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Reason to live Episode 5 & 6

🤰🤱🤰 Reason To Live 🤰🤱🤰
(Can Life ever get better?)
Happiness Wrote it.✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️
📔📖📔 Chapter Five 5️⃣📔📖
🤰🤱🤰 Tiwa 🤰🤱🤰
Is life really unfair or I was not just lucky? As a young girl, I have faced more than what anyone of my age should face.
Yes, life is not a be-d of roses, life if full of challenges and I decided to make the best out of my challenges but they were just too much for me to handle.
There was never a day when I had peace. Mercy and her mother made my life miserable, they make me hate myself.
I didn’t want to live anymore and I just wanted to die but i had a baby growing inside of me. I couldn’t just kill my innocent baby because I was tired of my living.
My baby is the only reason I haven’t give up even though I can be scared of what the future holds for both of us.
I have no friends, no family, I have nothing but despite everything I still want to live for my baby and I want—”
“Tiwa! Tiwa!!” Aunty Esther yelled bringing me out of my thought.
“Yes ma” I answered as u quic-kly stood up and faced her
“What are you doing here?”
“I…I..l was just relaxing ma”
“Relaxing? In my house? Will the toilet wash itself or the food will cook itself? You have lots of work to do and you’re relaxing?” She yelled angrily
“No ma… I will feeling a little pain in my tummy earlier that was why I decided to relax a little” I said
“I know it’s not—”
“When are you pushing the little thing out?” She questioned dryly
“Huh?” I mumbled because I didn’t like it when she called my baby a thing.
“Are you deaf or something? When are you expected to give birth?”
“Next month” I answered
“Ahhhh and you’ve gotten nothing for yourself and that thing? Are you waiting for me to get them for you?”
“No ma, I wish I could buy them but I…l….l have no money”
“That’s your problem anyways and it’s your fault! You don’t have anything and you got pregnant for a man you know nothing about.
You’ll face the consequences yourself” she lamented
“Have I not helped you enough? I feed you and you still un-der my roof for free! Have I not tried?” She yelled and I flin-ched
“No..No..No ma l…l..that’s not what I mean.. I mean can you borrow me money or let me know someone that can borrow me.
I nee-d to get something before my due [email protected]£” I said
“I don’t have any money to give you”
“Do you know anyone that—”
“I don’t! I’m done with this conversation. Go and do what nee-ds to be done” she said
“Aunty Esther plea-se—”
“Am being too nice right? Am I being too nice huh? I said I don’t have any money and I certainly can’t steal for you and don’t steal my money”
“I’m sorry ma” I murmured as I walked slowly turn to go to the kitchen.
Halfway into the kitchen, Mercy [email protected]£d my hand and dragged me into her room after which she locked the door behind us.
“Mercy what’s happening” I asked
“I heard you asking my mom to borrow you money”
“Yeah, what happen?” I asked her
“What you want to use the money for?”
“I nee-d to get aome things for myself and my baby since I would be giving birth hopefully next month” I answered
“Oh my mom would rather die then borrow you money” she mumbled un-der her breath but I heard her
“What did you say?” I asked
“Huh? Nothing, never mind” she said
What’s wrong? Mercy was kinda nice
“Okay can I leave now?” I asked her
“Yeah” she mumbled as she opened the door for me to get out
I quic-kly walked out of the room and made my way to the kitchen.
******* 2 hours later *******
“Who cooked this food?” Mr. Anthony questioned as he li-cked hisl-ips like a young child
“Mercy of course” Aunty Esther answered before I could open my mouth to tell him I was the one.
“Wow, Mercy this is delicious. So you know how to cool huh?”
“I…..Yeah….l… of course dad” Mercy stuttered
“Hmmmmm that reminds me Esther, do you know my friend William that just [email protected]£ from the USA?” Mr. Anthony asked
“Yes I do, what about him?” Aunty Esther answered
“He’s coming here with his family tomorrow”
“Oh, that’s nice”
“Yeah, I want Mercy to prepare food for them”
“What? Dad? Must I be the one to do that? I don’t want to disappoint you” Mercy argued
“Was it not you that prepared this food? And your mom will definitely as-sist you”
“Oh..okay” she said
“You nee-d to be of your best behavior, I don’t want you to dress anyhow”
“Okay dad”
“They should be here before 12pm Tomorrow and let me know whatever you’ll nee-d” Mr Anthony concluded as he drank water from his cu-p and went into his room.
“Mom! Why did you tell daddy that I was the one that prepared the food when you know fully well that I can’t even boil rice!” Mercy yelled angrily
“So you wanted me to tell him it was Tiwa that prepared it so that he can complain that we are maltreating her again?
