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The boy next door Episode 31

💥 The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Thirty-One📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
In a few minutes,we were alre-ady unclad,[email protected] ing into each other’s ears.
Everywhere hisl-ips t©uçhed s£nt fire to my b©dy,i want him,i want him so bad.
“Get in me alre-ady” I [email protected] ed out ma-king him chuckle.
“Not yet, babe” He said tea-singly.
He placed hisl-ips on my left nip-ple ma-king me [email protected]
His ton-gue rolled on it,while his right hand were fondling the other nip-ple.
He k!$$£d me from my b©©b s downwards.
His ton-gue started working magic on my h0ñ£yp0t.
I kept [email protected] ing like crazy,my hands were in his hair.
“You taste so good” he said and k!$$£d me on thel-ips.
“You re-ady?” He asked and i nodded.
“Are you sure?”
He went into me slowly,i held on to his shoulders.
“fv¢k,you are so damn ti-ght”
He put his whole length into me, then started thrû-sting in and out slowly.
The plea-sure was indescribable,he increa-sed the pace ma-king my b”obs bounce.
“You are so sweet, Damn” Xander [email protected] ed out.
“fas-ter,Hmmm,… Xander, plea-se don’t st©p, don’t” I said in absolute plea-sure with my eyes closed.
We reached cli-max countless times that night,we made love over and over and over again.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
I woke up smiling to myself,i made amazing love to the woman of my dreams.
Last night was the best and i would never forget it.
Her [email protected] s drove me absolutely crazy,we took each other to the moon and back last night.
If it wasn’t for the fact that my room is soundproof, everyone in the neighborhood would have heard our [email protected] s.
I looked beside me and there she was, slee-ping like the Queen she is.
I could stare at her all day but she slowly opened her eyes.
“Good morning, Beautiful”i said and she smiled.
“Good morning”
We both sat upright with the duvet covering our n*ked bodies.
“Last night was sooo amazing,i have never felt so good in my life” She said smiling wi-dely.
“Same here,you were awesome”
She picked up her phone from the be-d side,then she let out a scream.
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s 2 in the afternoon,we missed school”
“2 in the afternoon? How’s that possible?”
“We oversle-pt and it’s all your fault”
“My fault? How?”
“You wanted to keep going on many rounds”
“You didn’t object to that, infact you practically begged for more”
“Okay, enough fighting,we made love all throu-gh the night, got exhausted and oversle-pt, it’s both our fault”
“It was pretty amazing” i said and she giggled.
“Very true but now,i have 33 missed calls from my mom,am going to call her”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I called mom’s phone and she picked up.
“You n@ûghty girl,where did you keep your phone?”
“It was in slient,am sorry,mom”
“You and Xander didn’t go to school,why?”
I was interrupted by the feeling of Xander’sl-ips on my n!ppl!.
He went un-der the duvet and started su-cking my b*obs.
I tried ha-rd not to [email protected] ,this boy will kill me.
“Spit it out, what’s your reason?”
My mom’s voice jo-lting me back to reality.
“Um,I and Xander..hmmmm
I covered my mouth when I realized i [email protected] ed out.
“What’s wrong with you, what’s with that sound?”
“Ummm.. it’s nothinggg,i accidentally hit my leg on the wall, that’s all”
Xander was busy k!ss!ngmy n£¢k.
“Okay,just come home now”
“Okay,mom,byee” I said and hanged up.
“You almost made my mom find out” I said as i pushed back a little.
“Am sorry,i just wanted to hear you [email protected]
“Am going to take a shower at my house,let me get dressed”
I wanted to stand up but Xander held me back.
“No, I don’t want you to go”
“Xander,i have to”
“You can shower here,we can shower together” he said sm-irking while i just rolled my eyes.
“Shower together?”
“Yeah, it will be fun,you and me,n*ked in the shower”
“Okay,fine, let’s go”
He carried me bridal style to the bathroom,he turned on the shower,then pu-ll-ed me closer from the w@!st.
“You said we were only going to shower”
“Oh,i forget” he said and started k!ss!ngmy n£¢k, his hands pressing my ba-re b*obs.
We ended up doing a quic-kie before we took a shower.
Later the same day.
I was back home with my mom while Jamal and Xander were pla-ying basketball outside.
I was eating lunch and memories of last night kept repla-ying in my head ma-king me smile wi-dely.
“Why are you smiling?” My mom asked.
“Um, it’s nothing,i just remembered something”
“Remembered the way you and Xander made love last night?” She asked and my eyes wi-den in shock.
How the hell did she know?
“You are surprised? ; Gianna,am your mother,i know when there’s a difference in your b©dy”
“What difference?”
“Your skin looks brighter,you are glowing,those are the signs”
“Yes, it’s true,we made love but i swear he didn’t f0rç£ me,i wanted it”
“I know that, You are a practically a grown woman but i really don’t want you getting pregnant before you finish college”
“I promise i won’t get pregnant”
“And also try to use something and cover those love bites on your n£¢k,they are so many” She said and i suddenly [email protected]£ shy.
A week later.
“Okay,Xander,i will be there in five minutes,let me just tell Jamal that am leaving” i said to Xander over the phone,then hanged up.
I walked over to Jamal’s room,i was about to knock when i started hearing sounds.
It was a girl [email protected] ing, Jamal is at it again, slee-ping with random girls.
“Let’s see who the sl*t is this time” I said to myself.
I opened the door and the person i saw shocked me to the bones.
“Gigi,i can explain” Jamal said.
I couldn’t believe my eyes.

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