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The adventures of Bimpe Episode 11

Bimpe [email protected]£ down and walked past her to where her lingerie was lying on the floor; she sli-pped it on and put the coat over it.
Bimpe: “I don’t see why I should give you any explanations. You are living here un-der my grace, or do you want me to throw you out?” she asked.
Second wife: “We will contest the will. You she-devil, I do not believe Alhaji would just give everything to you”
Bimpe: “Same way you don’t believe Alhaja killed Alhaji” she replied and walked away. She really wanted to start the day with the euphoria of her new found love, on a good day she would put the second wife with her saucy daughters in their place, which would be, out of the estate and any property Alhaji owned, she thought to herself.
Yusuf was right behind Bimpe coming down the stairs; he saw the second wife and wondered what she wanted, so early in the morning.
Second wife: “What are you doing with that witch? After everything I told you, you are frol!çk!ng with her?”
Yusuf: “It is nothing, I am a man, she offered, I accepted”
Second wife: “If it was S-x you wanted, I would have arranged girls for you. Why dine with the enemy?”
Yusuf: “Uwa, leave that aside, what did you want?”
Second wife: “I just heard that you were made the president of one of the companies. I hope you know that you deserve to be the CEO not just President. So do not be satisfied with the bones she is throwing you from her table when you should be the king of the banquet” she said peering into Yusuf’s face.
Yusuf: “: You all are complaining so much, but you are not proffering any solutions”
Second wife: “It is the reason I have come” She moved closer and began to whisper into his ears, while Yusuf listened attentively.
Yusuf; “Alright, I have heard you” he said.
Second wife: “Keep your wits around you and in no time we will push her out” she said and left.
As weeks turned into months, and the old year sli-pped away, heralding the new, Bimpe’s love for Yusuf blossomed. They went to events together, were always seen with each other. Love thawed everywhere that had frozen over in Bimpe. She began to think about her stepfather and siblings.
Bimpe: “I should travel soon to Ilisan, I should see father and ask his forgiveness” she thought as she sat in her office. Another thing she was thinking about was giving some of the as-sets to Yusuf, she loved him and wanted him to be happy, and she wanted things to be right again. There was one more thing she wanted to do, but had no courage to.
Bimpe: “How would I enjoy my love for Yusuf, if I did that” she pondered and shook her head vehemently, refusing the idea. She was still in de-ep thoughts, when a knock [email protected]£ on the door, the door opened and a big bouquet of flowers was carried in by the porter.
Bimpe: “What is this?” she asked quizzically
Porter: “The deliveryman brou-ght it, it is for you”. Bimpe walked out from behind her mahogany desk, and opened the note that accompanied the bouquet.
Yusuf: “Honey, join me for dinner. I will s£nd a limo to pick you up by 7pm. happy valentine” she re-ad as a smile spre-ad slowly on her face, like a flower opening up to the k!ssof the sun.
Bimpe: “Oh my God, I totally forgot today” she shoved the note into her bag and rushed out of the office. She called her driver to turn the car around as she entered the elevator. She had just three hours to shop for a dress and a gift for Yusuf. She drove into city mall and rushed throu-gh every shop looking for the perfect dress.
At 7pm, a Limo pu-ll-ed up in front of Bimpe‘s house, she [email protected]£ out when the driver honked. She was clad in a turquoise blue mermaid dress; the bodice was a faux wra-p. Her long endless n£¢k swept into a full creamy cl£@[email protected]£. Saying she was exquisite was a gross un-derstatement. She entered the Limo, hoping to see Yusuf inside, but he was nowhere to be found.
Driver: “He will be joining you at the restaurant” he said, seeing her look around, frantic. On their way, the car st©pped.
Bimpe: “What is going on?” she asked with an uneasy feeling in her stomach.
Driver: “The car just st©pped” he said as he alighted the car and went to the front 0f the car. Bimpe [email protected]£ perplexed; this car was going to ruin her dinner. She sat in for a few minutes before she left the car. Behold, the driver was nowhere to be found. She was all alone. She brou-ght out her phone to call Yusuf. She called several times, but he did not pick up.
Back in Bimpe’s house, two men dressed in hooded sweatshi-ts, began searching her house from the living room to the be-drooms. They turned everything upside down. While they were still searching, Yusuf walked in.
