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[email protected] heart Episode 11

🖤🖤[email protected]🖤🖤
(💙When two pla-yers fall in love💞)
🥀Episode 11🥀
“Andre! Andre!” Cleo yelled my name for the umpteenth time that day interrupting my chain of thoughts.
“Argh! Quiet down Cleo! You’re giving me a migraine here.” I replied, placing my palm on my forehead.
“Like I care.” She replied rolling her eyes. “What are you thinking about? I’ve been calling you for a while now? I nee-d you focused so we can get this done on time.”
I sighed, still ru-bbing my forehead, wondering whether or not to tell her about the deal.
“Hello? Earth to Andre!” Cleo yelled again, snapping her f!nger in my face.
“I’m sorry… It’s just I really have a lot on my mind. Excuse me, will you?” I said, heading to the bathroom.
That was weird. In fact, that’s all Andre’s been since we got to his office. Just plain weird. He’s been quiet for one which is so unlike him and he’s also been zoning off… Something’s up and I nee-d to find out what.
“Um Miss, what do you think about this drawing?” The architect asked holding up a sheet.
“Uh yeah. It’s okay… Gimme a sec, I’ll be right back.”
“Sure ma’am.”
I stood up and walked out of Andre’s office. I stood in the lobby and looked around, wondering where he could be. My best bet was the toilet so that was where I headed.
I was standing outside the female bathroom when I began to hear some sounds coming from inside. Curious, I walked in and and began to trace the sounds to the origin.
It was coming from a stall and the closer I got, the clearer the sounds got. They were actually [email protected] s. I rolled my eyes thinking it was two employees having a quic-kie. I was on my way out when I suddenly heard a [email protected] that sounded like “Andre”.
Realizing this, I immediately grew angry. How could Andre have ditched me to hook up with someone in the female’s bathroom?
The thought made me angrier than I ever thought possible…
I angrily pu-ll-ed open the door yelling “How dare you Andre!? How could you have left me to have se-x in the bathroom? You know I actually felt sorry for you..
Thought you were pas-sing throu-gh some midlife crisis or something. I should have known you were going to do something like this. I…. Oh!” I exclaimed as my eyes slowly adjusted to the sight in the bathroom and I slowly [email protected]£ to realize that it wasn’t Andre in the stall to begin with.
I immediately averted my eyes, my cheeks alre-ady pink from the sight of a blonde bent over with a brown haired guy’s di-ck in her a*s.
“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry… Uh..carry on I guess.” I muttered quic-kly closing the door behind me [email protected], shivering as I heard them resume…. The things people do at times.
I rushed out of the bathroom, [email protected] heavily, my mind still reeling from what I saw. I managed to calm myself and decided to walk back to the office when I noticed the door of the male bathroom ajar.
There were no sounds [email protected] from that of the water running. I slowly leaned in to peek and see if someone was in.
“What are you doing?” I heard behind me all of a sudden causing me to skrie-k in fear as I whirled around to find Andre staring at me quizzically.
“Sh*t! Don’t do that again. You scared me.”
“Sorry… I just wanted to know why you were snooping around.”
“I wasn’t… I wasn’t snooping around. I was just…you know… I uh heard the water running and I…wanted to see if anyone was there…”
“So you weren’t looking for me?” He asked.
“What do you mean?.. No, of course..not!”
“You do realize you’ve li-cked yourl-ips thrice just now… So you were looking for me? How sweet!” He said smugly.
I rolled my eyes at him.
“Yeah right. So what if I was? I only did that because of the project… Nothing else!”
“That’s a lie and you know it… I heard your outbur-st in the female bathroom. You said you were sorry for me.”
“So what if I said that? Argh! Just leave me alone Andre.” I yelled glaring at him.
“I’m not holding you now, am I?” He said smugly, tucking his hand in his pocket.
“Whatever! It’s not like I care.” I murmured, walking away.
“Okay. Okay. Don’t leave yet… I was only kidding.” He [email protected]£d my wrist and pu-ll-ed me back to him.
“Look I’m sorry I haven’t been paying attention today. I just really have a lot on mind…”
“What have you been thinking about?”
He sighed.
“Reyna wants me to get married to her.”
“Really? I thought she’d have given up by now… What’s there to think about? You don’t love, do you?” I questioned.
“No no. Of course not… It’s just…her dad is one of my most valuable clients and he’s threatening to withdraw if I don’t marry Reyna.”
“Oh! So basically, he’s asking you to sell yourself to him… Do people still do that?”
“Obviously Reyna’s dad does. Now I have no idea what to do… If I decide to marry her, we can no longer fake anything. It’ll be over.”
“Do you want to marry her?”
“I don’t but it doesn’t feel like I have any choice here.” He sighed, letting go of my wrist.
I looked at him and saw how troubled he was. Reyna’s a real bit-ch. I can’t let him get married to her… Don’t get me wrong though. I have no feelings whatsoever for Andre but I will help him though and I know the perfect way to do so.
And so, with a smile on my face, I placed a hand on his shoulder and said with a smile “I have a plan”……………………
T B C 😍😍
What’s Cleo’s plan and will it work?
Who do you think has a better chance of winning the bet?

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