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My chicken b©yfri£ndEpisode 3

Short story
Episode 3
° Lina’s pov°
I immediately turned back in fear to confirm if it as truely the chicken.
You dey mad… sha na me u wan use shine ur comedy career abi?
i asked alre-ady annoyed it was no other person that Damian
who else could pu-ll such terrible taunt…
“Haba na.. we-tin happen na… no vex, i sight u from far alone
na i say make i ¢v-m [email protected] u small” he said in pidgin language.
I be small pikin wey u wan [email protected]?
“no vex ur temper too dey h0t, e be like say i go use my first salary d face surgery because any time u see this face na when
anger from the North go just possess you, as i too like you i go leave you alone make you no too vex ” he ended his long speech which i was’nt really listening too
Damain has always been a loud mouth i’d prefer listening to a sermon by Lovet over his so called pep-talk,
though i felt pity on hearing his last statement, since that Akamu of a b©yfri£ndabandoned me here
it won’t hurt having Damian’s company.
Am sorry i was too ha-rd on you, you can take a seat close to ne lets chat.
“chat?? Lol common lets dance” he said pu-lling me up
No Damian i have a boyfroend and his in this [email protected] somewhere though
his not picking his call what if he walks in here abd sees us dancing it does’nt look good.
“really, you have a b©yfri£ndwho abandons you in a [email protected] and let a Chicken pursue and emabarrase you” Damian said laughing.
It is’nt funny Damain but i’ll just dance with you to while away time.
Oooh…. i’ll so tear you [email protected] Lawrence if i sight you,
i yelled throwing my phone in the be-d in annoyance
“as e dey pain you why you know throw your phone for groubd na…
or take am hit wall like oyibo people, Akamu..” Nancy cursed
Oku… my anger no reach that stage when i remember the 78thousand naira i use buy this phone, my anger go quench.
“but this is serious ooh… your Law never call since” Betty asked concern
First of all am the only one allowed to call him that and secondly
My [email protected] dey h0t seat na… i can’t see any reason why he has’nt picked up his cal its freaking me out!!
it’s unlike him.
“hmm maybe e don se anoda babe” Lovet said
as i stared dazzers at her, not wanting to spill my anger on her.
it’s been a day since the p@rty and i had completely forgotten Chicken “Baakku”
i said laughing but Lawrence is really something i’ve been to his [email protected] but his troublesome friends said they have’nt set their eyes on him since last night at the [email protected].
I la-id alone in my be-d remincing what really happenedd at the building.
First of all!! I heard or i think i heard my name from that soo called Chicken and it sounded like my Lawrence’s voice
wgen i asked if it was Lawrence i heard a Yes!!! what could this mean…
i thought… “ooh Lina.. you’re always paranoid, how can i think a chicken could even talk let alone
using Law’s voice” my subconscious mind rebuked me
as i laughed at the favt that i even haboured such thought…
I trust Law with my Life if not i would have suspect he dumped and elope with a billionaire girlfriend.
Aaaaah… i screamed as i saw the same chicken calling my name and strugglinh with the net i fixed in my window
as it struggled to get in still calling my name with Law’s voice.
Aaaah…. i kept screaming until Betty [email protected]£ out from the bathroom
she was the only one at home with me.
Findin out the cause of my scream she laughed instead of her to help drive away the chicken.
“seriously Lina!!! a chicken, is struggling to enter the room and you’re screaming,
when did this phobia for chicken arise” she asked
Betty are you deaf it’s calling my name…
“chaii we-tin Musa no go see for gate…. chicken dey talk?? let alone call ur name… abeg shift make i [email protected]” she said ignoring my scream
we-tin carry Musa go gate i saif it’s calling my name
“Lina it’s me plea-se try and listen plea-se” it said Jesus!!! i screamed and as i fainted on hearing this.

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