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Morenikeji Episode 1

Episode 1
I’m turning thirty by this time next month, yes exactly 14th of every July is my birthday and the man for me is still a mere wish.
I have listed down the criteria, things I want in a man
He must be tall, handsome, wealthy, not too religious but just a believer. I don’t want a man like Jeremiah that will fill my ears with his “spiritkoko” preaching. Jesus said thou shall not do that or do this. Too much of “Jesus said this or Jesus said that”
Jeremiah is a weirdo and I hate such men.
Hate is a strong word yet I can’t find another suitable word for him.
Ahmed was okay at first until he started forcing me to dress up like hajia and follow him to mosque.
I’m a free spirited girl and do not mind [email protected]!nganyone that falls into my list.
I don’t even care about your religion or your size of man-hood all that matters is the fine face and fine pocket.
I want every good thing in a man . That is not too much to ask yet I can’t seem to find such man.
Dami my friend, had a big birthday [email protected]
We [email protected] all night and there was too much to drink and plenty to eat.
The annoying [email protected] is that it was her Londonna b©yfri£ndthat hosted the birthday for her and he proposed to her the same day.
It was a surprise proposal, something she didn’t see coming.
The clothes she wore for her [email protected] was gotten from London by her b©yfri£nd.
She looks so elegant.
The clothes, the shoes, the wig and other accessories was worth more than three hundred thousand.
I sat there with my drink, eyeing her and weighing everything she wore from hair to toe.
She changed up twice and each of the clothes were worth a fortune.
Damilola that used to be very ugly before. I even hated the fact that she used to refer to me as a friend.
She doesn’t even know how to dress and her hair is a story for another day.
Dammi that I thought how to dress and make up.
She was not close to [email protected] or even worthy to be my friend but suddenly everything about her changed immediately she met this guy that was based abroad.
Dammi changed to my greatest surprise. She automatically changed from ugly to beauty. She started dressing to kill.
Money brou-ght out her hidden beauty.
Everything about her changed within a twi-nkle of an eye.
She was very stingy too and forgot all about her small begining that I rendered great help to her.
I have taken two of her shoes and sold off.
I watched her search frantically for the two fine silver shoes that her b©yfri£nds£nt for her but to no avail.
She doesn’t know I was the one that took them. If not that I might get caught I could have wear those shoes because they were very beautiful and expensive.
I can’t call it stealing because she is my friend and I deserve some good thing after everything I did for her in the past.
As I stood at that [email protected] ground with other friends, Chike her b©yfri£ndknelt down and ask her to marry him in a very ro-mantic way.
All I could do with the host of other friends was to “aww…awwwing” and shouting “say yes…say yes Dammi”.
de-ep down I wish I was right in her shoes.
I wish I was the one getting that fine ring slid into my f!nger.
This life is not balanced at all.
I deserve a man like Chike, a handsome, wealthy and smart looking man based abroad or based in an ant hole all that matters to me is he should have it all.
Turning thirty has opened my eyes.
I just realized that I’m no more a child, I’m a full grown sophisticated, [email protected] Lady and I suppose to attract my kind.
Why isn’t it happening like I wish, where is my own Chike?
Where can I get such a man to call mine?
I’m tired of this broke @ss guys flocking around me like flies.
They don’t have anything for me to hold onto.
I want more than they can offer.
If a common Dammi can have such a well to do man, then I can have something even far better…
I want my own Chike soon, otherwise I will steal someb©dy’s own.
I can’t be at the receiving end….

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