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Reason to live Episode 3 & 4

🤰🤱🤰 Reason To Live 🤰🤱🤰
( A True Life Story )
Happiness Wrote it.✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️
📖📝📖 Chapter Three 📖📝📖
🤰🤱🤰 Tiwa 🤰🤱🤰
“Sorry dear! Are you okay?” Mr. Anthony asked in concern
A single tears slid down my face. Then another, and another until salty stream of tears flowed down my cheeks.
I gulped and nodded my head positively
“I’m… I’m….I’m fine sire. Tha…thank you” I answered
He nodded too and carefully pu-ll-ed me up and sat me down on the couch.
“Esther, if you kill this girl, I’ll make sure you go to jail! Can you push Mercy your daughter the way you pushed her?
And you know she’s pregnant” Mr Anthony said
“Am I the one that got her pregnant? She doesn’t even know who the father of her baby is. If she hadn’t been a wayward child, then she should be married alre-ady!
She got pregnant for another man two weeks before her wedding with the excuse that she was drun!k” Aunty. Esther said.
“I am so disappointed in you Esther! Aren’t you a mother? Mother don’t discriminate.
I’m coming back for you” he yelled then he called out” Mercy? Mercy?
“Yes daddy! I’m coming”
Shortly Mercy walked into the parlour, typing on her phone.
“You called me dad” she said
“Have you seen me this morning?” Mr Anthony asked
“No” Mercy answered
“What are you suppose to do? Can’t you greet?” He yelled loudly, ma-king Mercy flin-ch
“Good….Good morning dad” she murmured reluctantly and continue typing on her phone
“You can’t kneel down? You’re right before me and you’re typing on your phone? What kind of stupid behavior is that? Now give me that phone!”
“What? Daddy you can’t seize my phone!” Mercy protested
“What if I do? Have you forgotten I bought it for you with my money? Are you out of your s-en-ses too?” He said
“Daddy, why will you seize my phone? I haven’t done anything wrong”
“How dare you talk back at me? Is this the nons-en-se your mother taught you?”
“Darling take it easy with this girl, don’t shout at her like she’s your maid” Aunty Esther said
“You are not training this girl at all, you and your mother would destroy each other’s life” Mr. Anthony said angrily
“God forbid! I won’t destroy my daughter’s life neither would she destroy mine” Aunty Esther said
“Don’t say I didn’t tell you, that’s your problem anyways. Now Mercy listen and listen good, if truly I am your father and you want to continue living in this house,
As from today, you’ll wash your clothes yourself! You’ll cook! You’ll clean your room and this parlor.
If I ever see Tiwa doing any of these works, I’ll deal with you and your mother” Mr. Anthony said
“But daddy, how do you expect me to do all of those works alone?”
“Ask your mother not me. I’m going to work” Mr Anthony snapped and walked out leaving just I, Mercy and Aunt Esther alone”
Aunty Esther moved closer to me and [email protected] me [email protected] on the face.
“Have you seen what you’ve caused? My husband has never raised his voice at his daughter! Whether you like it or not Mercy will not do anything in this house!
I feed you, you sleep un-der my roof, everything you use in this house is mine! The least you can do is to clean this house, cook and run errands for me and my daughter but you’re just too lazy! Now apologize!”
“I’m sorry ma” I murmured quietly
Aunty Esther moved closer to me and [email protected] me again
I bit my ton-gue, trying to hold the tears that threatened to leave my eyes.
And that’s when I couldn’t hold them back. First one small crystal bead escape from my right eye.
I could feel the warmth, sliding down my cheek. And rolling off my chin. Then another. And another. Until my eyes flooded with them.
Coming like rainfall. Sniffing every ten seconds, they fell, and fell, and I let them.
“You are spoil [email protected]! You are sitting down on mt couch and you are apologizing? Aren’t you supposed to go on your knees?”
I quic-kly stood up from the couch and knelt down before aunty Esther and Mercy
“I’m sorry ma” I said in tears
“Apologize to Mercy too”
“I’m sorry Mercy”
“Sorry for yourself. I swear to God if my dad ever shouts at me again because of you, I will kill you myself”
“I’m sorry but I never asked him to shout at you” I protested
“How dare you talk back at me? Even if you are older than I, you have no right to talk back at me”
“I’m sorry” I said
“You better be! My clothes nee-d to be washed but before that, prepare breakfast, I really nee-d to eat and the last time you washed clothes you didn’t wash my un-der wears properly.
