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The boy next door Episode 26

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Twenty-Six📘
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I was about to go meet Xander,when the doorbell rang.
“Maybe, that’s Xander” i said to myself.
I ran to open the door but it was Jackson,what does he want?
“Can i help you?” I asked
“Can i at least come in?”
“No,you can’t,if Xander comes and sees you here,he won’t take it easy on you”
“Okay,i only [email protected]£ here to apologise”
“Apologise for what?” I asked and raised an eyebrow.
“I spoke rudely about your b©yfri£nd”
“My b©yfri£ndis also your cousin,so i think you should apologise to him instead”
“We are not really on good terms”
“Am not surprised,you are such a j£rk to him” i said and he chuckled.
“Is that what you think?”
“No, it’s what i think, it’s what i know”
“Well,am trying to change,i think”
“Well,try ha-rder,i have to go now”
“No, wait” he said and i st©pped.
He kept staring at me with a confused face.
“Have we met before?” He asked and i raised an eyebrow.
“Like have we met before you knew i was Xander’s cousin?”
“No, Jackson,i have to leave”
He suddenly t©uçhed my cheeks, suddenly Xander arrived and punched him.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
After my fight with Gigi, I went back to my house.
“Alex, what’s wrong? You look like you just fought someone” My mom said as i walked in
“It’s nothing,i…
“You idiotic loser,how dare you punch me?” Jackson asked angrily.
“Call me an idiot one more time and i swear that i will destroy your face”
“You are so insecure,you are scared that i will take Gigi away from you, i mean it’s so obvious am better than you in every way.
You know i get any girl i want”
“Well, Gigi’s not just any girl, she’s different”
“Yeah, Differently S-xy,i wonder how her [email protected] would sound when i ride her to heaven” Jackson said and i punched him.
He punched me back,my mom was trying to separate us.
“You two should st©p fighting, plea-se,you are like brothers”
“No,mom, Jackson can never ve a brother to me,he hates me”
“Xander,just admit that am better than you in everything”
“You stupid son of a…
“ENOUGH,BOTH OF YOU”MY dad yelled as he walked down the stairs.
“Are you two crazy or what?”
“Jackson is going after my girlfriend,he nee-ds to stay away”
“Both of you to your rooms now” My dad said
“I think I can decide for myself,Dad,am almost 20”
“You live un-der my roof so you must obey me”
I walked away to my room,i looked out my window but Gigi’s window was closed.
Maybe i got too jealous.
It’s alre-ady night time,i couldn’t sleep so i started to write songs.
I suddenly heard a loud thud at my window side like something fell in.
“Gigi” i called out.
“Ouch,my leg,i didn’t know it was so ha-rd to climb in throu-gh the window” She said and sat on my be-d.
“What are you doing here?”
“To talk to you,for some reason,i can’t seem to be away from you”
“Because you are in love with me” I said and she scoffed.
“If you know that,why are you always jealous?”
“Jackson’s not a good guy”
“Am not talking only about Jackson,am talking about other guys,you feel so insecure about little things.
You always want to me te reas-sure you that I love you, you get unnecessarily jealous”
I sighed and ran my hands throu-gh my hair.
“Sit down beside me and let’s talk” Gigi said dragging me to sit on the be-d.
“What’s going on in your min,Xander?”
“The only reason i get like this is because am afraid that i will lose you”
“Afraid you will lose me?”
“Yes,You are the only true person who actually cared about me,even when we weren’t [email protected]!ng,you would listen to me sing,you are literally always there for me.
So am scared one day,you wake up and realize that am not good enough for you”
After he finished talking,i punched his arm.
“Ouch,what was that for?”
“For saying stupid things,why would I ever leave you? Why do you think that you are not good enough?
Do you know how many girls would kill to be with you?
Every time we got out,i see girls looking at you so se-ductively,they want to get so close to you.
Do you that the thought of you leaving me hasn’t crossed my mind,when you become so famous as a singer because i know you will be famous.
I have this constant fear of you leaving me”
“I alre-ady told you that I won’t leave you,I love you so much,so fv¢king much” Xander said and held my hands.
“And i believe you and trust you, You should also trust me,am all yours,Xander,no one not even Jackson can tear us [email protected].
I can stay away from him if you want”
“I don’t think he would come close to you anymore”
“Am guessing you still punched him when you got home, Alexander,you can’t keep punching every guy that comes close to me”
“I will punch the world for you” He said and i giggled.
“I love you so much” i said and k!$$£d hisl-ips.
He k!$$£d me and carried me up from my w@!st and placed me on his [email protected].
Without breaking the k!ss,he rolled over to the be-d, ma-king him on t©p of me.
He pu-ll-ed away from the k!ss,he stared at me.
“There is absolutely no other woman I would ever love [email protected] from you” He said and i smiled.
He la-id beside me and pu-ll-ed me closer,we sle-pt off in each other’s arms.

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