Yusuf: “What is going on, haven’t you guys seen it yet?” he asked anxiously looking at his phone.
Man 1: “We are searching blind, what we nee-d to do, is up our game. You are the president of a tech company; we nee-d some technology in here”
Yusuf: “What do you guys have in mind?”
Man 2: “I say we wire this place up, with a surveillance [email protected]£ra. She will lead us to what we are looking for”
Yusuf: “I like the idea. Tomorrow, I will call you guys; so it is up to you guys”
Man 1: “You can count on us” he said and his [email protected] nodded in affirmation.
Bimpe was still standing on the road helplessly; she was used to having her drivers take her around, she tried downloading the Uber app, but unfortunately for her, the area she was in, had poor coverage.
Bimpe: “What is going on here? Kini mo se? Why do I always get into such situations?” she said on the brink of tears. Then a Range rover pu-ll-ed in and st©pped in front of her, the tinted window rolled down and an elderly man beckoned to Bimpe. Bimpe looked at him and scoffed.
Bimpe: “If you want to talk to me, you will bring your as-s here” she whispered to herself and continued fiddling her phone. The man stepped out of the car and walked up to Bimpe.
Man: “Hello lady, why are you standing out here at this time, beside a limo?”
Bimpe: “I don’t know where my driver is, and he said the Limo just st©pped.” She said
Man: “Come into my car; let me give you a ride”
Bimpe: “If you insist” she said and followed him to the car. While they were in transit, Bimpe kept to herself, her face turned towards the window. Her mind was worried; Yusuf did not call her back. She wondered what he was doing and why he was not looking for her.
Bimpe: “I hope he is alright” she worried.
Man: “I am Chief Bamigboye, who is this pretty lady?”
Bimpe: “Bimpe, CEO Damoil, CEO Cytron informatics, CEO DamInfotech” she said and watched the smile spre-ad across his face.
Chief Bamigboye: “That is impressive, I am beyond impressed. I am always relaxed when I meet a made woman, I know she is not after my money”
Bimpe: “I am not after your anything; I am not interested in anything you have to offer except business”
Chief Bamigboye: “I am sure there is a way we both can make money. I will like us to [email protected] in a project. There is a fashion event, The Lagos Fashion Week; I will like us to co sponsor”
Bimpe: “What do I get from this?”
Chief Bamigboye: “A lot, trust me. Let me have your card, so I will visit your offices one of these days. We can meet with your advisory team and we fashion out a [email protected]!p”
Bimpe: “Interesting” she pu-ll-ed out a gold embossed card and pressed it into his palm.
When Bimpe got home, she heard Yusuf was in a minor accident, she rushed to the house, and there he was, lying on the living room couch, with his head bandaged.
Bimpe: “Honey!” she exclaimed, frightened. She rushed to him and [email protected] him. “How are you doing” she asked.
Yusuf: “I am so sorry; this had to happen on Valentine’s Day”
Bimpe: “It doesn’t matter, you are safe, and that’s all that matters to me” she k!$$£d his bandaged fore-head.
And that was how the issue closed; Bimpe did not bother asking about the driver who disappeared into thin air. She was like a stranger in the midst of cannibals, waiting for dinner, not knowing that she is the dinner.
Yusuf and his goons, throu-gh the surveillance [email protected]£ra found out the location of the do¢v-ments they were looking for. It was in a safe and they also found the code because they watched her when she opened the safe. So, Yusuf took Bimpe out to dinner at Lagos waterside restaurant, so that his goons could get the do¢v-ments he nee-ded from Bimpe’s safe. The entire time, he was restless, and Bimpe noticed it all. She wondered what was going on. Her instinct told her something serious was up, but she ignored it and went about trying to cheer him up. He excused himself to the restroom. There, he brou-ght out his phone and called his goons.
Yusuf: “Is it done?”
Man 1: “Yes, we got everything, the share certificates, the do¢v-ments to the estate and other properties, we got everything” the man replied. Yusuf hung up and pumped his fist.
Yusuf: “Yes!” he exclaimed, truly happy for the news.
Question: “What is going to happen to Bimpe, now that they have got everything from her?”

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