she said calmy but i wasn’t re-ady to leave her.
“Mr McQueen,leave my room right tgis instant” She said and i laughed.
“Mr McQueen?, that’s a funny name”
“Why are you so stubborn?”
“I want to help you”
“I don’t nee-d your help”.
“Gianna, it’s time you st©p acting like your tough and that nothing can hurt you because that’s a lie, you are human and we all have feelings.
Just tell me what’s wrong”
“You won’t un-derstand” She said and sat down,i sat beside her.
“Try me” i said and she sighed.
“I was never a tom boy and i loved showing off my hair and eyes until two years ago”
“What happened two years ago?”
“I was [email protected]£d”
My heart broke into pieces when i heard that.
“Oh my goodness”
“I went out to a [email protected] and on my way back,a guy held me down,beat me till i was weak ,then he [email protected]£d me and the worse [email protected] was that i was still a v!rg!nat that time” She said as she started crying,i felt water drop on my palm that’s when i noticed i was also crying.
“Gi.. Gianna,am so sorry”
“I was taken to the hospital and treated but i was never the same again,i couldn’t st©p repla-ying the night in my head.
How he kept grunting as he [email protected]£ in and out of me so r0ûghly,he was enjoying it but i was dying, i started to take drugs”
I have never heard a more painful story than this.
“I started with Marijuana,that wasn’t [email protected] to get, it made me laugh and forget everything bit it didn’t last long,once tge effect was off,i would remember and become more sad,so i got introduced to a guy selling cocaine, Cocaine did the work.
I would sniff it all day,i didn’t want to be sober,i didn’t want to remember anything,Jamal caught me and reported to my mom but i ran away,i bought more cocaine and [email protected]£ as high as the stars, then one day i blacked out.
Next thing i knew i was at the hospital,chained down like an animal,i blacked out because i overdosed,i was f0rç£d to go to the rehab, that’s my story”
“You can stay away from me if you want”
“I would never leave you, I want to take all this pain away” i said and she looked at me and smiled
“Why are you so concerned about me?”
“Because i care about you a whole lot,Gianna Flores”
“You do?”
“Yes,i do, you are special to me”
“Can i get a hvg, plea-se?” She asked and i chuckled.
“Of course”
We hvgged each other so ti-ght,it was like time st©pped and it was just she and I.
Gianna,am re-ady to take all your pain away,no matter what it takes.

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