I don’t want any complain today”
“Okay” I said
“You have to finish everything I asked you to do before you eat” Aunty Esther said with a sm-irk
“But I haven’t eaten anything since last night” I said
“Is it my fault that you didn’t eat? And moreover did I not ask you to eat the left over rice yesterday?”
“You asked me to but Mercy washed her hands in the food” I said
“So? What if she had poured saliva in it? And go and do what nee-ds to be done”
I carefully got up and made my way to the kitchen.
| 6 hours later. |
I sighed and plopped down on the couch. I had just finished everything aunty Esther asked me to do and I was so tired and hungry.
Despite the fact that I was the one that cooked there was nothing left for me to eat.
Though I kept some for myself but Mercy purposely poured it away and said it was a mistake. I leaned back on the couch and reminiced about some of the things that has happened in my life.
“Tiwa” Daniella yelled
“I’m coming” I answered
I stood up and walked towards Daniella’s room. I twisted the door knob and walked in.
“You called me?”
“I’m sorry”
“Idiot I’m hungry, cook Noddles for me” she said
“Okay” I said
I went out of her room and went to the kitchen. About 7mins later, I was done. I poured the Noddles in a plate and went back to Daniella’s room.
*Knock knock*
I went in after hearing a ” come in” from her then I carefully placed the food on the table before her.
“Should I get you cold water or jui-ce?”
“I want cold water”
“Okay” I walked out and went back into the kitchen to get her water.
Shortly, I was back in her room with the cu-p of water in my hand. I handed it over to her; she took a sip and what she did next choked breathe out of my b©dy.
She poured the water on me!
“How does it feel?” She mocked. Then she added “even if I asked you to get me cold water, is this not too cold?” She yelled
I was about to open my mouth to say something when the door bur-st open and Victoria rushed in.
“Daniella, I heard you screaming what—-” she stared, sounding so frantic” oh my God!” She screamed when she saw me
“I asked this idiot to get me cold water and she brou-ght a cu-p of water that could destroy my teeth”
“Is that why you poured it on her? Daniella, Tiwa is our sister, why are you ordering her around like a maid?”
“Hey shut up little sis” Daniella said
“Don’t tell me to shut up! Tiwa is our elder sister. Even if she’s just a year older than you, she’s still your elder sister!
Why are you treating her like she’s not a [email protected] of us?”
“I swear to God, if you don’t shut up your mouth, I’ll move closer to you and [email protected] you [email protected] on your face” Daniella said
“This is not fair Daniella! St©p treating her like a maid. Do you find it really difficult to be nice? What kind of—–”
“Enough Victoria. Don’t talk to her like that, she’s your elder sister” I interjected
“Aren’t you her elder sister too? But she doesn’t respect you!”
“Respect my foot! Tiwa, clean this mess as soon as possible” Daniella commanded
“What? She’s not cleaning anything! You made the mess so you will clean it up yourself. Let’s go sister Tiwa” Victoria said
“Tiwa if you move an inch, I’ll report you to mom and you wouldn’t like the outcome!” Daniella said
“Victoria, don’t worry I’ll clean the mess I don’t want her to report me to mom”
“No buts Victoria”
“Okay thank you”
Victoria hissed and walked out. When I was sure she would have left, I spoke
“Daniella what is my offence? What have I done to deserve this treatment from you? Aren’t we siblings? We are supposed to love and—-”
“We are not siblings” Daniella interjected
“What???? What do you mean?”
“I said we are not siblings!”
“I know you’re saying this because of the hatred you have for me. We are siblings Daniella”
“Whatever, I’ve said my own” she said
“Tiwa?!” Mercy called out, bringing me out of my thoughts
“I’ve called your name three times are you ignoring me now?”
“No! I didn’t hear you call me. I was lost in thought”
“Whatever, I want you to buy recharge card” she mumbled as she handed me a $200 hundred naira note
“But it’s raining” I said
“So? I nee-d it right now”
“plea-se let—-”
“Do you want me to report you to my mom?”
📔 Chapter Four 📔📖📔
🤰🤱🤰 Tiwa 🤰🤱🤰 Continuation
After about 30 minutes of walking around in the rain just to get recharge card for Mercy, I finally made my way home.
*Knock Knock*
No answer
I knocked the door twice again but still no one answered then I did what I had to do, I called out Mercy is name.
“Mercy?! Mercy?!! plea-se open the door!” I yelled as I continued to ban-g the door but still I got no reply.
I was about to knock on the door again when it suddenly opened
“I heard you shouting what happened?” Mercy questioned rudely
“So you heard me?”