You should know that whatever I say or do in this house is for your own good” Aunty Esther said
“So what do you want me to do tomorrow?” Mercy asked
“Don’t worry dear, we will know what to do tomorrow and Tiwa is here, she’ll do the cooking”
Chapter Six6️⃣
🤰🤱🤰 Tiwa 🤰🤱🤰
Sunday 7:30am
I woke up very early on Sunday morning prepare food for Mr. Williams and his family. It waa jusr I and Mercy in the kitchen;
True to her words, she couldn’t even prepare anything. She was just there, watching me do all the job and at the same time watching out for her dad.
“Do you have to wash the rice before cooking it?” Mercy blurted identically and I almost laughed out loud
What kind if question was that?I asked her before answering her.
“Why can’t you just pout it in the boiling water like that? You’re wasting time Tiwa”
“If I had always cooked rice like you just said then I doubt if I would still be alive because you and your mom would think I want to poison your”
“Don’t get it” she asked again
“It’s important to wash whatever you want to cook properly” I answered
“So you mean if I want to cook noodles I have to wash it?” She questioned stupidly again and this time I couldn’t help but laugh at her stupidity.
“No, that’s an exception, there are many other execptions too” I answered
“Yeah, pas-s me the vegetable oil plea-se” I said
“What? Really Tiwa? Are you ordering me around? If not because of my dad, do you think I’ll be here?” She said
“Then leaves, it’s as simple as that”
“Are you indirectly threatening me? In my father’s house?” Mercy said
“How many times do you want to remind me that this is your father’s house? I know it’s your father’s house and I am not threatening you,
What’s your purpose here if you can’t even pas-s me the vegetable oil that’s just over there?
I’m doing what you should be doing and you know your dad will be mad if he finds out that I’m preparing the food, the least you can do is to help out” I said
“I don’t want him to find out, that’s why I’m here”
“Whatever floats your boat” I murmured as I [email protected]£d the bottle containing the vegetable oil🍶🏺
“You’re becoming very rude and—-”
“Mercy you should pretend as if you’re doing something, your dad may be watching” Aunty Esther scolded immediately as she walked into the kitchen
“Pretend as if I’m doing what? I don’t even know what to do! Scratch that I can’t even do anything and I am in this mess because of you mom.
Of you didn’t tell Dad I was the one that prepared the food yesterday, I wouldn’t be in this goddamn kitchen.
I should be in my room slee-ping or getting re-ady to meet Mr Williams family, his son especially” Mercy said
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“I did it for you Mercy, if l had told your dad that it was Tiwa that prepared the food, you know what he would have said and I doubt if you would like it”
“But still—-”
“No buts dear, just imagine if he tells you the food is delicious right in the pres£nce of The Williams”
“Oh that’s true but what if he finds out?”
“That’s if I decide to keep quite and not spill the beans” I interjected them
“What?” “What the hell?” Mercy and her mom said simultaneously
“What did you say?” They asked
“I said what I said” I replied rudely. To be very honest, I didn’t know where the confidence [email protected]£ from
“Are you threatening us?”
“No ma, I only stated the fact” I replied sarcastically
“Wow, you heard her mom? She threatened me even before you [email protected]£ into the kitchen and right in your pres£nce she did it again
Surprisingly, her words instead of deterring me compelled me to say more
“I don’t think you and your daughter will ever get tired of pushing me around and treating me like cra-p but I want you to know this,
What goes around comes around and I know I’ll suffer greatly in your hands but I know for sure that my sad days will be over and yours will begin,
Write today’s [email protected]£ down especially you Mercy Anthony. I told them
Their eyes wi-de-ned in shock
Mouth hung open,l-ips slightly [email protected] and just as I expected Aunty Esther’s hand landed on my left cheek.
She had [email protected] me with all her strength and I staggered but I quic-kly held the kitchen’s cabinet for support.
“How dare you speak to us like that?” She whispered and yelled again. I know she was trying to control her anger,
I could see it in her eyes and her b©dy said it all. If her husband wasn’t at home, she would have dealt with me.
“You’ve grown wings Tiwa and I’ll not tolerate any nons-en-se from you! Let today be the first and last day you’ll ever talk to me or my daughter like this
But you’re right about one thing though, you’ll suffer greatly in my hands” she threatened and walked out
“You shouldn’t have said that and just like my mom said, you’ll pay”
” Well I’m used to you and your mom’s ill treatment” I said
“I bet you’re not used to anything, your suffering just started dear because you’ve sprinkled salt on my mom’s wound”
“I know and I’m re-ady whatever both of you want to do but both of you will definitely regret it.
You may do whatever you wish with me right now but I know KARMA will do it’s job, l…l…l may not be alive to witness it but you’ll regret it, because KARMA is like a cafe.
The k ly difference is that you don’t have the privilege to order for anything, you get served what you deserve.
My pain and suffering will may or may not end and just like you’ve my baby’s life miserable just like you’ve made mine
and it’s not your fault neither is it your mom’s it’s because God himself has forsaken me”

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