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tem-pted Episode 9

💋 tem-pted💋
When I woke up the following day,I couldn’t find Dave in be-d.
I had changed back from his shi-t and sat back on the stool,I probably fell asleep after staring at him too much.
I stood up wondering where he had gone to.
I walked out of the be-droom and down the hallway.I headed down to the kitchen but he wasn’t there.
He couldn’t have possibly gone to work.I heard a sound from the gym hall.
I hurriedly walked into the hall and I was quite stunned to see him lifting weights.
“Dave,are you kidding me right now? You’re supposed to be in be-d!”I exclaimed.
He slowly put aside the weight looking surprised for a moment… probably at the way I yelled at him.
“You’re just like Abby, I’m perfectly okay”He said standing up. Chat Martinmartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his whatsapp group.
I swallowed ha-rd .I’m just like Abby? Does that mean he sees me the same way he sees his wife?Does that mean he wants to have S-x with me?
I slowly looked up and my mouth watered at his formidable che-st.
He was dressed only in a pair of black joggers.
I could feel my pvzzystarting to get drenched.
“Yo…. you were sick last night and this morning you’re lifting weight,does that seem okay to you?”
“Yes and that’s because I’m superman”He said lifting up his left hand and bulging out his biceps.
“Superman my as-s”I laughed.”If you insist on exercising this morning, I’m gonna have to call Abby”
He shrugged,defeatedly.”Fine.You win.”
“Thanks a lot for last night,Clara….I really appreciate”
“Don’t mention”
I grinned.My eyes caught the dart board.
He seemed to follow the direction of my eyes.
“You wanna pla-y?”He asked.
I shook my head.”I don’t know how to”
“I could teach you”He walked towards the dart board.
My heart fluttered,I love the sound of that.
I [email protected]£d a dart.
“So what do I do?”I asked excitedly.
He positioned himself behind me,I tensed slightly when he took my hand in his.It was so strong…so warm…so manly in mine,I have never felt this physical attra-ction from a simple t©uçh before not even with Tony.
I shuddered when he spoke.
“It’s a nine tenths focus, Clara”
With a shaky voice,I replied.”Uh…yeah”
“Now visualize where you want that to stick that dart into.”
Instead I was visualizing turning around, pu-lling down his joggers and un-derwear then sticking his d!¢k into my mouth.I wanted to taste him.
“So have you seen the sp©t you wanna hit”
“Now aim,are you re-ady?”
God!I was re-ady…I was so we-t and re-ady for him.If only he could see throu-gh my heart and fv¢k me up against the wall or the floor…. I would gladly let him claim me.
I whimpered and quic-kly hope he didn’t hear it,I cleared my throat and pu-ll-ed my arm back further then aimed…..and then I let go of the dart,it stuck in the green ring.
“Woah!”I cheered pumping my fists in the air.
He chuckled and moved away from me.
“Not bad for a green horn”He commented.
“And I bet this green horn is gonna kick your bu-tt”
He c0cked an eyebrow.”Is that a challenge?”
“Oh yes,it is”
He [email protected]£d a few darts.”Bring it on,Clara”
And then we started pla-ying….. pla-ying and laughing.
I’ve never felt so happy.Dave made me feel so happy and with the look on his face,he seem happy too.
And right there,I felt that we looked good together and we could really be a lovely couple.
After pla-ying dart which ended up to be a draw.We were seated in the breakfast bar, eating a meal of cereals.
Abby had called,she was on her way back. I couldn’t believe that I actually wished she could just be involve in an accident and then give up the ghost. I was so scared of that thought.This was my best friend.What has Dave done to me?
“Do you believe that there’s anything like loving the wrong person?”I asked him.
“Well,I don’t really know.But sometimes,the heart always get us involved in awkward cases and sometimes there’s absolutely nothing you can do to st©p falling for that person so you just let love lead you”He replied.
“So what’s your advice for someone who’s in love?”
“When you’re in love and you think that person makes you happy and you think he’s the one for you,then you shouldn’t give up, you should pursue what your heart wants”
I felt so happy with his words.He doesn’t want me to give up on him!
“Do you think I’m beautiful,Dave?”I asked, boldly.
He looked uncomfortable… somehow indecisive but then,he finally said.”I think everyone’s beautiful in one’s own way so you’re beautiful”He admitted.
bu-tterflies were now flying mas-sively in my belly.
A sound [email protected]£ from the door.
“That must be Abby”He said, excitedly and hurried out of the kitchen.
I sat there thinking about his words over and over again.I’m sorry if I have to hurt Abby but I deserve a sh0t at happiness.
Dave is my happiness and I have to make him fall heads over heels in love with me.
Is this the genesis of something?🤔

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