“Mercy this isn’t nice! And you know it’s raining heavily”
“So? Are you allergic to rain? Is it not water that falling from the sky? What if it’s fire?”
“Mercy can you plea-se tell me what I have done to you and your mom to deserve this ill treatment from both of you?
You were so sweet and kind when we were much younger, what happened to you? I am certain that you—”
“Story for the gods!” Mercy said
“Just put yourself in my shoes Mercy and I pray you’ll realise that what you’re doing to me is not human. Let me come in”
“Come into whose house? Your father’s house?” Mercy said
“Why are you doing this? Have I not suffered enough in your hands alre-ady?!” I yelled, tears threatening to fall down my pale cheeks.
“You’re yelling at me? How dare you? This us my father’s house remember? I decide whether you come in or not” Mercy said
“I know it’s your father’s house and I have no right to tell you what to do but plea-se pity my condition and let me come in.
Can’t you see that I’m shivering?” She eyed me maliciously and opened the door wi-dely for me to enter.
“Thanks” I murmured quietly as I [email protected] the warmth that welcomed me.
“Idiot, did I not s£nd you on an errand? Where’s my recharge card?”
“I’m sorry, have it” I murmured and handed it over to her.
“Why is it we-t?” She asked
“Really Mercy? You just asked me why it is we-t? Really? It’s raining for crying out loud!” I yelled in frustration.
“You should have protected it from getting we-t idiot!” She yelled back
“And how do you expect me to do that? Command the rain to st©p falling? Like oh! Dear rain st©p falling.
I don’t want Mercy’s recharge card to get we-t” I replied sarcastically
“You are—” she started but Aunty Esther’s shrilling voice cut her off
“What’s going on here!”
I opened my mouth to say something but she placed a f!nger on herl-ips which means I should keep quiet.
Then she spoke “I’m talking to my daughter not you. Tell me what Happened Mercy”
“Mommy, I asked her to get recharge card for me and she spent over an hour before she [email protected]£ back into this house” Mercy lied
“No ma, she’s lying! I didn’t—-”
“Will you keep quite? Shut up your mouth and let Mercy talked!”
“Despite the fact that she [email protected]£ back late I didn’t get angry but she insulted me mom this girl insulted me! She called me a witch,
A spoilt [email protected] and all sort of names and to crown it all, the recharge card I asked her to get for me is we-t! How does she want me to use it?”
“Don’t mind her dear, she’s the witch and trust me dear I know just how to punish her” Aunty Esther said with venom laced in her voice
“I trust you mom” Mercy squealed excitedly and you just stood there, dre-ading what her punishment would be.
“Oh Lord, plea-se take control” I silently prayed
“I heard that Aunty Esther said, sm-irking.
“Heard what?” I asked, confusion evident on my face
“I heard your prayers, you said ‘oh Lord, plea-se take control” she mimicked and my eyes wi-de-ned in surprise.
“Was I that loud?” I asked
“Yes and im not sorry to say this, your prayer can’t be answered because I am in control of your life!” She said with a wicked grin on her face
“Just because you feede doesn’t mean you’re in control of my life. You didn’t create me and you definitely can’t control my life” I argued
“Just wait and see”
“Mom, what are we going to do about my recharge card?”
“Oh! She should get another one for you, with her money of course”
“That’s sounds like a good idea”
“But aunty Esther, it’s raining heavily and I don’t even have any money. The fact that the card is we-t doesn’t mean she still can’t use it” I said
“Oh you’re telling her what to do? You’re dictating for my daughter in her father’s house?” Aunty Esther said
“No ma, I was just—–”
“Shut up! If you know you still want to stay in this house, you must get another recharge card for her and I don’t care if you have money or not!
If you like beg for alms or steal just don’t steal Mt money” she said
“plea-se aunty Esther, don’t make me do this, plea-se pity my condition” I pleaded, tears streaming down my face
“Pity what? Excuse you? Am I the one that got you pregnant? Or is it my—-”
“Mom, this is what I warned you about! I told you not to take this girl in now she’s giving us headache” Mercy interjected
“I bought her in so that she could as-sist us in the house. You know run errands for us, do the house chores and cook.
I never knew she was going to be this lazy. Don’t worry okay? She’ll get a new recharge card for you whether she likes it or not”
“Aunty Esther I swear, I don’t have any money!” I pleaded
“I don’t care! Now get out and don’t come back into this house with the recharge card”
“I said get out! Leave now before I do something you’ll hate for the rest of your life!” She yelled angrily and I quic-kly scurried away.
Could life get any worse or better.
Will Tiwa get help from anyone again.

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