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My baby father Episode 1

🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹
“Let us go you bastard” she yelled at him
“You’ve got my child with you, I won’t leave until I take him with me” he said
“You were the one who didn’t want us in the past, we were an hindrance to you and now because you nee-d an heir you come back to us, well sorry Mr,my son and I won’t go back to you”
“Then you give me no choice,I will just have to take you both by f0r磔he said angrily
Ever met someone who is cruel and could only use you for his own gain.
Well meet Chris van,a rich billionaire, who is known to be handsome and a great pla-yboy
Meet amber ray a naive innocent girl who fell for this pla-yboy tricks
He made her believe he loved her only for him to get her pregnant and refuse the child.
On her own amber gave birth to the child and brou-ght him up only for him to return four years later to claim the child he denied and also to claim her too
Will she go back to him?
🌹{the billionaire wants his child}🌹
💨 Amber POV💨
“you must find a way to get that account Amber” my boss said to me
“but we’ve tried our best sir but the owner won’t give us an audience” she said
“then you must try further, you know we nee-d this account and you are the head of accounts, giving up is not an option” he said
“I know sir but they said they don’t want our advertising agency to do the commercial for them,we always talk to his as-sistant, he won’t even meet with us” I said
“you’ve got to try amber,we nee-d that account,so now go and think of ways that we can get the account” he said dissmissing me.
I walked out of his office feeling frustrated, its been three months,three good months that we’ve been trying to get the account but they don’t want our agency to do it,they were a big company and they didn’t want their company,what more can she do.
a little intro about myself,am amber ray,24years,am what people will call average beauty and am kind but if crossed or mess with I give them back,well enough about me for now.
I went to my office and saw rose my closest colleague and friend.
“so what did he say” she asked
“we nee-d to get the account no matter what” I said and she gave a very loud gro-an .
“I just can’t rake this,why won’t he just quit it” rose said
“he can’t because its the biggest account ever,we have to do it no matter what,so let’s think on how we will meet the company owner” i said
“how do we do that when we don’t even know the owner identity, its only the as-sistant that we’ve got” rose said
“but we will just have to find a way to meet the big boss himself,he will have to talk to us no matter what” amber said
“fine then,you are also the boss too but first let’s go and get something to eat,am starving a lot” she said pu-lling me out of my seat and together we both went to the office cafeteria.
we were eating our food when I heard his name being called
“its Chris van,oh he is so handsome,wish I could get him in my be-d”🚺
” who wouldn’t want him in be-d,the guy is such a hunk”🚺
I st©pped eating when I heard their conversation, its been years since I have heard that name,the name of the man that ruined my life
“seems like Chris van is being talked about a lot,heard of him before” rose said and I could not even respond but she continued
“I heard he is here on a business trip”
“what? Chris here?” I said
“yes he is and why are you acting all jumpy” rose said
“I just,I nee-d to go to the restroom,I will be back soon” I said getting up
I can’t believe this, Chris can’t be here,not when she have managed to make a life for herself here,not after leaving everything four years ago to restart her life here,if he was here,it meant trouble.
she remembered the past,her perfect little world had all been ruined by him,she gave him her heart but he broke it,she had often wondered how It will have been if she hadn’t met Chris.
she didn’t want to remember the past, not Now,but her mind keeps taking me to it…..I closed my eyes and let myself drift to exactly four years ago..
FLASHBACK…………………… …………………………………..

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