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Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 28

Saving Bella ❤️
Shayne POV
“ Where will I get that?”. I asked Sofia
“ That is what I feel like eating”. She whined pouting herl-ips
“White apples?”I asked her again
She nodded
“Sofia I think you should just settle for the normal apple”. I told her
I was really pissed off with this her cravings
“ Shayne “. She called
“ yes”, I replied looking up at her
“ Am I getting fat?”. She suddenly asked
“ Damn! Sofia you have asked that for the umpteenth time today”. I scoffed, is this really the way pregnant women behaves?
“ No baby”.you are perfect. I replied her
“Liar”. She said, we promised to to always tell each other the truth.
“ fine”. I signed , you are getting fat Sofia”. I said but…..
“No but Shayne”. She cut me short and started crying
“ how can you tell me I am getting fat?, are you not the one who put the child in me?”. She asked sobbing
“ what the hell?, is she trying to frustrate me? I thought.. I moved towards her and tried consoling her.
“Baby if you get fat or not, you will still be my love, you will still be the only woman i am attra-cted too”. I as-sured her
“ really”.she said
I nodded
“ will I get throu-gh this alive?”. I thought………
Lexy POV
I la-id on the be-d feeling really bored..
“ Will I ever get out her?”. I thought aloud, I watched the news and it seems they are alre-ady tired in their search for me, they ha-rd ly talk about me ….. The phone beside me suddenly rang, it was given to me by the unknown boss
“ Hi”. I greeted
“ Lexy”. The voice from the other end chimed in
“It is time to get re-ady for your first as-signment,if you successful in it,you will earn my full trust”. He said
“ what is it all about ?”. I asked
I listened as he explained the task to me
“ is it clear?”. He asked after telling me what to do..
“ yes”, i said, but I will nee-d two of your boys to as-sist me….
“ That is not a problem”. He said , I will s£nd them to you right now” and soon ended the call..
I laughed to myself, I knew whosoever this man is wanted to use me to carry out his dirty jobs
He helped me out of the prison break because he knew i wanted revenge against Shayne , not everyone knew about my involvement with Shane, whosoever this boss is must be really close to him……
I was instructed to do Lure Sofia out , I was thinking how to go about it. Shayne ha-rd ly let his b***h out his sight and going to her school to get her will raise lot of suspicion..
I kept on thinking of a way to bring her to me and smiled as soon as I got and idea…..
Bella POV
“Bye Trisha”. I waved at my friend and started walking home.
My school is not far from my house so I walk to school in the morning and walk back home in the afternoon..
I soon got to a corner and noticed a black car driving slowly..
I kept on walking but I occasionally glanced back at the car, it looked so suspicious. I started walking fas-ter and the car increa-sed his speed a little
I [email protected]£ scared
“ is this car tailing me?”. I asked myself
I suddenly st©pped and the car st©pped also and a man putting on a black suit [email protected]£ out from the car and walked towards me.
“ hello little girl”. He greeted
“ who are you? What do you want? I asked
He smiled and de-ep his hands in his br£@st pocket and brou-ght out a candy
“ have this”. He said handing it over to me”.
I scoffed, what does he think I am? a glutton.
“ No thank you”. I declined his offer, since you don’t have anything to say, I will take my leave”. I said and started running , he also started running after me..
I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me but it was all a waste as he soon caught it with me
“ Let me go”. I screamed kicking him
“ we will let you go kid if you cooperate with us”. He said and brou-ght out a handkerchief which he used to cover my nose
I immediately felt dizzy and soon black out….
Sofia POV
The bell suddenly rang signifying to end of the long school hour
“Yippee”. I screamed in excitement, I can’t wait to get home
My phone immediately buzzed and it was a picture message .
“ who s£nt me a picture message?”. I thought and cli-cked on it…
I wi-de-ned my eyes in shock
“ No, it can’t be , it can be”. I kept on muttering. It was the picture of Bella in a small room with her hands tied, she appeared to be unconscious. My phone suddenly rang and it was a call from the same number
I picked it up immediately
“ Who are you? I asked What the hell did you do my sister?
The person started laughing and it was a female
“ if you want you sister alive, come to the address i will s£nd to you, if you dare call Shayne or any other person, I will shoot her on the sp©t”. She explained laughing
“ I will do that, I won’t tell anyone, just plea-se don’t hurt my sister”. I yelled
“ Good”, move towards the [email protected] station and when you are there call me, I will s£nd the address to you”. She said as the call ended
“What will I do now? I have to do as they say in order to save my sister, I can’t allow my sister die.”. I reasoned and was about to leave the school when Tina called me
“ Sofia , I have been looking everywhere for you”. She said as she [email protected]£ running towards me
I faked a smile
“ I nee-d to reach the [email protected] station, I nee-d to pick up something there?”. I told her
“ let me come with you then”. She said
“ No, wait here for me incase Shayne comes, you can tell him where I went to so he won’t be worried”. I said
“ okay”. She said nodding
I smiled at her and headed towards the [email protected] station
Bella plea-se be safe, plea-se be safe . I muttered
Sad mood, all this is too much for poor Sofia
I pray Bella is safe

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