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tem-pted Episode 23

💋 tem-pted💋
I blacklisted Clara because she wouldn’t st©p s£nding me messages upon messages.
She is a pest that I desperately want to get rid of.
Someone should recommend a pesticide.
Isn’t slee-ping with her two days ago enough?
I wish she can realize that what she feels for me isn’t love and leave me the hell alone.
I’m fairly handling the guilt that is eating me up and she wants us to meet again.
Abby’s kind of warming up to me again, though we haven’t had S-x yet but she let me hold her hand yesterday and also sle-pt in my arms.
She even smiled at me.
And the joy I felt that I was ma-king her smile again was indescribable.
I don’t want anything to separate us now.
I just wish Clara would just go after someone else.
She hadn’t showed up at our house since we had S-x… that’s a good sign, right?
My phone rings, it’s an unknown number.
I leaned against my chair and picked up.
“So you think you can just use and dump me, right?”
Registering the voice,I sighed heavily.
What did I do to deserve this pest?
“I didn’t use or dump you,you said the only way to st©p you from s£nding those pictures to Abby is if I have S-x with you,I did.Let’s just move on with our lives, plea-se”
“What is wrong with me,Dave?What do you see in Abby that you don’t see in me?”
I can tell she’s crying now.
I nee-d to tell her something encouraging so she would st©p pestering me.
“There’s nothing wrong with you,Clara.But you see,if I f0rç£ myself to be with you,you won’t be happy.St©p seeing me as a perfect man,I am not perfect and you will find someone better than me, someone who would make you happy….you don’t have to destroy my home.There’s this thing about karma,if you destroy someone’s home, you’re going to feel the pain one day…it might be when you get married and a lady close to you would try and steal your man too but you can avoid that… I’m not the right man for you”
There’s total silence at the other end of the call and I’m hoping she is seeing reasons why we can never be together.
“But why am I the only one who gets to experience pain?Why am I so unlucky?Why does Abby keep on getting all the good things in life?”
Her words made me realize that the driving f0rç£ behind her actions is jealousy and she probably has been jealous of Abby for years and now she’s unable to tame it.
And I actually thought they had a unique friendsh!p.
“If I can’t be with you then she can’t either”
She ends the call and my heart st©ps.
She is going to s£nd that video and pictures.
Within seconds, I’m running out of my company to save what’s left of my marriage before Clara ruins it all.
I’m so worried about Clara,I haven’t seen her for two days and she isn’t picking up my calls.
On the other hand,two days ago,when Dave had hvgged me and told how much he loves me,I couldn’t help but feel that I might be wrong.
He might not be cheating on me.
My phone beeps.
I’m happy to see that Clara has s£nt a message,I quic-kly tap on it but it’s a video and then pictures starts popping in.
What is she up to?
Was she [email protected]!ngsomeone again?
When the video pla-ys,I just stared at it unable to believe what I’m seeing.
Dave and Clara are lying n-ked on the be-d and she is stro-king his d!¢k and at intervals,she fli-cks it with her ton-gue.
My hands are shaking as I glanced at the pictures of Dave slee-ping so peacefully by her side.
She s£nds a message next.
Clara: I’m so sorry,Abby.I know you hate me right now but you don’t know how much guilt I’m feeling right now.That was why I couldn’t bear to see you these past two days.And now,I just want to get this out of my system.I know you can never forgive me.Dave even wanted this to be a secret till we die but I can’t continue to wallow in guilt, since the first day,we had S-x,I felt guilty but he won’t st©p coming onto me,I wasn’t strong enough to refuse him,I just got out of a devastating relationsh!pand Dave made me feel beautiful.I am so sorry,Abby.I am so sorry but he doesn’t deserve you and I know I don’t deserve your friendsh!ptoo. I really am sorry for hurting you like this.
I just stared numbly at my phone…this isn’t happening.
My best friend and my husband?
I feel so weak.
I can’t even cry.
I can’t even laugh it off.
Then slowly,the tears starts flowing….thick and fast.
Even if I suspected that he was cheating.
It would be bearable if it was someone I didn’t know.
They’ve been fv¢king un-der my own nose.
He has probably fv¢ked her in our be-d.
How could they do this to me?
I wail uncontrollably…
My heart is aching and it’s as if I’m gonna die from it.
About five minutes later,Dave storms into the house [email protected] heavily.
Taking in my facial expression,his face falls.
“Ab….Abby. I know this is the end of us. I know you will leave me….but I think the only way to less£n the pain I’ve caused you is if you let me explain…. plea-se just let me explain everything”
More tears spilled out from my eyes.He isn’t even denying it.
“So it’s been Clara all along?”I asked, ruefully.
Things are bad for Dave. Describe Clara in one word🤔🤔

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