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tem-pted Episode 1

💋 tem-pted💋
‘Ding dong!’
As soon as the doorbell rang off,I sauntered out of the kitchen and towards the front door, opening it,I smiled seeing a delivery guy,I signed and gave him an extra ti-p.
I walked back into the house and opened the cake.
Abby was going to like this.
It is my wife’s birthday, I had closed early from work so I could make this day special for her.
Tying my apron properly,I walked back into the kitchen to continue cooking.
After a while, I sat on a stool in the breakfast bar,and brou-ght out my cellphone,I grinned staring at my wallpaper.God!Her beauty still mesmerizes me….still makes me feel the urge to give her the world.
And then suddenly,I recalled how [email protected] it was to get her to fall for me.
I was born Davidson Oluwatobi Corker,I grew up in the ghetto with my parents and three siblings.Life had been very [email protected] while growing up but I was determined to excel,to give my parents a comfortable life.I found a mentor in my elder brother Martin who also wanted to rise from the ashes.
Schooling wasn’t easy but the two of us had to [email protected]£d every scholarsh!popportunities within our reach, Throu-ghout our university lives,we were known to be nerds and we [email protected] had time for girls, Martin graduated first and was able to get a comfortable place for our parents and siblings.
As for me,I almost lost my focus….well, that’s what falling inlove does to you.
I met her in a [email protected],it didn’t actually seem like ‘met’ because I didn’t have the guts to talk to her.
She was Abigail Omashola Boyowa.The most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
But then,she was from a rich family and just one look at my shabby clothes,I lost the my voice.
Nevertheless,she kept coming to the [email protected] and I was happy I always got the chance to drool over her.
Then one day,she pleaded with me to help her with her homework.
I felt so happy, I never thought she knew someone like me existed and I made sure her as-signment was accurate….more accurate than mine.
I managed to get her number after that, though she always called me when she nee-ded her homework done, I didn’t mind because I always got to see her.
I was headlong in love with this girl and I wished she could love me too,for months,I was lovelorn,I didn’t like the friend zone I was subjected to but it would be better than nothing.
We were alone in her [email protected] one day after helping her with her homework, I was overpowered by the nee-d to k!ssher and I did but I was quite surprised at how fervently she reciprocated.
During the homework sections,it seems she had fallen in love with me but was ashamed to admit to it because of my social status.
But after that k!ss,she couldn’t ba-re to see me with anyone else.Girls were willing to go to be-d with me and give me money…not because of my good looks but because of my [email protected], though she knew I was a gentleman and never engaged in such but her jealousy was uncontrollable.
We started [email protected]!ng.
Everything wasn’t going well for me because I figured that Abby was ashamed to introduce me to her friends. I mean I know I didn’t deserve her…I know she deserves a wealthy guy but I could be that guy,I just nee-ded time,for her sake,I would do anything.
I nee-ded her to be proud of me,I didn’t want her to continue thinking less of me,she claimed to love me…then she shouldn’t be ashamed of me, right?
After much pressure, she finally introduced me to her friends at a [email protected] had this friend called Morayo who was fun of talking without thinking and the first thing the lady said when she saw me was..
“So you’re [email protected]!nghomework boy?”
I was downright confused but soon because of that loud mouth of a friend,I got to know that during the time I helped her with her homework,she had saved my number as “homework boy” and hell I was going to overlook that but that night,I also found out she cheated on me.
I was de-eply hurt,she claimed to love me but then I didn’t provide all her nee-ds.
We broke up and that was when I did very bad in my exams.Martin got to know,he was very disappointed in me and advised me to forget about her.
I tried but I couldn’t,he called me a big fool, maybe I was but I knew that Abby owned me,still,I wasn’t going to beg her to take me back,she cheated not me.
As fate would have it,She regretted everything and [email protected]£ back to me promising never to make a fool out of me again.
My friends and brother thought I was very stupid but they had no idea what Abby does to me.
I fv¢king love her so much…more than I love myself….more than I love anything else in the whole world and I was determined to make her lack nothing.While schooling,I did some [email protected] time jobs so I could provide all Abby nee-ds.
Though she complains when I buy her things,I know she loves me sincerely and she wants me to be a great person but I didn’t want to give her any reason to leave me….to notice any other guy.
After graduating,I got a good job,my dad pas-sed away due to his careless driving,he was a bully, always beating up my mom,but his death was still very painful… after all he’s still my dad.Martin got a job abroad and together we made life so easy for our mom and siblings.
It you were to go to my mom’s house right now,you wouldn’t believe she once lived in the slums.I’m not trying to [email protected] or anything but her new home is like a castle.
And for Abby,I didn’t have any problem when I approached her parents for her hand in marriage because I had made it in life.I had made it for Abby and I was made for Abby.
I pu-ll-ed over in the parking lot of my home and got down from my car.
Picking up my handbag,I headed for the house.
