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Rude Mr popular (I fell for him) Episode 26

Escape 2
I watched the news, It was all about Lexy escape
“ That lady is really smart”.
It will really be fun to watch her revenge against Shayne…
The door opened and I looked up, it was Donna
“ Hello baby”. I said
She looked angry
“ Are you tired of my D***?”. I asked teasing
“ I am tired, can you just let me go?”. She said sobbing
I sm-irked as I eyed her
“ No, honey , I can’t let you go. I still nee-d you to Satisfy my S-xual urge”. I replied her grinning…
Donna POV
I was boiling in rage, it was obvious that the man in front of me was insane.He was blinded by his jealousy for Shayne and he would do anything to destroy him…
“ he can’t let me go because he nee-ds me to be his S-x toy”. How terrible.
I cursed the day I met the idiot, it is the only day in my life I want to change. I knew de-ep down that he will still get rid of me because I knew a secret about him
I have to kill him first, I pu-ll-ed a knife from my back pocket and rushed towards him to stab me but he got a hint on time
He caught my hands and wrestle with me trying to collect the knife
“You b***h”. He said [email protected] me when he collected the knife
I glared at him in anger
“ just let me go”. I pleaded, I won’t say anything. I promised
“ I am sorry honey”. He said and before I knew he plunged the knife into me.. I [email protected] in shock as blood gushed out from my b©dy
He continued stabbing me till I felt no life in me again……..
I stared at the lifeless b©dy on the floor, she got what she deserved
I planned on killing her when I was done with her but she provoked me into killing her sooner
“ Too bad”. I said shaking my head
“ Guys”. I called my boys. Get rid of this b©dy…..
Shayne POV
What the hell Is happening? Firstly lexy escaped and now Donna is dead.
I believed there was more to this
I dialled Sofia number
“ Shayne”. She called immediately she picked it, it was obvious she was shaken , Donna is dead”. She said
“ I heard about it baby”. Are you alright? I asked
“ No , I am not”. She said
“Calm down Sofia”. I will come pick you myself okay”
“ Okay love”. She said and I ended the call
“ Who killed Donna?”. I asked myself
She was found in an abandoned building and the cops thought that she was a victim of ra-pist
I dialled Oscar number and he picked it immediately
“ Shayne, I think there is something about Donna death”. He said
“ something like what?”. I asked
“ it is just a feelings that whosoever killed Donna did so to keep her quiet.
“ what will you do about it?”. I asked
“ we will keep on investigating “. He said and ended the call
I was really confused, I had no enemy.
I mean who will wish me or Sofia dead. I was lost in thought when my phone rang……
I chuckled when I saw it was call from Ben
“ Hi Buddy”. He greeted
“ Ben”. I called
“ How are you doing?”. He asked
“ I am good just that the issue of Donna death really freaked me.
“ you should be happy that she is dead”. He said
I was shocked with the statement
“ I mean she might want to plan something against your wife “. He explained
“ I believed she was following orders from someone, she was a victim here also. I never wished her death
“ okay buddy”. He said and I hanged up the call
I had a strong feelings that someone other then lexy was behind all this …….
I drove down to school and Sofia ran to me immediately she saw me
“ Donna is dead”. She said crying
I held her ti-ght
“ it is alright, it is going to be alright……….
Lexy POV
I waited at the place i was told I should wait..
I was sitting down in the cell crying when a man in uniform [email protected]£ in front of the cell, he signalled to me to come closer ..
I was a little bit scared but I had nothing more to loose.. I went to him and he whispered to me
“ I will come this evening to open the cell gate , you will have to escape from her. He said
I looked at him in surprise
“ who are you ?”. I asked
“ you don’t nee-d to know”. He said and soon left.
It was soon evening time and I sat down pondering over what the man said
I waited for the man hoping he would come but there were no traces of him..
“ he was obviously just pla-ying me”. I said loosing hope when I saw him coming .
“ sorry I am late, i was taking care of some stuff”. He said as he was opening the cell gate
“ pas-s throu-gh the back gate, the coast is clear”. He said and when you are out of the prison gate go down the road , you will see a black car waiting for you”. He continued
I nodded
“ Thank you”. I told him
I pas-sed throu-gh the back gate and as he said , there was no cops on duty
“ how weird”. I thought
I [email protected]£ out of the prison gate and ran as fast as my legs could run
I continued running till I saw a black , I got in and it drove off
The car kept on driving down the outSk-irt of the town, I stared at the driver throu-gh the front mirror
“ Who planned my escape”. I asked
“ you will get to know when you meet him”. He said
He soon st©pped the car, I opened the car and I stared at the surroundings…
The place was really hidden and it would not be easy for the police to track me ..
“ wait here”. The driver suddenly said, everything you nee-d is inside the house”. He said and drove off
I went into the house and as the driver said, everything I nee-ded were in here
There were foods, drinks and even new clothes and they were perfectly my size
Whosever is behind my escape knows me
“ Who the hell helped me?
Sofia POV
I ran to the bathroom to puke again, this is ma-king it the third time today ..
I walked to the room feeling weak and nauseous…
I la-id on the be-d and immediately had the urge to sleep…..
“ what exactly is wrong with me?
Who helped lexy escape? and what exactly is wrong with Sofia?

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