As soon as I opened the door,myl-ips broke into a smile seeing the man….the only man who can turn my world upside down holding a quite lovely cake.
“Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday,my baby….
Happy birthday to you”Dave sang walking up to me.
“Awwn, thanks honey”
“Now, make a wish”He said, smiling.
I shut my eyes and wished for the one I really wanted.
Opening them,I blew out the candle.
“So what did wish for?”He asked putting down the cake.
“Hmm,my secret”
“You know you can’t keep a secret from this man over here,I always have my way of ma-king you spill it out”He stro-ked my hair lovingly while I moved closer to him and hvgged him.
“You know that there’s only one thing I really want and that is to grow old with you, I will keep on praying for that”I replied.
He slowly dis£ngaged from me, framing my face in his hands.
“Your wish has alre-ady come throu-gh, it’s ABBY AND DAVE FOREVER”He stated and my heart melted.
“So since you didn’t want a [email protected],I got you a little something”He said bringing out a bunch of keys.
“You got a new car!”I squealed.
“Nope,I got you this”He said bringing out his cellphone,he slid into a gallery, showing me a house….I know it was in Dubai because he had asked me if I liked it a few days ago,I said I did,I really didn’t think he would get it for me.
“Well,I checked the place out on my last trip to Dubai,it was really beautiful and I was sure you would like it,you confirm it by…..”
“But I had no idea that you were going to buy it for me”I cut him off,my voice coming out a bit harsh.
“What’s wrong?You don’t like it,I can…”
“It’s not it, it’s just…..that must’ve caused you a fortune”
Truth is…Dave always do this…not that I’m ungrateful or anything but sometimes,he feels he nee-ds to give me everything….no matter how expensive it is…I know I’m [email protected] responsible for his nee-d to make sure I lack nothing but I just want him to un-derstand that I nee-d him, he’s enough for me.
He held my hands.
“Baby,I know we’ve talked about this and I know I promised to tell you if I want to get you something expensive but this is your birthday,I just wanted it to be special…”
“You being in my life alre-ady makes it special”I tell him, honestly.
And he smiles.God!I love his smile, and because he smiles because of me makes me feel so happy.
Nevertheless I say to him.
“Thank you,honey, I’m so blessed to have you,I love you”And then,I hvgged him, ti-ghtly.
“I love you more”He replied, k!ss!ngmy forehead.
In no time,Dave turned on a music and we are dancing slowly to the beat with him turning me in circles from time to time.
I loved to be nee-ded….lived to be nee-ded by Dave and you can’t blame me for not being able to control my jealousy but who wouldn’t feel protective when you’re blessed with a husband like Dave who sees beyond your flaws.No one can love me like he does.
“After this, I’m going to feed you with my delicacy,my queen”He whispered.
I smiled against his che-st,I love it when he feeds me, because I’m always seated on his [email protected]
“And after that, I’m going to make you come so [email protected] that you’ll forget your name”
My pulse sped up just thinking about that.
“Let’s get started,baby”
Within seconds, I’m in his arms and I know that this is going to be a long night.
The morning sun probably woke me up.
I smiled as my eyes met that of my husband’s.
“Morning, beautiful”He said pressing a k!ssto my forehead.
I registered the ache between my legs and another ache starts building,an ache to have him again.
He smiled registering the look on my face.
He re-moved the duvet from the b©dy,his hands [email protected]£ around my brea-st, toying with my n!ppl!s.
“We’ve got all weekend,baby.We don’t even have to get out of be-d”
I chuckled.”What if you get hungry?”
He let his hand slid between my legs and a [email protected] escaped myl-ips.
“When my woman loves been eaten out,how I can get hungry?”
“What if I get hungry?”I asked, tea-singly.
This time,he brou-ght my hand to his thick and [email protected] man-hood.
“I won’t let you starve,my love”
And then I captured hisl-ips with mine, k!ss!nghim, fervently.
As he [email protected]£ at©p me,my phone rang.
I giggled seeing Dave scrowling at my phone.
“If it’s no one important, don’t pick up”He warned.
I picked up my phone from the be-dside table,it was Clara,my best friend.
“She can wait”Dave grunted but I don’t listen to him.
Knowing very well I can’t avoid Clara’s calls.
He rolled off me.
I picked up.
“Hey best”
There was silence at the other end of the call then I started hearing soft sobs.
“Clara,are you okay?”I asked, alarmed.
“Abby… it’s Tony…he…. he….”
She didn’t nee-d to tell me what that guy had done…. I know he had a nas-ty habit of unfaithfulness.He dares to hurt Clara again.Oh!,He would get it this time.
“Where are you,Clara?”
As soon as she tells me where she is,I hung up.
Dave sighed.
“Come on,babe.Clara nee-ds my help”I said getting out of be-d.
He only nods his head but I know that he’s upset that our moment has been ruined.
But this was Clara…. I could do anything for her,we’ve been friends since kindergarten.
We’ve just started the journey.

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